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Often a bicycle appears in a dream when you are trying to balance a number of situations or you are striving to get to a destination in real life.

This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation, you probably need to look at balance in your emotions and feelings when encountering a people. Human beings have invented many different items over time and the bike is what I believe a true great invention. Maybe you dreamed of skin-tight lycra? or you were just drifting and peddling along on the road?

Here I have tried to answer all your questions about your bike dream and how this “symbol” can appear. Yes, a bike it can actually mean something in your subconscious mind. In ancient dream books for a bike to appear indicates that you are trying to achieve your future objectives regarding love affairs.

To fall off a bike indicates that you have misplaced situations. I will explain a bit more about this so scroll down to find your dream. If you are male and you dream of a bicycle then you will remember some sweet childhood memories if female you have some sexual urges.

Bike Dream Meaning

What is the dream meaning of a bike?

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving! – Albert Einstein. The thing that we can understand is that bicycle is a necessity to travel from A to B. Often when you have had a dream of riding a bike can bring with it a sense of peace and well-being. We all understand the health benefits of peddling or even going to the gym and using an exercise bike. Many people miss out on the full potential of a bicycle rather much like other things in life, for example playing too many video games on the computer.

Maybe this is not clearly coming across but what I’m trying to say here is this dream could be about something spiritual there may be something that you are not using completely using? This is the case if you could see an idle bike in the dream. Each bike has various parts which I am sure you are aware of. To dream of the saddle indicates that there will be a sexual relationship in the future, according to dream lore. The brakes on the bike imply an event that may come to a halt.

To dream of a bike chain can indicate you feel imprisoned by someone else’s views. If you are riding the bike in your dream then this dream means that you would rather take part in life rather than just watch from afar.

To partake in a bike race means that good news is coming your way, your level of expertise lets you select your battles wisely and this will swiftly determine the time and effort required and the likelihood of your success in a situation. When you dream of being in an accident on a bike this means that you may have faced a risk. To feel the wind on your face means that you crave the freedom to do as you wish.

If you witnessed someone driving a bike then you may find the changes in direction lie with someone else in your life. To dream of a children's bike, or that you were a child again means other people may take advantage of you.

Bike Ride Dream

To dream of training or working out on an exercise bike indicates that you may face confrontation in the future. To dream that you have a passenger on a bike indicates you'll have fun with someone soon. To dream that you're speeding on a bike means you’re happy go lucky character is about to be challenged. To dream about a road accident on a bike suggests facing an unexpected risk. This will provide you with a fear of getting hurt. This can indicate difficult times both physically or emotionally.

We all know that the bicycle is one of the most affordable and easy modes of travel. As I have already stated the bike represents your balance in waking life. If you encountered problems riding the bike in your dream, it can suggest that you’re overcome any problems. However, if you had difficulties riding such as heavy breathing, or you felt tired, your dream resembles your actual worries in waking life.

Are you feeling tired of problems and daily issues you have to handle? If yes, just remember what Einstein said – keep moving. It’s the only way to keep your balance. Your dream also represents your ability to figure out a backup plan, and an exit strategy out of every situation. What’s the lesson you refuse to learn but is necessary for your future progress? To maintain your balance doesn’t mean to interfere the balance of others.

What does it denote to dream about riding a bicycle?

To ride a bike in your dream represents the way you handle things in waking life. If the peddling was easy, you’re handing responsibilities pretty well. However, if you struggled to maintain your balance in the dream, you’re probably struggling to maintain your balance in waking life too. If you were riding in the rain, it foretells an unexpected gift. Or a nice surprise from someone you care about.

What’s the meaning of buying a bicycle in a dream?

To buy a bike in your dream means you’re ready to handle things your way. Although no one believes you’re capable of handling a tough situation on your own – you will surprise them all. Your dream also denotes a risky investment. You may wish to invest your money in risky ventures. Going to a bike store can indicate possible rewards in life.

What does seeing an old bike in a dream mean?

A penny-farthing or an older style bike featured in a dream can indicate that in turn, people will focus on their better qualities in life. To ride an old bicycle such as this indicates that you are properly familiar with past successes. Obviously, older bicycles from the Victorian times illustrated in a dream can mean an “old” habit or event but you will have to succeed. Interestingly, the penny farthing with the first bicycle and enabled people to travel without reliance on trains or horses.

