Wolf dream meaning

Wolf Dream Meaning

During sleep, it is not uncommon to dream of wolfs. A wolf symbolizes the guardian of our life.

To dream of wild wolves indicates that your emotions or feelings have been challenged. If you are chased by a wolf or a pack of wolves, this indicates you may suffer some depression in the future. The wolf in dreams can indicate that you feel “included” in life as the wolves are clever and know how to survive and work together in packs. This is a majestic animal that can appear in our dreams with a key message: you can rely on others.

What does the wolf mean in your dream?

Seeing a wolf in a dream is amazing, it can mean spiritual development. I will explore this further, but as I said above it can mean your energy or emotions have shifted. Wolves communicate through grunting and howling and the wolf is part of the canine family. To dream of a wolf can indicate you have the durability to progress in life. In order to fully understand what this dream means we need to look at the key elements of wolfs. In my research wolves collectively demonstrate the following meaning in dreams: exclusion, communication, drawing attention to aggressive people in your life, reflections on your own behavior, protection, and finally teamwork to destroy.

When looking at the meaning of the wolf in dreams I like to consider folklore. In folklore, they are often seen as symbols of strength and cunning hunters you just need to remember the story of little red riding hood, and how smart the wolf was. Wolves are also associated with the wilderness and therefore freedom, so I do feel to some degree the dream is about your “freedom”

In Eurasia, wolves were traditionally linked to Mars, the God of War in Roman mythology. Worshipping this god (even though we don’t approach this in our Google age) is believed to bring courage and determination in battle - traits that warriors would look up to for protection. In the Persian culture, dreaming about a wolf can suggest you need a release from certain aspects of your life; it could be asking you to take some time away from your family or job obligations to focus on yourself.  

Is the wolf dream good or bad?

The wolf itself can be a representation of support from others in regard to a problem that you are encountering in daily life. The dream itself can either be positive or negative in nature and can often represent certain aspects of yourself - such as communication and having a “pack” of people to rely on. The dream often symbolizes your own attitudes towards others and can be a representation of your own personality. If we look at the 1930s dream psychologist such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believed that dreaming of wolves was a direct result of the images presented to us in the waking world. Wolfs are generally represented in movies and on television as negative influences.

Jung believed that archetypes can appear in our dreams and that all living animals were part of these symbols. The term “archetypes” is used to describe the human psyche. Jung believed that the wolf was connected to our inner motivations of living in groups and hidden aggression. I can conclude this dream is connected to our “Anima” archetype. There are twelve archetypes divided into the soul, self, and ego and it could be seen as a connection between good and bad, male and female and wild and tame in nature. In this case, the wolf’s traits could be dominating your subconscious mind and your personality. Additionally, the wolf can be connected to your current mindset and signify your wild side of life and even your own sexuality and sexual needs. Carl Jung and Freud did not cover that much about the wolf in their writings but associated them with the animal part of our nature. As the wolf is focused on living in packs this dream indicates that we need to look at coordinating the bonds with those around us.

In the German language, the word for “wolf” can be translated to the following words warg, average and warm - In English, these words stand for evil spirits, bandits, and dishonest people. Where does the detest for wolves come from? If we turn to caveman times the wolf hunted alongside humans catching herbivores. Fast forward 3,000 years and the wolf was seen as a dangerous animal. Why? Because he hunted our cattle, and this is where the dislike for wolves was born.

What is the symbol of the Wolf in a dream?

I'm not sure you have seen the wolf haircut on Tiktok lately, but this has made people start to question what the wolf actually means. My take is that the symbolism behind the wolf is courage, determination, and loyalty. Wolves are known to remain dedicated to their pack and willing to fight for what they believe in even when faced with overwhelming odds—something we could all learn from! For instance, just like how wolves rely on one another for survival; whether it's during hunts or fostering new pups —life holds countless moments where we must rely on others or seek advice from those who may have more experience than us in order to make it through tough times and decisions that will shape our future paths forward.

Honestly, after reading quite a bit about wolves and how they interact and do not interact (as they are loners) makes I realize they show us how we need strength when facing uncertain situations (the darkness). As such it serves as both reminder of our internal courage when pushing against obstacles (the bright-colored coat) but also respects the importance of working together harmoniously towards success (the eye color).  It’s only through recognizing these two sides that humans have been able to develop meaningful relationships over centuries—connecting culture and knowledge.

What does it mean to dream of a pack of wolves?

