German Soldiers

German Soldiers

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The German soldier in a dream is connected to an inner battle.

The soldier in a dream is one of the most powerful and most beautiful symbols of life because it signifies our everyday struggle to survive, to maintain our life, to develop our potential and grow mentally and spiritually. However, there are two main meanings of dreaming a soldier. The first is related to your inner conflicts with your own values or beliefs which can make you feel like you want to defend yourself better.

This battle with yourself may be the reason why you’re dreaming soldiers or any other military service, such as the army or even some of the well-known war dictators from the past like Hitler or someone else. The second is related to your relationship and communication with other people, especially if you’re going through a rough period in life. Or perhaps you’re trying to import your own beliefs and point of view in other people’s lives and you face rejection? This may be the reason you dream of soldiers because soldiers are a symbol of braveness and strong beliefs.

In the dream state

  • You dreamed of world war two.
  • German soldiers were trying to enter your house.
  • You dreamed of German soldiers at war.
  • German soldiers how to captive in the dream.
  • You were a German soldier in the dream.
  • You saw Hitler in the dream.
  • German soldiers were fighting in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of German Soldiers

Are you thinking about your demanding lifestyle lately and wonder if you should apply some changes? Or maybe the opposite – you think that you need to become more disciplined and responsible?

Are you considering yourself as a person who’s giving up to easy and wish you could fight more for the things that matter to you? These can be the reason why you’re dreaming of German soldiers recently. However, dreaming a German soldier can also mean that you have had enough of people that have control over your life or tell you what to do.

You are a German soldier

If you see yourself as a Nazi soldier who’s got the control over everything, then the meaning of your dream is probably the opposite and you should learn how to take control over your life and be more independent.

You see German soldiers fighting

Are you being intolerant or self-judgmental about your past and mistake recently? Then you should probably try to overcome this and accept your past instead of letting your former mistakes ruin your future. Seeing soldiers fighting in your dreams is actually your past fighting with your future.

You dream of Hitler

You feel threatened or hurt by someone who’s trying to control your life and your dream of Hitler means to get rid of that person as soon as possible.

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Feelings that occur during a dream of German soldiers

Fear. Strong. Power. Empowered. Scared. Terrified. Anger.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017