Dreaming and meanings Beggar

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To dream of a beggar represents deep feelings or a lack of spiritual contentment. If you witness a beggar within your dream, then this indicates there is a lack of consciousness in regard to your position in this world.

A clue to the true meaning of such dreams can be found in understanding your relationship with material possessions. The key to this dream is to make sure you do not encounter any feelings of unworthiness or disappointment in your current life. Things are likely to improve; however, it is important that at this time you to learn more about who you are. Be careful how you express yourself with people.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a beggar.
  • Been a beggar.
  • Seen an old, decrepit beggar.
  • Given money or food to a beggar.
  • Refused to give anything to a beggar.
  • Had a beggar in your house.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You gave to a beggar in need.
  • You could see a beggar succeed in his/her endeavors.

Detailed dream interpretation

The general interpretation of seeing a beggar asking for money within your dream is an indication of the possibilities in life that have yet to come to the surface. If your dream involves giving money or charity to the beggar, then this indicates the need to segment certain aspects of your life and to approach these as separate tasks, in order for you to move forward you need more self-confidence. This will help you face your fears and doubts. In old dream dictionaries it states that if the dreamer is giving charity to the poor, it means the end of suffering.

To dream that a beggar was in your house it means that you are likely to get some benefits from others. If in your dream you were begging and people gave you money, then good times are coming in the future. To dream that you are begging at a door means that a lover are going to get close to you in the future. Begging may indicate any of the following traits in your life:

  • Approval.
  • Advantage.
  • Income.
  • Status.

If in your dream you give money to a beggar, this is a lucky sign. To give money to a beggar in a train station means you could receive a gift. A good financial period may be coming ahead, and you could be rewarded for your deeds. However, if you refuse the beggar, you will have bad social relations, and a not-so-good financial situation, as well as bad behavior and humiliation. Blaming or insulting a beggar could mean hypocrisy. The beggar can be a sign of laziness, failure and trouble. If you see a beggar sitting on the ground, this represents unexpected gain and luck in business. If you are beating a beggar, this might foretell prosperity.

Being a beggar in your dream could foretell problems and difficulties, but also luck, peace and tranquility. If a beggar steals something from your house, this could herald an illness. A walking beggar is the sign of humiliation and bad behavior. Seeing a beggar passing by you on a street foretells a beautiful life and an unexpected gain. Hostility will not affect you. If you see a beggar sleeping, this is also the omen of peace and quiet, happiness and peace of mind.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a beggar

Scared. Annoyed. Unsure. Lost. Worried. In control. Unloved. Appreciative. Content. Charitable.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012