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A dam in a dream can suggest that one is holding back a emotions. The dam represents water and because this is in essence a "blockage" the communication between yourself and another is causing problems.

Even to the point that the dreamer is frustrated. The dam may represent your emotions. If you dream that you are building a dam, it can suggest that you are putting up emotional defenses. You are afraid to let others get too close to you.

A large dam in a dream can refer to inner blockages in one's life that need to loosen up and eventually release. Water is a symbol of communication, but the dam can symbolize difficulty to converse or convey important and meaningful messages. Difficult communication or blockages is predicted for the dreamer. But there could also be problems in one's life especially if the dam is about to burst, or if it is already broken.

If in your dream there is no water in the dam you may encounter bad luck for a short period of time. Basically, if you have the tendency to take the literal meaning of this dream - “to be dammed", then this is likely to explain some things in your waking life. If however, water is present in your dream and the dam has burst in some way, then you need to develop some resistance to a situation or in your financial affairs. For more clarification please also see the meaning of water.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a dam with water.
  • Seen a dam without water.
  • Seen a dam being built.
  • Seen a beaver’s dam.
  • Had a bird’s eye view of a dam.
  • Seen a bursting dam.
  • Fell from a dam.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The dam does not burst or break.
  • The dam was helping keep in a flood.
  • The dam was not blocking your necessary water supply.

Detailed dream interpretation

The main meaning is that someone your know is containing their emotions and this can lead, eventually to one having an emotional outburst. If you are worried about someone else losing their temper then the question should ask yourself why this concerns you. Do you feel that you need to have some control over their behavior, or do you find their behavior threatening?

To look at a dam from above can may mean that you are capable of dealing with anything life throws at you. If however you are in the water or in an empty dam, you should think about what exactly in your life is making you feel exhausted. It is definitely the time for recuperation and rest.

If you dream of a flash board, and clear water runs over it, it means you will likely enjoy some pleasant social or professional activities.

Any dream depicting dams, closed floodgates, latches or anything of this nature denotes disappointment. It can also refer to problems in a family, and also on a romantic level. This can be because of the difficulties you encounter in communicating with your family and friends.

If the dam in your dream is strong, possibly made of cement, it signifies protection, but also a solid and confident relationship. If the dam is flimsy, possibly made of wood, it refers to an imminent danger, the fear of getting involved romantically, a state of nervousness, stress, mistrust in your partner, or the need to make some decisions under the pressure of the moment.

A dam can also mean inner blockages. You could live in a world of illusions and you are strongly holding onto prejudices and biases that you received through your education and that influence you greatly. It can also mean attachment of a person or an object, or your incapability of conversing with someone because of emotional blockages. It could represent your fear of doing something, of loving, or of being happy.

To fall from a dam represents a possible conflict with someone close to you.

Ancient dream meaning (pre-1920s)

  • A dam represents emotions or feelings that must be released.
  • A dam that gives way to water in the dream may refer to a loss of control in regard to your anger and your feeling of being overwhelmed with emotions.
  • A dam is related to communication.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a dam

Fear. Resistant. Insecure. Alone. Lost. Confused. Exhausted. Intricacy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012