Repairing a Bag

Repairing a Bag

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When you repair a bag, it makes it better and ready for use.

With respect to dreams, when you repair a bag, it means that you are trying to come to terms with insults and injuries which were levied on you in your past, which are still affecting your present. It could mean that you are somewhat vengeful and that is why it is taking your time to heal from past hurts. You want to gain revenge before letting it go.

The dream might be a revelation to you that, what people did to you in the past should not affect your present and you need to move on with your life as if nothing ever happened in the first place.

In the dream

  • A bag had a hole inside and this was repaired.
  • Wanted to repair an old bag.
  • Seen someone else repairing a bag.
  • Repairing the bag with glue.
  • The bag zip or catch will not work.
  • The bag has a stuck zip.
  • Seen that the bags catch is broken

Detailed dream interpretation

When you see a bag that has a hole in it and now it is repaired in your dream this means that you are coming out of past hurt which was making you be vengeful. You have just realized that it is causing you not to move in your life. The more you cling to it, the more you lag behind in terms of development.

If you happen to want to repair an old bag in your dream, it means that there is a grudge which you been holding on to. An older person may give you advice. It is high time that you approached the person and forgiven them and moved on with your life. It will do both of you good because the person will feel respected for their age and will even throw a blessing your way.

When you repair a bag with glue in your dream, it means that you are looking for temporal measures to sort out your revenge. This might just backfire on you due to the fact that, after some time, it will come again into your life. To put it lightly, it will come knocking at your door, thus making you worry. It is best to let go of being treated poorly - never look back again.

A situation where the bag zip or catch will not work in the dream means that you are unable to hide the vengeance you are holding on someone in your past. Try to let it go. For the bag to be repaired by a store suggests that the more you talk about being treated badly - the more you feel hurt.

A bag with a stuck zip in your dream means that you are finding it impossible to forgive and move on. The hurt seems to be controlling your life and this is what has made you develop a hedge between you and others who have wronged you in the past. To see yourself as a bag and zipped up denotes difficult times in life.

When you see a bag catch that is broken in your dream, it means that the injuries and hurt that were levied on you in the past have resurfaced! This is resulting in it being somewhat hard for you to move on with your life. The same people who hurt you in the past are at it again! If you want to move on, you need to move away from them because it will be hard to heal yet you are still surrounded by the vengeful people; change your environment for your own good.

Feelings associated with your dream

Hurt, vengeful, injured, insulted and revenge of others.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017