When you dream of a wolf pack can mean many things, but most commonly it represents family and loyalty. A wolf pack is made up of ten closely related individuals which are normally divided into nuclear families or pairs. The wolves in a pack help each other with hunting for food and protecting their territory. In this way, seeing a wolf pack in dreams ---- can signify the importance of close family ties as well as strength in numbers working together to achieve something bigger than any one individual could do on their own. It may also suggest that you should consider taking more initiative and leadership to create something more successful in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf protecting you?

In the unlikely event you dream of the wolf protecting you then this carries quite an interesting message. To dream of a wolf protecting you (in the dreamworld)  can be an interesting experience. It may indicate that you are feeling like there is some trouble in your life, and you could benefit from some extra protection to get through it. The wolf (as I mentioned above) can symbolically mean power, strength, courage, loyalty, and temper – all qualities that may indicate that you have more strength than it seems at first glance. I do think this dream is positive, being protected normally means that someone is watching out for you (maybe you don’t even know).

Wolves usually appear (in dreams) as pairs or as part of packs to represent safety and support from others, indicating that even though it feels like everything is against you right now there is still hope for someone out there who will see through this challenging time as well as protect you during the process.

I do feel that this is a positive dream. The symbolism behind a wolf has always been associated with free-spiritedness as well traits such as persistence – they never give up on their targets - independent thinking, strong intuition, perseverance, endurance, and intelligence. If you are a wolf in the dream then it can show you are missing your pack (or people) who are on the same level as you. 

What does a wolf dream mean in different cultures?

In the Oriental tradition, they consider the wolf dream to be a prophetic dream foretelling unpleasant events. I will now briefly focus on Western dream traditions, seeing a young wolf implies that you must protect against evil; you may support someone who will steal from you later and will denigrate or destroy you. I know, it is rather dramatic but what I am trying to say here is to be wary of others. If you see a baby wolf who is gentle, it means that things are back on track. In the Persian tradition, the wolf dream means that someone secretly hates you.

In the Navajo culture, the word Wilf is “mai-coh” which translates into the word witch. I know this might seem a bit crazy but wolves were believed to be able to bring messages from the spiritual world. Wolves also figure heavily in Native American creation stories, particularly among the Pawnee people. According to an Indian fable, a chief's dead son came back from the spirit world as a wolf in order to help his people by providing them with food and protection from other animals that would threaten their safety. It has been commonly accepted by anthropologists that dogs were domesticated from wolves thousands upon thousands of years ago; allowing us access to so many aspects (and learnings) --- wolves certainly hold deep cultural meanings which speak volumes about how we interpret nature’s wild forces around us.

What is the meaning of being hunted by a wolf in a dream?

We are all hunted to a certain degree, it is about how you can spiritually develop. In dreams being hunted or chased is about your own insecurity that you are facing in your waking life. It could also represent aggression and transformation if you have been going through a difficult time lately.

When we dream of wolves, it's often seen as a sign of emotional healing and balance. As wolves in spiritual terms signify strength, courage, leadership abilities, wisdom, and intuition – these kinds of traits can help us grow as individuals if we tap into them within ourselves. I'm finally learning how important it is to take ownership of our own lives instead of waiting around for something "better” to happen. This dream could be about things that directly impact you that have impacted your future and past.

What is the meaning of being chased by a wolf in a dream?

Well, I am sure you know that wolves normally travel in packs. In a pack, there is always an alpha leader who keeps the balance and order among the other members of the group. Therefore, when you dream about a wolf chasing you, it could indicate that someone or something is taking control of your life - possibly in the form of anxiety or fear - while leaving you feeling uncomfortable and powerless. Chasing dreams are in a way a sign (from above) that you are running from something in life.

When I was a little girl I had a German Shepard, now this breed is considered one to be the most loyal dog due to their close connection with humans as well as their ability to easily obey commands from their owners. The reason I mention the German Shepard is that they look more like a wolf and are super clever,  in dreams, dreaming of a wolf chasing may signify that someone close to you might outsmart you. I feel that a wolf chasing could signal caution towards upcoming situations allowing you time to prepare mentally physically emotionally spiritually should any annoying person gossip about you -- just take note is what I feel the dream is trying to say to you.

Does the wolf represent the devil?

