Talking baby

Talking baby

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Have you ever been astonished in having a dream that a baby can talk?

To dream of a talking baby signifies something amazingly special for in real life, babies cannot talk yet. It bespeaks of a special character that you are either nurturing or something special that is yet to come in your life.

In your dream you may have

  • A conversant baby.
  • A baby talking unclearly.
  • Talked to a baby.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are able to dream of a baby talking to you about fortunes in different languages.
  • Talking baby is conversant.

Detailed dream interpretation

Whatever things are said by a baby talking in a dream symbolizes facts or truth. Good fortune will follow if you dream of a baby richly talking. Nourishing events in life will come if not only those pertaining to your personal affairs but career wise as well. Try to look into the meaning of your dream and have it applied for real to receive the goodness that it brings you.

Things done beyond what is normal is categorized as special ability. To have a talking baby speaks of an ability that is not a normal activity that it makes your dream of a baby talking have something to say about special abilities. In the case of talking baby, this means to be your ability to communicate. However, these capabilities possessed by a dreamer are possibly not yet known to the dreamer. That to dream of a talking baby means your inner self is trying to barge into your consciousness and acknowledge your potentials. If you already recognized your communicative ability, this dream means to nurture your ability.

For a pregnant mother dreaming about a talking baby means that she desires to develop communication with the child within her. The mother’s eagerness and excitement to communicate with her child is being expressed in a dream.

There are also instances when you are being warned for upcoming events in life that are almost impossible to happen. This kind of dream foretells witnessing miracle or experiencing miraculous happenings that concerns yourself or people around you. In dream interpretation, such is a warning if in your dream the baby is the one who is really talking to you.

Having to dream of babies is also a symbol of new beginning. If it happens that the baby in your dream is talking loudly and almost screaming in a place where people usually hovers, do not get startled for it does not mean any bothersome occurrence. Although let this serve a waking up message for you. Your inner self is crying out loud to you - telling you to enjoy your real self… Naturally, human beings have different activities that are requisites for a successful life wherein we tend to get focused on what we ought to be. It is not bad at all. However, a baby talking and screaming his/her heart out means get a grip of your inner self and listen… there are things that you may be forgetting to do which reminds you on who you really are.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a talking baby

Startled and amazed to see an unusually talking baby, hopeful of wonderfully new gifts to come to life, enjoyment, melancholic, refreshing thoughts, happiness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013