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Teachers are people that we turn to in waking life to learn.

Teachers can come in many forms - they may be our friends, relations or even total strangers. Dreaming of a teacher conveys mixed omens. Teachers are prominent features in our day-to-day life. The dream reveals many aspects about a person's emotional context.


A teacher in your dream is a subconscious message to the inner child. It may be a message about a situation that you are going to face. It is important to consider possible advice or guidance. There is a future situation that can be either optimistic or pessimistic.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen a teacher with a Cain.
  • Seen an old teacher in modern clothes.
  • A teacher punishing children.
  • Seen a teacher helping others.
  • Seen a spiritual teacher.
  • Met an old teacher.
  • Seen a teacher killed.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • If you have seen a teacher with a set of books: this means you will value wealth, reputation or recognition. As we all know books symbolize wealth and the knowledge.
  • If you dream of a teacher with dirty clothes: You will rid yourself of mental stress or pressure. The dirty clothes represent the evil or the bad side of our soul and the guide or the savior is represented by the teacher.
  • If you dream a teacher is laughing with students: this means one should expect good health and a better life. The children being taught, symbolize the happiness and relaxation.

Detailed dream interpretation…

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The Cain of the teacher symbolizes the law or rule. The teacher with a Cain is there to convey a message - which is most probably pessimistic. If you see someone being hit with a pen or pencil the message is optimistic. The teacher in one's dream tries to guide others and set them on their way to a specific path in life. This dream means you will get an idea about life. The dreamer is going to face a punishment, ban or a fine.

To see an old teacher means new material possessions. In this situation we can expect a positive situation which will arise in the future. To see a teacher killed is a warning of being over protective in life about one's knowledge - it is important to share things in life. So you must be very careful, if you had such a dream.

Sometimes we see a teacher punishing his students in our dreams. You can take this as a very common thing or an incident without any value. This kind of a dream usually brings the sorrowful experiences in the future; sometimes there will be hard time in the future.

Teachers are like our parents in dreams, thus, meeting an old teacher is a positive omen.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a teacher...

 Feelings of delight, feelings about childhood, sorrow, anxiety, and happiness

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