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Seeing a kitchen in your dream is the symbol of change and transformation as per your wishes and desires, and not at all by chance or by force.

Dreaming of cooking in the kitchen is an important experience in regard to your spiritual development. Since the kitchen is the heart of a house, being in one in the dreams is a strong omen of change and positive outcomes ahead.

In your dream you may have

  • You are in a kitchen.
  • You see a kitchen.
  • A beautiful kitchen.
  • A clean kitchen.
  • You are cooking in the kitchen.
  • You enter the kitchen.
  • You have a kitchen.
  • A well stocked kitchen.
  • You are cleaning the kitchen.
  • A kitchen knife.
  • A kitchen without food.
  • A bright kitchen.
  • A big kitchen.
  • A new kitchen.
  • A kitchen chair.
  • A broken kitchen.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You feel happy in the kitchen.
  • The kitchen is clean and bright.
  • You do not get wounded in the kitchen.
  • You enjoy being in the kitchen.
  • The dream of a kitchen had a positive outcome.

Detailed dream interpretation

Being in a kitchen in your dream it omens excellent communication with people in your life, but also well-being and good life ahead. Seeing or being in a kitchen it also warns you to avoid defamation usually by being more careful with your family and taking care of the well-being of the family members. Entering a kitchen in your dream portends a new marriage.

If in your dream you cook in the kitchen, this foretells good relationships in your family, but also lots of good friends in your life. Seeing yourself in the kitchen is the omen of a quick marriage happening in your life very soon, or it can also be a period of happiness in your family. The same dream can indicate that news from far away will come to you. Most of the time dreaming of a kitchen is an excellent omen, unless the kitchen is dirty, dark, and lacking furniture or food.

Seeing a kitchen in your dream can refer to a loss, such as the loss of an object dear to you. This loss can refer to the object being broken. If you see yourself being with a woman in a kitchen, this means you will soon have some interesting experiences in your private life. To dream that you are in a clean kitchen it means that you will soon receive some nice people in your house. If you dream that your kitchen is a mess, this indicates that you might get a sudden, unexpected illness.

A kitchen in your dream portends the visit of some of your relatives, but also that you could receive some money in the near future. Having a kitchen is the omen of a good and important benefit for you and your dear ones. If the kitchen in your dream is well stocked, this means abundance. A clean kitchen is the omen of harmony and balance in your family. If you are cleaning the kitchen in your dream, this means good health and a period full of optimisms ahead.

Dreaming of a kitchen knife is the sign of dangers and that you should remain careful and aware of things happening in your circles. If the kitchen in your dream lacks food, this means lack of courage in your actions. A bright kitchen symbolizes good understanding and relationships at home. If the kitchen is big, you will enjoy marital happiness. A new kitchen means big joy. A kitchen chair is the symbol of new and good relationships with someone. A broken kitchen signifies quarrel, bad words, and difficulties ahead.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of kitchen

Happy. Grateful. Proud. Appreciative. Loving. Caring. Funny. Mellow. Soft. Relaxed. Loving. Kind. Surprised. In control. Feeling good. Admiring. Pleased. Enjoying. Content. Joyful. Impressed. In good spirit.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012