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Oh don’t we all love the elephant.

We should all pay such grace to this wonderful animal. Elephants are magnificent animals and we need to appreciate their spiritual connection to us. Yes, elephants are strong, powerful and signify that we can with ease overcome any problems in life. Having read many dream books (2,000) in total I decoded the dream of an elephant, also from a spiritual perspective. The dream is connected to control and power in life! After all an elephant is the largest living land animal. If we look at Freud and his interpretation of the elephant in dream it indicates control and how we move forward in life. As always, in dreams Freud always relates most dreams to sex. So he believed the elephant was associated with our own inner sexual desires. The elephant is a symbol of not only power but also strength in order to fight situations in waking life.

Amazingly, there are two different types of elephants. There’s the elephant in Africa which is known as “Loxodonta africanus” and also the elephant found in Asian parts which is called a “Elephas maximus” understandably the actual aspects of the dream are equally important in order to interpret. It may be that the elephant was chasing you or that you saw an elephant in a river alternatively you are riding an elephant in your dream. All these details in the dream are important. We will try to decode the dream connected to an elephant but if your dream is not covered in this dream meaning please email me and I will try my best to help. Okay, without further ado let’s move on to the specific dream meanings of seeing an elephant.

We have already established an elephant is connected to control. I have read meanings on various dream websites and that lead to this question: Do I think the elephant is associated with memory.? The answer is no. There is no reference to memory and elephants in any dream dictionaries I have read in ancient books. The herd of elephants or large groups do signify that you have a situation that you need to deal with, maybe a difficult childhood.

To see an elephant stand still and trump suggests someone will give you some great news. The slaughter of this wonderful mammal can denote that the images of elephants are featured in the media, this may effect the dream state. To see slaughter of elephants by poachers in a dream can suggest you need to reconsider your power or control in a situation. In this world only 500k elephants left is a sad fact. Are we moving towards life without the wonderful elephant? Riding an elephant in a dream denotes something you will not forget in life. You may go on a trip or focus on moving into another position in life. Now, elephants do not forget so it can also indicate someone who will always have a grudge against you.

Did you see a baby elephant in your dream?

Oh yes, baby elephants are cute! To see a grey baby elephant in a dream is an indication that you are going to face a difficult situation the future but your own inner growth and determination will overcome any problems you encounter. The baby elephant weighs 200 lbs and is considered a powerful animal in its own right.

Did you get bitten by an elephant?

To be bitten by an elephant in a dream indicates that you’re going to have to shock in the future. It could be possibly a friendship ending or you not liking someone anymore. Don’t worry because we need to have such episodes in our life in order to move forward. Surprisingly, elephants have tusks. These are essentially their teeth.

Did you see an elephant chasing you in the dream?

Oh yes, an elephant chasing you can be a worrying dream. Especially to see a stampede of elephants coming towards you. But what does it mean? It can mean that you need to focus on yourself for a while. Someone will try to hurt you. To be chased by an elephant in the jungle or safari means that others are telling you what to do with your life and what direction you need to take. This could range from being told what to eat all the way to being told who you should spend time with.

Did you dream of an elephant attacking you?

An elephant attacking you in the dream can be symbolic in nature. You will need to strengthen your skills and talents to become more powerful. Being attacked in any dream can be rather worrying! If the elephant lunged at you then this can signify possible worry in life, it can suggest you are facing some problems with others. For the elephant to kill you in a dream can indicate a new start, especially in regards to work.

What it means to dream of an elephant in Africa?

An elephant in its wild habitat can denote that you will overcome any fears in life. To be in Africa in your dream suggests happiness in the future. The elephant is tremendous in terms of strength and to see this in Africa can often mean you will overcome obstacles in life.

What it means to see an elephant in the zoo in a dream?

An elephant in captivity in a dream, such as a zoo is again connected to your own problems in life but you feel closed in, unable to free yourself. It can again, be connected to past memories.

Did you see a white elephant in the dream?

Oh yes, a white elephant means a lie. To dream of a white elephant then you will hear a little white lie in the future. To see more than one white elephants in a dream can denote peace and trouble free times in life.

Was your dream connected to the elephant's trunk?

The trunk in dreams can suggest you are avoid something important, after all the trunk is the elephant’s long nose and this can suggest that someone will spy on you - but this will be for the greater good. an elephant’s trunk can also symbolize other people are going to turn to for advice. As a trunk is quite soft and the elephant generally uses his trunk to eat and also wash themselves suggests that there will be a question around your own survival. Perhaps you have a job that you do not enjoy or you need to find a way to contract somebody that you have lost touch with.

Here is the older meaning of dreaming of an elephant:

To see an elephant within your dream shows that you have some excellent qualities. Patience and perseverance. It also denotes that we should make the best of life. Enjoy! If you see an elephant on safari this shows that you may encounter a busy time. This also shows that you should use your time better. Think about how to manage your time. When one dreams of being a elephant this is associated with being in charge. An elephant is a strong animal that is of a large size. You need to know what is going on in your life. You have been harnessing feelings of stress. Is your life out of control?

There is a level of helplessness which tends to take over your existence, the elephant dream is connected to an “out of control” feeling. The spirit guides sent such a dream to let you know that it is time to take on responsibilities instead of hiding away. You are the one that controls change. Does your career make you feel good? Make sure you are happy in life. To be a elephant means you tend to spend too much time trying to please others. To see an elephant at a zoo indicates that others need to give you more respect. Are you spending an inordinate amount of time making yourself available to others? We only have so many hours in the day!

For the elephant to kill you or someone else in a dream means good times ahead. If you are seeing more than one elephant in a dream this is a good luck omen. To see an elephant die in the dream indicates tough times ahead. To be on a safari is a good omen, It signifies you need to treat people with kindness and respect. To be an elephant yourself suggests that you must identify your goal clearly and be persistent in order to obtain it. A broken down mode of transport on a safari and an elephant chases you suggests that in daily life you need more focus regarding your goals and ideals.

In this dream you may have

  • Seen an elephant in a zoo.
  • Been an elephant.
  • Chased by an elephant.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You liked the elephant.
  • You saw other elephants.
  • You were a elephant - showing your willingness to take control of your life.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Lack of control.
  • Losing a promotion.
  • Feeling invisible around others.
  • The need to take control of one’s life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of elephant

Adventure. Understanding. Clarity. Lack of control. Indulgence. Invisibility. Fear. Control. Loss. Uncertainty.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012