Does the wolf represent the devil? This is an interesting question that I often get asked. When it comes to interpretations of Scripture, we need to approach such questions with a discerning heart and mind. In Matthew 7:15, Jesus warns us against false prophets in sheep's clothing – insinuating that they can appear good from the outside but be evil on the inside. So does this mean wolves are associated with evil or a spiritual representation of Satan?

I believe there is more to consider when examining how wolves are interpreted in religious texts and literature (both past and present). It’s important to note that not all references equate wolves with evil or associate them specifically with Satan. Rather, they may signify untamed nature, fierce protection of family, loyalty among friends/allies, symbolic death-rebirth cycles as animals do in nature (e.g., death brings new life), or even stand for “a warning of danger from within and without one’s family…[signifying] wildness [as] part of human passion” according to scholar Barbara G Walker. These interpretations offer much insight into how symbolism can be read multiple ways depending on context - which shows where much wisdom lies when seeking Godly truth.

My thoughts on this matter are that while we should definitely take heed that deceitful people can come disguised as something good just like Jesus warned us about in Matthew 7:15 – I think it’s wrong to make blanket assumptions about any animal species being inherently related to Satanic forces or activity. Wolves can contrastingly symbolize traits like strength through collaboration; survival during times of adversity; courage despite fear; family connections; etc.. All these qualities point towards noble ends which indicate nothing inherently "evil" at work here - but rather virtues worth striving for in our own lives if we want them!

What is the 1930s dream meaning of a wolf dream?

  • Seeing multiple wolves in your dream suggests great damage.
  • Killing a wolf means that you will get rid of an enemy.
  • If you dream that you have been bitten by a wolf, denotes that in real life someone will make you cross and annoyed.
  • If you hear a wolf howling in your dream, this means you must be wary of thieves, or someone who may rob you. Generally, a wolf in your dreams could also suggest hidden enemies.
  • If in your dream the wolf attacks you, this indicates danger in waking life.
  • If you fight with the wolf it means you will succeed in life. If a shepherd is attacked by a wolf in a dream this foretells big sorrow in your family.
  • A wolf with an open mouth denotes that your enemies are overwhelming you.
  • Dreaming of a pet wolf is a positive omen, and represents happy times ahead.
  • To be a wolf in a dream is about how someone protects us.
  • To see a wolf in the wild it can suggest that you have friends around who will provide you with loyalty and love.
  • A fierce wolf suggests a cruel enemy.
  • A pack of wolves means war.
  • Seeing a wolf moving foretells disease, and if it bites you it means you will be oppressed.
  • If you attack a wolf in a dream this means you will get rid of enemies.
  • If you kill the wolf with your bare hands it means that you will try to get rid of a dangerous enemy by planning.
  • If in your dream you are alone and a wolf attacks you, this means great danger.
  • If the wolf is running or chasing you, it suggests that you are under pressure from all sides in life. Seeing a wolf in a wood means suffering, and that you are surrounded by enemies.
  • Hunting a wolf signals danger ahead.
  • Killing a pack of wolves means imminent success.
  • If in your dream you see a wolf sleeping, you have a hidden enemy.
  • To dream of wolves following you indicates that you have to borrow money.
  • If you dream that you scare or kill the wolf it indicates you will have good luck. Generally, this dream is an omen of enmity.
  • Seeing a white wolf is a sign that you have to evaluate areas in life very carefully. Define who your enemy is - and who is your friend.
  • To see baby wolves in a dream indicates a loss.
  • A wolf biting you means that somebody is going to upset you and that you should get rid of a hostile character in your life. To be chased by a pack of wolves in a dream indicates hidden dangers.

What is the spiritual meaning of a wolf?

There are many accounts of wolfs appearing in spiritual texts. There was a Roman goddess known as the Great-She-Wolf, and the Norse god known as “Odin” was always seen with wolves known as Freki and Geri. Spiritually, the wolf is connected to leading others on a journey and represents balance. The wolf brings with it an instant feeling of “connection with others” and that personal issues will be solved. When seen in dreams it could be a reflection of ancient wisdom and you will learn this through your family or close friends. This dream can also denote that you need to be protected and loved in life.

What does it mean to dream of a gray wolf?

The gray wolf lives in forests and is the largest member of the canine family. The gray wolf normally hunts in a pack of eight and can include the cubs. Common in North America this wolf in dreams indicates that you need to think about your bad habitats and you feel removed. Gray as a spiritual color represents being detached from others. As the general meaning of a wolf dream indicates “communication” and being in a group the gray wolf can signify that you will need to compromise with your family. If the wolf is silver this can imply that you will encounter vivid and interesting events in the future.

