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Teachers are people that we turn to in waking life to learn.

Teachers can come in many forms - they may be our friends, relations or even total strangers. Dreaming of a teacher conveys mixed omens. Teachers are prominent features in our day-to-day life. The dream reveals many aspects of a person's emotional context. A teacher in your dream is a subconscious message to the inner child. It may be a message about a situation that you are going to face. It is important to consider possible advice or guidance. There is a future situation that can be either optimistic or pessimistic.

if you dream of being the teacher yourself generally this indicates your feelings about rewards. Of course in real life been a teacher can be fantastic and also extremely terrifying, with the highs and lows of education. If in your dream you find yourself back in a classroom it can indicate that you will encounter a respected authority figure. Depending upon the circumstances in your dream, seeing the teacher can indicate you are struggling with the authoritarian side of your character. Teachers are of course amazing, they provide us with the education that we need and also guidance in life. Many people have contacted me about adverse dreams concerning a teacher. Somebody even emailed to understand why they kept dreaming of having sex with a teacher. I am Flo, and here I will provide you with an overview of the different dream possibilities that surround teachers in elementary school.

There are jobs in life when you do encounter stiff competition or rivals. As the teacher is an authority figure it can indicate that you are feeling either undervalued or out of control due to competition. If the classroom was disruptive, or the teacher struggled with discipline in the dream this indicates that there is going to be difficulties in understanding others. If the teacher was taking a class, following a curriculum or requiring you to sit a test of some description this could suggest you may be out of your comfort zone when you need to accept the fun things in life. Pretty much everybody’s been in a classroom and it can just indicate that you crave those times of adolescence if you are an adult and you went “back in time” into the classroom.

What is a teacher dream meaning?

To dream of a specific teacher means there’s someone in your waking life who is intellectual. A teacher in dreams is all about finding the key skills you need to progress. There might be someone that is important to you or someone who you need to give your time and attention. This dream also denotes your dependence on other people. Are you intimidated by someone you think is wiser than you? Teachers generally crop up in my opinion when we are thinking about embarking on education.

What does it mean to dream of arguing with the teacher?

To dream of having any conflict with a teacher represents discipline, acquiring new knowledge and rules. The question you should be asking yourself is – “What is life trying to teach me?” However, to fight with the teacher (in terms of violence) in the dream, denotes you’re undergoing conflicts and disagreements in real life. Also, your dream reflects your wish to become the best and be the winner in life.

What does it mean to see an old teacher in a dream?

I remember not long ago dreaming of seeing my old elementary school teacher. This can imply that you are expressing yourself in the right way. I like to think this is a positive, compelling dream. The act of dreaming normally refers to our own spiritual quest. To see an old teacher in your dream indicates something is resolved. Some old problems will be finally concluded. Great, I hear you say! If you were talking to the old teacher this implies a journey of he self. You will complete your tasks successfully and show people that you’re smarter and more capable than they think.

What does it mean to dream of a teacher who likes you?

Each one of us had a teacher that we liked. However, to have a dream in which a teacher likes you means that you seek acceptance and understanding. Another way to interpret the dream of seeing a teacher you liked could indicate that there are conditions in your current life that are tranquil. The teacher could be your own psyche representing happiness, contentment or even just feelings of getting older. If you are struggling to communicate with the teacher (that you liked) at school this can suggest that things may be worrying all difficult in the future.

What does it mean to dream of a teacher crush?

To dream of a teacher crush, having sex with a teacher or developing a love relationship with your teacher has a specific meaning. I have had quite a few people reveal to me on e-mail they have had such a dream. This dream often refers to your own quest for love. The dream symbolizes your recent curiosity and awareness of your sexuality. Are you in love with someone you believe is smarter than you? Or maybe you’re actually in love with someone in “authority” in waking life. The dream further reflects your fears and deepest emotions. You could be afraid of your emotions because you’re experiencing a quest for knowledge. Another way to interpret this dream is to understand that this is focused on an increased sex desire but don’t worry – it is all a natural process.

What does it mean to dream of dating a teacher?

If you date a teacher in your dream this means you will acquire some answers to your complicated questions in life. I believe it means that you will find solutions to problems. It may reflect your own beliefs that will change over time and you will realize that in order to live freely, you must feel free. To date, an old teacher also reveals your wish to meet someone cleaver - who’s going to stay with you once he or she discovers the real you. But before you let someone in your life, make sure you’re ready for a serious relationship. If you’re already with someone and you’re not satisfied with their attitude is it worth staying with them.

What does it mean if you dream about your teacher?

If you are at school, college or university it is common to dream of a current teacher. To dream about your teacher represents your need for advice, knowledge, and guidance. I urge you to “want” to learn from your own experiences, mistakes, and try to improve your life. Do you want to walk a new path? Are you ready for a change? This may hint at the fact you will make the first step.

What does it mean to dream of going back to school?

To dream of going back to school could reflect your regrets, melancholy, and anxiety. I am sorry this is not more positive. I have taken this from an older dream book. Going back to school in dreams has often been associated with a depressed state of mind - because you actually believe that life was better for you back in the time when you were a child. If you dream depicts the school environment then it can mean you need to focus the present moment and enjoy it.

What is the dream meaning of a classroom?

The classroom in your dream symbolizes your interest in learning and survival, it represents your personal growth and helps you find a solution to an old problem. Writing in a classroom can indicate your childhood dreams to return to that carefree stage in life. It can imply things may have been bothering you lately. This may manifest into being worried about specific actions you’ve taken in the past. Why don’t you let it go is the spiritual message?

What does it mean to dream of kissing your teacher?

Kissing a teacher is related to a repressed feeling of knowledge and learning. To kiss your old teacher in your dream signifies your approval of something. A french kiss, with a teacher, can imply your own passions and that you need to make wiser decisions. Detailed dream interpretation

The symbol of the teacher symbolizes the law or rule. The teacher with a Cain is there to convey a message - which is most probably pessimistic. If you see someone being hit with a pen or pencil the message is optimistic. The teacher in one's dream tries to guide others and set them on their way to a specific path in life. This dream means you will get an idea about life. The dreamer is going to face a punishment, ban or a fine. To see an old teacher means new material possessions. In this situation, we can expect a positive situation which will arise in the future. To see a teacher killed is a warning of being overprotective in life about one's knowledge - it is important to share things in life. So you must be very careful if you had such a dream. Sometimes we see a teacher punishing his students in our dreams. You can take this as a very common thing or an incident without any value. This kind of a dream usually brings the sorrowful experiences in the future; sometimes there will be a hard time in the future. Teachers are like our parents in dreams, thus, meeting an old teacher is a positive omen.

If you have seen a teacher with a set of books: this means you will value wealth, reputation or recognition. As we all know books symbolize wealth and the knowledge. To dream of a teacher with dirty clothes: You will rid yourself of mental stress or pressure. The dirty clothes represent the evil or the bad side of our soul and the guide or the savior is represented by the teacher. If you dream a teacher is laughing with students: this means one should expect good health and a better life. The children being taught, symbolize the happiness and relaxation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a teacher

Feelings of delight, feelings about childhood, sorrow, anxiety, and happiness.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a teacher with a Cain.
  • Seen an old teacher in modern clothes.
  • A teacher punishing children.
  • Seen a teacher helping others.
  • Seen a spiritual teacher.
  • Met an old teacher.
  • Seen a teacher killed.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013