In America, in 1878 Albert Pope started the bicycle company in Boston and it became society’s favorite pastime. They had costume rides and elaborate programmes of enjoyment regarding the bicycle. The type of bike that features dream is also important.

What does it mean to dream of selling a bicycle?

To sell your bike in a dream refers to pleasant times. All your problems will soon come to an end. You will feel sad because to get what you always wanted, you will have to lose something you already have. Bad days will be over soon, and you will enjoy the simplicity of life. Selling a bike to someone you know can indicate a strong relationship with this person. Alternatively, the dream can mean someone will rely on you for support.

What does it mean to fall off a bicycle in a dream?

To fall off your bike in your dream state signifies a certain problem will prove difficult. In fact, it may seem too problematic to handle alone. The problem will occur due to someone else’s carelessness and inattentiveness. On a more positive note, a family member or friend will help you sort things out. Your dream also means you will have a clear pleasure in waking life. You will be given many responsibilities to handle yourself going forward. This means you should give up partying with friends and spending your spare time doing something unproductive and pointless. Find pleasure in what makes your life better, and you will feel better.

What does it mean if a bicycles is going towards you in your dream?

If the bike was going towards you in the dream, it symbolizes sabotage and revenge. Jealous people will try to ruin your success. Instead of trying to stop them, keep doing what you are currently doing.

What does it mean to dream of someone else riding a bicycle?

If you dreamed of another person riding a bike it foretells your hidden wishes to be a great person in waking life. It could mean someone is envious and they are worried about handling things and maintaining balance in their life. To watch people riding maybe the tour de France or a big bike race can indicate a new start.

What does it mean to dream about a mountain bicycle?

To dream of a mountain bike denotes a new, major accomplishment in your life. If you’re working on something for “you” and are aware that your effort will pay off soon. Try to ensure that your life goals will be achieved, and you will feel better than ever. Stop fearing any risks because the biggest risk is not to take any risks.

What’s the interpretation of riding a bicycle uphill or downhill?

To dream of riding a bike, downhill indicates a warning. You need to be careful with your words and actions. You will get in the middle of a complicated situation thanks to reckless decisions. It will be hard to fix a situation, but you will find a way – just like you always do. Speeding downhill on a bike really fast can indicate forgiveness and the need to demonstrate compassion for the people you’ve hurt. It’s the only way to be accepted again. In dream lore, to speed downhill on a bike denotes future rejections, and deeds. To ride uphill in a dream or steep incline indicates that you have a long way to go to reach your goals. But you will get there.

What does it signify if you dream of a broken bicycle?>

If the bike was broken in your dream and it will not work reveals a broken part of yourself in waking life. A broken chain on a bike in your dream can indicate that you do not feel complete. Is there an emptiness you feel inside, and you don’t even know why? Your dream is also a warning to be careful around dishonest people. It also represents a warning of a possible traffic accident. Are you tricking someone into doing something positive?

What does it mean if you’re stealing someone’s bicycle in a dream?

To steal someone’s bike in a dream indicates secret love affair, betrayal, and adultery. Stealing someone’s bike in order to get away from danger in a dream can indicate a close friend’s relationship or marriage may not go to plan. A secret affair won’t last long because of a fortress of emotions. To see someone, steal another person’s bike indicate you need to trust your intuition more.

What’s the dream interpretation of a bicycle with three wheels?

To dream of a bicycle with three wheels denotes realization of personal and business goals. Now, you will experience success in every field. Here is a motto I found in one dream book about dreaming of a bike with multiple wheels: listen to what others have to say about you as it may prove to be positive. To see a one-wheeled bike can imply working on yourself and your career. Your dream also predicts a new person joining your family or friends. To see a three-wheeled bike indicates great luck in dream lore.

What does it mean to dream of a lost bike?