What does it mean to dream of white wolves?

The white wolf (known as an arctic wolf) is found in Canada northern Greenland and also parts of Alaska, and is over 3 billion years old. To see a white wolf in a dream indicates (from a spiritual perspective) that you feel isolated or unable to approach people with your problems. Arctic wolves can survive amazingly brutal conditions and can tolerate terrible weather conditions. In dreams, the wolf can also signify that you wish to protect against enemies. If you are being chased by an arctic wolf then this can imply that others will lead you out of a difficult situation. Arctic wolves generally live in packs and they are often completely white with extremely thick fur. They represent the winter and the difficulties that we can encounter during this time - cold-hearted people and the feeling of being inferior. As arctic wolves hunt in packs. Thus, in dreams, they can represent the instinctive parts of our own personality.

What does it mean to dream of a black wolf?

Wolves are typically white, gray, brown, and tan, only 3.6% of all wolves are black. This rarity can make the appearance of a black wolf in your dream especially significant and I want to share why.

A black wolf seen in dreams can be associated with the power of others. Black spirituality is connected to depression, the unknown, and darkness. The black wolf is territorial it can mean that someone might step on your toes! Black wolfs have been reported to be seen in Siberia and often live in forest areas. Around 60% of wolves in Canada are black in color and are known as elite hunters. Let’s turn this on its head and ask you the question: What are you hunting? What do you want in life? The black wolf in my view indicates an objective must be reached and you need to go for it. If you do then you will be successful!

Spiritually speaking though, dreaming of a black wolf could reflect courage and strength as this creature is often associated with these traits in folklore and mythology around the world from Native American cultures to traditional European ones like Greek and Roman mythology where a god or goddess sometimes shape-shifted into wolf form for certain tasks or adventures.  Seeing Mr black Wolf in a dream also signifies that something powerful has entered your life - whether it be an event, person, or energy - which needs to be navigated carefully if you want positive results from whatever situation you’re facing. It may also indicate the need for protection or using your intuition. 

What does it mean to dream of wolves surrounding you?

I have already concluded that wolves represent communication and being supported in life. This dream may be a sign that others will help you. Wolves hunt in packs and if seen all around you in a dream it can show the relative strength of your family. In a rather simplistic approach, I believe that being surrounded by wolves in a dream (even if you are scared) indicates a positive outcome to a problem.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf howling?

The wolf normally communicates with other pack members through sounds. They bark and grunt and also howl. If you are afraid to move forward with your goals this dream indicates you need to face your fears. The wolf itself can represent a spiritual connection. We often see in movies a wolf howling into the moon and in dreams, this can basically signify that you are trying to protect yourself from something. It is important to pay attention to the emotions you feel in the dream. If the wolf is howling excessively - it means that you need to be more flexible in life. If we turn to the spiritual side of the wolfs we know that they are connected to a close-knit group of people who will support you. Maybe you need to communicate with your “pack” in order to reach your goals. If you hear the wolf howling in search of prey then this can indicate an impossible situation.

What does it mean to dream of a red wolf?

There has been a debate if the red wolf actually does exist but scientists believe that these types of the wolf are a crossover of the coyote and the gray wolf. Red indicates passion and as we already know the wolf represents groups and communications. So, if the red wolf was in your dream it often denotes having passion in life.

What does it signify to dream of a wolf attacking, running after you, or hunting you?

To answer this we need to understand how wolves hunt. They usually stalk their prey for several days. The pack hunting is key to their survival. To dream of being attacked or hunted by a wolf in a dream can indicate that you will encounter some difficulties in a group context. Maybe you will fall out with a group of people, possibly conflict in the family. When the male wolf (the alpha) gives the sign the rest of the pack attacks. As gray wolves run around 9 kph they can quickly hunt and catch their prey. Arctic wolves run around 64kph which means that if a wolf is running after you then beware of a problem that will quickly come to an end. If the wolf hunts you in the snow terrain in a dream this can mean a cold-hearted person in your life. Oh...and you have to be careful of your tracks. Why? Because article wolves follow footprints in the snow when they hunt their prey. To see a wolf eating reindeer, elk, fish or rabbits indicates that you will be at one with nature.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf in a pack?

