Baby bottles

Baby bottles

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Baby bottles feature in dreams as a sign of nurturing others.

It is not uncommon for mothers to dream that they have not fed their babies in waking life. This can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Let’s start with a basic definition. A baby bottle is a bottle used to feed the baby. A bottle has a nipple, which the baby uses to feed directly from - really like a substitute bosom! It is convenient and makes the baby feed well without becoming wasteful. When a baby bottle is seen in the dream, it implies that there is over-reliance on others, thus making you be emotionally immature just like the baby.

If you see the bottle smashed or you lose the baby bottle this indicates that you may not feel emotionally strong in a situation. If you are feeding a sleeping baby (dream feed) in your dream it can be a literal message that you need to eat more. A small newborn feeding on a bottle suggests that you may need assistance in life to take on a problem. Preparing a baby bottle in a dream with formula milk indicates that you need to be more nurturing in life. A baby bottle that is too hot in your dream suggests that you will be blessed with happiness. A bottle that is dropped on the floor in your dream indicates that you need to face a burning obligation going forward.

In the dream

  • You are the one with the baby bottle.
  • You lose the bottle.
  • A small newborn baby feeds on the bottle.
  • You make the milk (formula) to go inside the bottle.
  • You feed a baby in your dream with a bottle.
  • You forget to feed a baby in the dream with a bottle.
  • The bottle is an unusual shape in the dream.
  • A familiar person is the one with the baby bottle
  • A strange person is the one with the baby bottle

Detailed dream interpretation

The bottle is a symbol of nurture as we have already concluded. People will understand your attitudes better in life if you spill milk from the bottle. Think about what the baby bottle contained. If it is milk in the dream it indicates that you need to look out for possible problems in life. You can overcome these problems. If the baby bottle is filled with juice then someone cannot bear you to succeed.

If you are the one who is drinking from a baby bottle in the dream it foretells that you are emotionally immature in some situations - and in most circumstances, you are forced to rely on others. You cannot make decisions on your own and this is causing situations to stagnate in life. You need to look for ways and suggestions to make sure that you become “more” emotionally stable. This will enable you to make independent decisions in life that will assist you in becoming self-reliant.

To break a baby bottle in the dream suggests your self-esteem has been affected negatively and you feel like you are being looked down by those who are around you. With such mentality, it becomes hard for you to even move from one goal to another because you are unable to finish the first goal. Look for friends who seem to be “more” mature in their decision-making because those are the people who can help you to grow and become emotionally independent. With the independence, you will start seeing things moving in the right direction in your life and you will be in a position to succeed.

If a familiar person is the one holding a baby bottle in your dream (feeding a baby) it suggests that a friend or a relative is struggling with gaining independence because they are emotionally immature.

It is hard for them to make decisions and stick by them without having to involve a third party. You need to bail them out and make sure that, you nurture them to become mature in their reasoning and decision making. If they don’t approach you, do the honorable thing and approach them.

Seeing a strange person holding a baby bottle in your dream implies that, you are mature emotionally and this has made you progress well in your life. You need to keep it up, because, that is what is helping you to make independent decisions which make your life run smooth. Make sure that a goal that you set in life is followed to completion as soon as possible without delay. Others will be seeking your help in decision making, make sure you assist them accordingly.

Feelings associated with your dream

Emotional, struggling, successful, immature, independent, stagnated and nurture.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017