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A colostomy Bag

A colostomy Bag.

A colostomy bag is a bag which surgeons use during a colostomy to gather the waste products from the large intestines.


This is the same waste which normally passes through the rectum and down to the anus and then to the toilet. So in short, a colostomy is a waste bag. If you see one in your dream, it is an indication that, you have been hurt in the past.



Perhaps negative emotions have been piling up inside you and making it impossible for you to progress on in life. You might be harboring feelings of anger and frustrations, without being able to express yourself this is causing you to be filled with negative emotions. This dream can be an indication that, your surroundings are not good.


They are influencing your negativity in life and it is causing you to have unnecessary outbursts.


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In the dream, you may…

  • Had to have a colostomy bag installed in an operation.
  • Seen others with colostomy bags.
  • Worried about a colostomy bag (if you wear one in real life)
  • Seen others performing operations on removing the colostomy bag.
  • Seen more than one colostomy bag.
  • Lost a colostomy bag.

Detailed dream interpretation......

A situation where you see yourself wearing a colostomy bag indicates that you are feeling worried in life. To see a colostomy bag installed in an operation means that your negative vibes are having the better of you and it is causing people to shy away from your life. You need to try and change because, the frustrations and anger are not healthy and they might just cause you unnecessary complications in your life, apart from making you be a loner. Nobody wants to be near someone who is emitting negative vibes.


When you see others wearing a colostomy bag in your dream it implies that you will have an angry outburst. This is caused by people who are close to you. When you see others progressing in their lives, you feel frustrated and angry at them. You need to work hard to gain material wealth in life. Outbursts won’t get you anything and it won’t stop others from achieving what you are working on in life.


If you wear a colostomy bag in real life and you are worried about it in your dream, it means that there is something wrong happening in your life and you need to sort it out fast before it takes control of your emotions and causes you more damage in your life. You are already sick, why should you allow yourself to be filled with negative emotions.


If in your dream, you see others performing an operation on removing a colostomy bag, it denotes that, you are struggling to contain your frustrations and anger in order to fit into society but it is proving to be futile. You need to change your environment because this is what is having an impact on your moods. If you continue this way, you will be hurt in the process and you will find yourself lonely without friends.



Dreaming of seeing more than one colostomy bag implies that your frustrations of anger are beyond repair. You are full of negative vibes.


Someone has taken your emotions to the extent that, you feel hurt. You are desperate to be like other people around you, but it seems, the damage has already been done.


To see a colostomy bag overflow with poop suggests it will be next to impossible to change your lifestyle. The best thing you can do is to move out of negative situations and start your life afresh. To see someone in a bowl unit or have a bowel operation suggests you need to meet new people. Go to a place where nobody seems to know you.


If you see in your dream that you have lost a colostomy bag, this is a good sign because, it means that, you are on your way to recovery. You are gaining control of your negative emotions! This could be, after moving into a new environment. You have to work hard in order to ensure that, you get to remove the frustrations and anger in life. Do this so that these emotions doesn't recur in your life again. You need to get hold of positive friends who will help you to fully recover.


Feelings associated with your dream of a colostomy bag...


Frustrated, negative, awful, sick, fresh, great and worried about the future.

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