When you see the wolf pack in your dream it can indicate you need to follow a leader in life. There is a psychological connection and establishing social order. You may find you wish to communicate better and display your leadership at work. Seeing a pack of wolves in your sleep indicates that you need to maintain order in the family and social activities. The wolf will have an alpha leader and live in a pack family. This dream is all about your own authority, love, and the fact that you should not resort to aggression.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf in the distance?

Seeing a pack of wolves from afar indicates that you will need to hunt for an answer in waking life. This is an unemotional dream and can suggest that there is a group of people (in the distance) that will support you in life. Our experiences give us balance and this dream calls for the nourishment that you need spiritually.

What does it mean to dream of a lone wolf?

The saying “a lone wolf” is used when someone is alone. This person works alone and is normally excluded from a group of people. This term comes from wolves that are banished from the pack, that is alone until they find another pack to join. Sometimes known as a rogue wolf. If we turn to this term in our English language, additionally we refer to people who like their own company as a “lone wolves”. Often this term is used in terror attacks when someone acted alone. It can mean spiritually in life that you are safe, and isolated from attack. To see a lone wolf indicates that something in life will challenge us. It is extremely rare to encounter a lone wolf but there is a historical account of a number of wolfs that go it alone. The wolf has, like dogs powerful personalities. They are capable of surviving terrible conditions. Think about how you can survive in life. What is bothering you?

I always feel that sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit, as I am sitting here alone writing this article contemplating what the dream of a lone wolf is all about, I also feel it is about how you cope in your own company. Life is busy and we just don't give ourselves enough time. Wolves often stand as reflections of confidence, and strive towards lives. The mere sight of a wolf inspires feelings of respect in many cultures worldwide; they are seen as majestic creatures capable of great feats of strength and endurance due to their steady yet powerful presence. 
As dogs were domesticated from wolves thousands upon thousands of years ago; the lone wolf in the dream could be your friend. 

What does it mean to dream of a wolf biting you?

To see the teeth of a wolf in a dream indicates that something in life will challenge you. It is extremely rare to encounter a wolf attack but there is a historical account of attacks in history - in fact, in 2015 there were 18 wolf attacks in North America and 12 in Canada. In fact, if we look at many fairy tales - the wolf generally attacks and eats its prey. If we look at the story of the three little pigs the older version heralds the wolf eating the pigs, the story has since adapted that the pig runs to each other's houses. Wolfs have, just like dogs powerful jaws. They are capable of biting and tearing their prey. In order to define this dream, we need to look at the “wolves” temperament from a psychological perspective. They are aggressive so being bitten by a wolf in a dream can denote someone will attack you verbally in waking life.

On a spiritual note, dreaming of being bitten by a wolf could mean feeling “attacked” emotionally or socially. And, I feel it could suggest feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem as wolves are often associated with strength and power. The particular way the wolf was behaving in the dream could provide more insight into any emotions or beliefs related to this experience - for instance, if the wolf was playful or aggressive this might provide further clues as to what could potentially be causing these feelings within yourself.

This dream may also help to consider any other elements from the dream such as colors, I also feel that the dream is about reflecting on recent events in your life where similar situations have arisen may also prove enlightening when attempting to make sense of why you experienced the bite from a wolf during your sleep state. Overall I believe dreaming about being attacked (by anything) has some universal meanings connected to trauma response to maybe a stressful period that you have gone through.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf talking to you?

This can be a rather peculiar dream and a few of you have contacted me to understand what this means. Generally, a “talking” wolf sometimes occurs in our dreams when we are experiencing a loss. In my view, if the wolf is talking to you it can indicate that your subconscious mind has picked up the “wolf” symbolism in daily life. The wolf that speaks indicates that you need to review who you trust in life. There may be a question about if you trust someone close to you. Think about how the wolf is represented in the dream. As I have earlier defined earlier - a wolf has appeared in many different “fairytale” stories. From little red riding hood, through to The Jungle Book and these are negative characters. In essence, a wolf talking to you could indicate that you are looking for protection but it may not be where you think it is. In many dream books, the wolf itself can be a representation of our own inner desires and goals. If the wolf speaks it can imply that someone is not trustworthy.

What does it mean to see a friendly wolf in a dream?