To dream that you’ve lost your bike can imply that someone’s been stealing away your excitement and enjoyment in waking life. To not be able to find your bike indicates that you may end up living according to someone else’s rules. I feel that in spiritual terms this dream denotes possibly stolen positive energy. Losing bikes in dreams is quite common. As I’ve said before a bike is all about balancing things in life. It’s quite obvious really when you think about it from a dream psychology point of view. So, losing a bike can indicate that you’ve lost your balance and way and could suggest that you have found it difficult to balance on the priorities in life. That’s why you’re feeling unmotivated to complete anything lately. To dream of leaving your bike and forgetting where you put it is a dream that means you have been feeling anxious. And the only way to overcome your anxiety is by removing the negative people from your life. This dream also symbolizes lost path and awakening. We all feel lost sometimes.

What does it mean to ride uphill in a dream?

Riding the bike uphill in your dream denotes that you’re having a difficult time setting goals. If you are trying to ride a bike up a steep slope then this dream can suggest that you are feeling like you’ve lost control over your life. Often these dreams occur when it seems one’s problems never end. But they will end, eventually. This dream suggests that you need to give yourself some time to face the major changes that you’re facing.

Road bikes

To dream of road bike means you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Your actions hurt innocent people. You don’t have to do whatever it takes to stay relevant in your career.

Touring bikes

To dream of touring bike denotes your wish to explore the world. You have a wild and wondrous spirit. But you’re still standing at one place. Life is too short to wait for the right time.

Mountain bikes

To dream of mountain bike represents your need for solitude. You want to enjoy some alone time but people or situations won’t let you. It could be that at work you are feeling you always have to do something. Are you taking some free time for yourself? Remember that you don’t have to do anything. It’s your life after all.

City bikes

To see city bike in your dream or ride one, means that you need to work on your social life. You may find it hard to connect with people and make friends. Relax. You will find great people to hand around. Always avoid people who make you feel anxious is the message of this dream. To ride a bike through the city can also represent home feeling of work. If the city's busy then this can denote that you have quite a lot of work to get through. If you are feeling stressed at all in the dream this could be a reflection of your current position at work.

Utility bikes

To dream of a utility bike represents your daily routine and reveals how sick it makes you. You lead a normal life, but you know that you were born for so much more. Explore how you can grow and connect with others. These are the main types of bikes. There are a lot more categorized by function, use, and frame design. If you’re not sure what type of bike was featured in your dream, then the general meaning should be applied.

What does it mean to dream of bike trailers or child seats?

A bike trailer seen in a dream reflects our own lessons in life. The bike trailer can carry your child or baby quickly and allows you to get out and about in the fresh air. As a bike trailer is quite close to the ground, spiritually this can indicate that you are feeling grounded and able to deal with any difficulties in life. If you own a bike trailer in real life and it is not uncommon to have this dream. The baby trailer is very much like a real trailer on a car in regard to affecting your turns or forcing you to make a somewhat wider turn, and to not control the trailer in the dream means you are feeling out of control at the moment. If you dreamed of a bike seat (whether this is front mounted back mounted) then this dream is about your child adolescence. The fact that the bike seat is of a higher center of gravity indicates your emotions can be quite high at the moment. A bike that used for transporting goods such as a cargo bike indicates you may have an opportunity with a trade. To see a solid, box the front or rear of the bike indicates that surprises are in store. An electric bike seen in a dream implies that you are going to consider the advantages of a new phase of life. This could be in regard to a new relationship.

What is the spiritual meaning of a bicycle?

The spiritual meaning of bike in dreams is related to your psychological and emotional balance. You’re trying to fix a certain problem by yourself. This means you are using a backup plan, however, it’s not giving what you feel is good results. Maybe you should follow your intuition and act by instinct. In simpler words, this dream can me you are trying to keep the balance and stability in your life. This dream can indicate that you need to stop yourself from “falling off.”

What does it mean to dream of having a bike puncture?>

To be riding a bike and suddenly get puncture indicates that all of a sudden thing may not go to plan. To dream of seeing someone else’s bike, puncture symbolizes some inner issues with someone you know. This person could be feeling isolated and hurt by other people’s actions and words and you can take what others say far too personal. They find it hard to break free from mental barriers and find it hard to release the anger they feel deep inside. To fix your bike puncture in your dream means that you’re trying to find your path in life. Your conscience is feeling guilty but you’re trying.

What does a racing bike mean in a dream?

