Dream About Making A Phone Call

Dream About Making A Phone Call

Dream About Making A Phone Call

Dreams about making a phone call can be intriguing and I am going to share what you might think is a bit of a crazy dream.

The first thing I want to say is that these sorts of dreams often force us to look inside to understand the emotions and messages our subconscious might be trying to communicate. Dreams, after all, are about our spiritual level in life. We all have levels and if you watch my Tiktok channel you can gain a bit of clarity on this. Each dream is a source of understanding where we are and what we need to do. Trying or being able to make a phone call is about the fact we want to reach out to our spiritual side.  

Is this dream of calling someone good or bad?

This is a hard one to answer, I suppose you need to ask yourself why you are calling someone. Is it good or bad? If you find yourself dreaming of making a call (or trying to make a call), it's as if your mind has dialed into a deeper part of yourself, seeking a connection not just to others, but to the various aspects of your being. Calling someone in your dream might represent an attempt to reach out and communicate with someone in the waking world or some part of yourself. I know it might be hard to understand the difference, but the dream of making a call means that you’ve been neglecting or have desired to reconnect with. If you can’t find a phone in the dream to make that “call” then it can be connected to the need for guidance, support, or reconciliation.

Who are you calling?

Now, the type of person you are calling in the dream could also be significant. If it's a loved one, such as a family member, it could mean that you're missing that person or feeling disconnected from them. Or perhaps, if it's a friend you haven't spoken to in years, your dream might signify longing, unresolved feelings, or the desire to rekindle a lost friendship.

On the other hand, if you're calling a figure of authority like a boss or a mentor, it could point toward your aspirations or anxieties related to your career or personal development. When you wake up from such a dream, it's worth asking yourself whether there are unaddressed issues in these areas of your life. I also had a dream a while back of trying to call the police about a car accident but could not find the phone, this could mean a “spiritual emergency” and you need to just chill out, I also find these dreams are connected to being stressed out in life.

What is the spiritual meaning of calling someone?

And then there's the spiritual realm to consider. In many traditions, dreams are a bridge between the conscious and the spiritual world. Calling someone in a dream might be seen as a call to the spiritual aspect of your existence, an invitation to listen to your higher self or the Divine speaking through symbols and indirect messages.

I remember once dreaming of calling my grandfather, who had passed away. It was a moving experience that left me pondering deeply about our relationship and the love that never really goes away. Even though I couldn't hear his voice on the other end of the dream call, there was a profound sense of peace that followed.

In the end, these dreams may urge us to be more introspective about our relationships -- both in the physical and spiritual worlds. Whether it’s a urge you to pick up the phone in waking life or to meditate on your inner thoughts and spirituality, such a dream invites us to explore connections we might have otherwise overlooked.

Remember, while trying to decipher the meaning behind your dream, treat the insights you gain not as fixed answers, but as signposts guiding you towards greater self-awareness and growth. Dreams invite us to look inward with raw honesty and vulnerability, often revealing the deepest truths about our desires, fears, and even our untapped potential.

Consider calling your mother in a dream, for example. This act might suggest a deep yearning for comfort or wisdom that only a maternal figure can provide. Your relationship with your mother -- or a motherly figure -- often symbolizes nurture, guidance, and security. When you're reaching out to her in your dream, there may be aspects of your waking life where you're seeking reassurance or love.

Naturally, different people manifest in our dreams for various reasons. If you find yourself ringing up an old friend, it might spark reflections on a time that's passed or unresolved feelings. A colleague's appearance in a dream call might reflect work-related stress or aspirations. Then there's the profound occasion where you may dream of calling a deceased loved one, an experience that might signify a quest for closure, a need to relive cherished memories, or simply the mind's way of processing grief.

The spiritual implications of these dreams are as wide as the stars in the sky at night. In some traditions, dreams are seen as prophetic or a form of divine communication; to call someone might hint at a spiritual call to action. It's like a nudge from your soul, or maybe the universe, telling you to reach out, connect, or reconcile with others or even aspects of yourself.

Will someone call me after this dream?

Now, have you ever found yourself reaching out to someone in a dream, with the call never connecting? The frustration, the repeated dealing — it strikes a chord within, doesn't it? Such experiences often reflect our inner struggles with unresolved issues or a lack of communication in our lives. Ever woke up just before the other person picked up the dream call? It leaves you hanging, a tangling thread of 'what could have been'.

Think about the last time you dreamt of making that call. Was it a pleasant conversation, or did you wake up with a heavy chest, as if the dial tone was resonating with the depths of your intuition, signaling something left unsaid or undone?

Remember, it’s crucial to consider the emotion you felt during the dream call, the clarity of the conversation, and the aftermath upon waking up. These cues provide context and help decode this surreal communication.

By Florance Saul
Feb 27, 2024