Wolves have often been confused with dogs - which are man's best friend. The difference between dogs and wolves is that wolves are really hard to tame. Wolves generally reflect our “aggression”, as I've already explained wolves live together in packs - and it is IN their nature to be rather aggressive. If the wolf is represented as being friendly then this can indicate that you are going to encounter harmony in your domestic life. Wolves look very much like our own pet dogs and it can sometimes be difficult to define if you dreamed of a dog or wolf. The external environment in the dream - will give you some clues. If you could see a wild wood then a wolf represents your personal values. In cavemen times, wolves learned to live with humans but they were still quite aggressive. The difference between dogs and wolves is the fact that wolves NEVER lose their aggressive nature even if they appear to be friendly. If a friendly wolf is presented in your dream this indicates, in my view, someone in waking life that appears content and happy but deep down they harbor an aggressive streak.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf that is dead?

A dead wolf is a positive omen in all the research I carried out looking at various old dream dictionaries the dead wolf is positive. This dream can indicate overcoming obstacles. If the wolf was alone and was dead it can suggest the end of a period of struggle. To kill the wolf and see its body on the floor can suggest a growth in knowledge and independence. If you are the dead wolf it can be connected to opportunities that will present themselves. A pack of dead wolves indicates a new, fresh start. 

For many Native American tribes seeing a dead wolf was a reminder that times are always changing and we must accept the losses this brings with understanding - in balance with nature rather than against it. In some cultures, this could mean seeing death as an inevitable part of life and coming to terms with mortality. In some Nordic countries, wolves represented strength and guidance; thusly, encountering an injured or poor wolf can indicate a loss of strength or courage in pursuit of ambitions.

In Eastern thought traditions such as Hinduism, wolves often symbolized desire and temptation; to see a dead wolf is said to be interpreted as overcoming fear or facing down temptation head-on. While representations may vary from culture to culture and home to home, I would say that at its core there is usually an underlying theme: accepting impermanence, recognizing strength within oneself to overcome obstacles presented by life’s challenges, honoring death for what it is - something which inevitably comes even if not always welcomed or wanted - learning from our own experiences so we can apply them moving forward in life’s journey.

I also feel that “death” or seeing something death can suggest --- learning how when coming face-to-face with loss/heartache/difficulties; those who choose not to be fearful but instead courageous will eventually discover ever greater meaning beyond self-centered pursuits (such as larger embodiment morality & beneficence).

What does it mean to dream of a wolf’s eyes?

To see a wolf's eyes from my research can denote that you are being watched. If the eyes are red this can signify that you need insight into a matter of passion. The animal's eyes play an important role in our dreams. They can indicate wild hurt and pain but this is needed in order to restore your faith in a situation. Likewise, looking into a wolf's eyes during the dream relates to our confidence, inner peace, and self-worth. Blue wolf eyes in a dream can indicate emotions and dealings with your family. Black wolf eyes can suggest being true to yourself.

What does it mean to dream of a wolf cub?

To see a baby wolf cub in a dream indicates protecting against someone in waking life. It is a sign to think carefully about how you protect yourself. As wolf cubs are born deaf and blind, in dreams seeing them can indicate that you are unaware of someone’s true intentions. Let’s assume that you could see a pack of wolves with cubs in a dream. This indicates that you may not see the true intentions of a group of people in waking life. What do you need to protect yourself from? The wolf's mother? Who is acting as a mother figure in your waking life? Think about answering these questions to better understand this dream's meaning.

What does it mean to dream of an injured wolf?

If you dream of being injured by a wolf during a dream then this can suggest you're going to be attacked by somebody in waking life. the wolf itself is a symbol of your support network. Therefore, if you are injured, bitten or hurt in any way this means you could possibly have problems with others. Someone close can cause you problems but in the end, you will be happy and content. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph the wolf also represents our own animal instincts so it could be that you are injuring yourself or not giving yourself enough rest.

What does it mean to kill a wolf in a dream?

A wolf in dreams represents family, support networks, communication, and hidden enemies. To shoot a wolf can indicate that there will be cruelty against friends or family. Killing the wolf is a message in a dream that you should support those around you, especially if someone is likely to deceive others. Interestingly, there was a rumor that Roman Catholic Church declared that they believed the wolf was evil but this is simply a rumor. Wolves throughout our history have been declared to be dangerous and kill sheep and other cattle. There is a saying “a wolf in sheep's clothing” which is basically a biblical term that means a false person. Going back to what it means to kill a wolf in a dream, it can mean that a person in the waking world is disguised as being good but shows signs of dishonesty deep down.

What is the biblical meaning of wolves with scripture?

I feel there is a lot of symbolism and meaning associated with wolves when studying the Bible. In Matthew 7:15 Jesus warns us to "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Here the scripture is referring to those who appear good on the outside but have evil intentions inside.