To see a race bike in your dream isn’t always about sports competition. Your dream could symbolize your inner competition with someone else or if you have your own business – your competitors. Are you working hard to get a job promotion or move your business forward? Do you try hard to gain someone’s love and trust? Maybe you’re trying to prove yourself so that you can do something that no one believes you actually achieve. Your dream reveals your competitive spirit. The racing bike in your dream represents a victory in reality. You can expect some positive outcome as a result of your hard efforts. Next time, use your previous work experience to avoid mistakes.

What does it mean to have a bike crash or to die on a bike in your dream?

To see a bike crash in your dream doesn’t always have a negative interpretation. Just the opposite, it means that you will finally find a way to overcome some obstacles or solve old problems. To have such dream is nothing unusual. The bike crash is a common symbol in dreams and implies to the fear of your safety and the safety of those you care about. As more Americans are using bikes, it’s no surprise that the number of crashes is increased. In the United States, there have been a 120% crashes since the late 1990s with various hospital visits due to these crashes. According to statistics, there are about two fatal wrecks per day, considering the total number of 800 dead bike riders in 2015, which is rather high. Dreaming of dying in a bike crash is all about the transformation of a new phase of life. To dream that somebody else dies in the bike crash in a dream can mean that a fresh start or new beginning is on their way.

What does riding a bike through water mean in a dream?

To ride a bike through water in your dream suggests you need to be careful with your next move. Even if you think you have everything under control, check twice. And don’t get carried away by someone new. Your dream also symbolizes a new romance that won’t last long. But, you won’t get too disappointed.

What does the bike saddle mean in a dream?

The bike saddle in dreams represents your sexuality. But before we discover more, let’s learn something about the history of the saddle. Apparently, the bike saddle goes hand-in-hand with the history of the bike. Thankfully, the bike saddle was present with the first bicycles. It is there because bikes would be uncomfortable without the saddle and the bike may have never really caught on.

The first “bike” was invented by Baron Karl von Drais in Germany in 1818. The bicycle was also known as the draisine. It was a two-wheeled construction that you could push with your feet. The pedals were invented 40 years later. And the bike saddle was a wooden plank. Can you image how uncomfortable the sitting might have been? The bike saddle in dreams represents your unexplored sexuality and sexual desires. Are you sure you know someone that well? The saddle is a reflection of your sexual desires towards someone.

What does it mean to see a tandem bike in a dream?

To see a tandem bike represents your love life. It could signify the rejection of certain aspects of yourself. Or aspects of your love partner. This dream can mean you are ready to accept your partner's personality flaws and ride through life together. Your dream might also warn you not to accept your own intuition. The one thing to remember is that there’s always a choice. Always!

What do different color bikes mean in the dream?

To dream of the red bike means that you will experience something new in your love life. If the bike was green it denotes a change in lifestyle. You will change your diet. Or start exercising. Green is connected to spirit and grounding have you ever practiced yoga? If so, you may discover the many benefits and this could help you relax. To see a yellow bike implies to your wish to go back to your childhood and act carelessly again. To dream of a multi-colored bike could imply you are trapped in your monotony and everyday obligation. This dream implies that you want to get away. If the bike was white, it means you’re waking the right path in life. A black bike stands for hard times in ancient dream lore. Don’t worry because situations will get better with time. Remain strong and everything will pass, eventually. Seeing a pink or purple bike represents sex. You will experience great sex soon.

So, in conclusion, a bicycle appears in a dream when you are trying to balance multiple situations. Additionally, when you are trying to get to your "own" destination. When we plan future objectives regarding love affairs this dream often appears. This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation. The details around the type of bike and how clean the bike was are clues to the meaning. The cleaner the bike the cleaner the spiritual journey for you to progress.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of brakes not working:

Terror. Hysteria. Panic. Fear. Recklessness. Helplessness. Vulnerability. Confusion.

Your dream

  • Found yourself riding a bike.
  • Sat on a bike.
  • Been in an unfamiliar place when riding a bike.
  • Fallen from a bike.


  • The dream is enjoyable and did not involve an accident.
  • You are trying to run away from an experience.
  • You were going on a relaxing bike ride.
  • Competing in a bike.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012