Odd Shoes

Odd Shoes

Odd Shoes Dream Meaning

There is a strange fashion trend at the moment to wear odd shoes, this basically implies that people actually want to wear odd shoes. Fashion bloggers on Instagram, and designers are all creating shoes that are odd. Even Nicole Kidman wore odd shoes to the Emmy awards. Apart from this trend, we often feel that odd shoes in dreams are a mismatch. Dreaming of odd shoes can sometimes indicate a deal in life. What do odd shoes really mean in our dreams?

Odd shoes in dreams are about the creative flow in life, the presence of the shoes in dreams is associated with emotional redness. The dream about odd shoes that are different sizes is a warning that we risk things if we harden too much in life. There is also a lack of feelings in life if the odd shoes are too big. The dream of two odd shoes is about fighting obstacles and this is connected with encouraging us to fight in life.

What do odd shoes in dreams mean?

In general, this is a dream about being anxious but also finding solutions to problems. To see yourself wearing odd shoes in a dream is about your own confidence and security. Shoes in a dream can represent travel, a vehicle, or things that propel you in your life. Mis-matched shoes are interesting dream symbols. We often dream about odd things about having the opportunity that we are missing. Maybe there is something you are missing in life? 

The meaning of the dream is determined by the footwear you wear. The dream could be related to the relationship you have with other people if you suddenly notice yourself wearing the shoes of someone else without notifying them. Some people also interpret odd shoes as persons – usually male, like a male friend, son, or brother. To put on odd shoes during a dream is about focusing on life. The shoes are about you shining brightly in life. To dream of two different shoes means that you will be a light in the room. There could be a social gathering with the people who love you and it's because people enjoy spending time with you.

This is a dream about comfortable in one's own skin, who cares about mis-mached or odd shoes. It's hard not to be attracted to you if you dream of women’s odd shoes, especially if you put these on. To dream of brown shoes represents happiness and joy which are magnetic. It is never a good idea to dim your own light in order to conform to the misery of others. Let yourself be you is the advice of the dream if you see people in odd shoes. 

When you are wearing a pair of shoes that don’t quite make sense in your dream – in that they are strange for the event in your dream or that they are something that you would never in a million years wear then this can be a weird dream indeed! The significance of this is usually that you psyche is trying to draw your attention to your shoes so that you get the meaning.

What do odd shoes mean in a dream?

Shoes of a specific color can indicate many things. If your shoes have silver soles this indicates freedom or breaking free from a situation and often will mean that you need to take a break from a situation you are in your life.

Red shoes indicate caution or a need for protection. Sometimes dreams like this will indicate abuse in a variety of forms. When you are the one wearing the shoes it shows abuse being done to you and a need to run from harm that is coming to you. If someone else is wearing red shoes in a dream, this is a person you need to be wary of. Your psyche identifies there is something not right about this person and is setting off a signal that it can’t quite put its a finger on yet.

Wooden shoes or wooden soles on a shoe that are odd indicate a similar issue – a female that is going to cause you harm. If the wooden shoes are worn by a woman in your life, there is usually something they are not telling you. However, these dreams come with a caution that you probably don’t WANT to know what they are hiding.

When you dream you are wearing shoes and then one of the shoes falls off this shows a separation in your future. This can result from fallout in your life or an argument. Usually, this is with a brother or male relative and indicates a need for distance. In fact, losing a shoe in general in a dream indicates a separation from someone. The color of the shoe or the action while the shoe is lost is also a symbol to what or who will be lost.

Mismatched shoes indicate your desires are not paired up with what you are currently doing in your life. This can be because you are participating in behaviors that do not align with your goals. If you find a pair of new or brightly colored shoes then this is a good sign. This shows new love, happiness, or adventure coming into your life – A welcome change.

You can reflect your inner impulses through the colors of odd shoes in the dream, you might have found one shoe different from another. In order to determine the odd shoe color we need to look at this meaning from a dream meaning:

What is the odd shoe color in the dream?

These are the main colors:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue

All other colors are created by combining these three colors. There is a duality to each color, which is discussed below. Depending on the situation of the odd shoes and each color has a different meaning. Red is associated and a symbol of passion, it can also symbolize women. Passion is also represented by orange and is associated with healing and balance. 

Despite its association with artistic inspiration, yellow can also signify cowardice in some instances. Green can also be associated with jealousy or envy and being associated with hope and new life. 

Everything spiritual is represented by blue. Harmony and liberty (like the sky) are associated with it. Occasionally, it can also be associated with sadness. Royalty and spiritual knowledge are associated with purple. Depression and unconsciousness are associated with black. Purity is symbolized by white.

In this dream you may have

  • Trying on odd shoes
  • Only having odd shoes 
  • Wearing odd shoes in dreams
  • Worn odd colored shoes.
  • Noticed strange looking shoes.
  • Thrown away ugly shoes.
  • Been unhappy with your shoes.
  • Couldn’t find matching shoes.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • See or wear bright and happy colored shoes.

This dream is associated with the following scenarios in your life

  • Sudden changes.
  • Being suspicious of someone.
  • Losing someone - reconnecting.
  • People to avoid.
  • Being attentive.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of odd shoes

Strange. Unsure. Confused. Questioning. Clear. Warned. Foreboding. Shocked. Anger. Unhappiness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012