I believe other times wolves may also be seen as representing strength, courage, and survival instincts that all living creatures possess. In Proverbs 30:30 it says “The lion which is mightiest among beasts and does not turn back before any” This could be interpreted as saying that even the strongest creature will fear danger if necessary - just like a wolf would do if threatened by an adversary.

However, I always like to consider the Bible from its literal context rather than looking for certain meanings behind every passage. When taken literally, we learn from Ezekiel 22:27 that God appointed “the wild beasts (wolves) of the field” as protectors against people who seek violence and destruction. So perhaps (in dream terms) this meaning is connected to seeing what you can't see at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of werewolves?

There is so much written about a werewolf in literature. In Folklore, in France, a werewolf is known as lou-garou, and the really strange thing is that there is actually a human condition where someone actually thinks they are a werewolf and it is called lycanthropy. Anyway, I’m sure you know that werewolves can be scary beings in dreams, they represent transformation, duality, instinctual behavior, and a battle between good and evil. The concept of being a werewolf has been around for centuries in various forms throughout different cultures. In some cases it was seen as being cursed—turning into a monster during the full moon when our animalistic instincts are more pronounced—and in others it was seen as an honorable shape-shifting totem or power animal.

I’m sure you have heard of the famous --- Jekyll and Hyde story. He is perhaps one of the most well-known examples of “werewolf mania” that we have today. This story by Robert Louis Stevenson captures the idea of duality with Dr Jekyll character –the “good human” controlled by his intellect spending time on experiments that lead him to become Mr Hyde, it sort of indicates that we at times fall victim to our darker nature while still retaining control over our higher faculties.

The famous dream psychologist: Carl Jung wrote extensively about how dreaming about werewolves when I read his book, he represented conflicting emotions or desires within ourselves or recognized qualities we possess that might not fit within conventional society's standards. I also feel he also saw this dream as showing repressed aspects of one's personality that cannot easily be expressed elsewhere in life.

More recently, the famous JK Rowling's Harry Potter series gives us yet another interpretation of lycanthropy: Remus Lupin (the professor if you remember)  is presented as someone who chooses (or decides) to transform into a werewolf without letting it define who he is inside; therefore, creating an element of choice rather than something outside their control like a punishment from gods/goddesses (either divine retribution or special gifts). He represents someone struggling against dark forces both inside himself —uncertainty regarding his place in society– and those outside forces determined to use his powers for destructive purposes--such potential strength turned into something else altogether through manipulation from others. There is something that you can learn from this dream, that you still have choices on how to express yourself --- despite all odds, that is the key message of this dream.

Conclusion of a dream of a wolf

As I have mentioned here the wolf is considered to be a powerful animal, spiritually in dreams the wolf provides guidance and direction. In some Native American cultures such as Apache and Cheyenne tribes, people believed that talking with wolves would help them gain wisdom and knowledge from them. For this reason, seeing a wolf in your dream can indicate that you’re open to receiving valuable lessons from various sources around you.

The color of the wolves seen in dreams can reveal even more insight into what they mean spiritually - white represents wisdom and purity; gray represents adaptability; black represents intuition; brown/red represents power; while yellow/golden represents spiritual energy. There's also biblical symbolism associated with wolves - for example, Joshua 11:12 states "And all their cities at that time were inhabited by Canaanites…and there dwelt among them lions, and wild beasts (meaning wolves). I have also touched on here that Wolves commonly appear in literature as well which adds further symbolism to understanding what they might mean if they show up in dreams - take Red Riding Hood for example where Grandma was turned into a wolf by an evil enchantress. So, all in all, this dream is telling you to watch out for anyone hiding behind wolf clothes.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a wolf attacking you.
  • Seen a wolf attacking a shepherd.
  • Had a young wolf in your house.
  • Seen a wolf with an open mouth.
  • Seen a fierce wolf.
  • Seen a pack of wolves.
  • Encountered a wolf biting you.
  • Killed a wolf.
  • Been alone while you were attacked by wolves.
  • Heard a howling wolf.
  • Seen a wolf running.
  • Been hunting a wolf.
  • Seen a wolf sleeping.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The wolf is pleasant and friendly.
  • You quickly recognize the wolf’s deceit.
  • The wolf watches over your home.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a wolf

Scared. Terrified. Worried. Anxious. Feel terrible. Upset. Vengeful. Crazy. Mad.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012