Parents Dream Meaning

The dream of parents could go both ways: a positive dream or a negative dream. If negative, i'm guessing that you might have had a wild or unpredictable childhood and now as an adult dreaming of parents is reflected in your subconscious mind. This could be reflected in how your parents actually value you. Remember, that sometimes when we show up in real life and tell our parents how we feel were left feeling punished for it. Therefore, you opt for remaining silent (as there is no point in rocking the boat) we are just left fustrated. I can sum this dream up in one. You cannot control other people. And, no-one can control you. This is the key message of the dream, it is essentially about control.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of parents?

It is often possible to gain a lot of insight into your own concerns and worries from dreaming of your parents. If you became a parent in a dream this can suggest that you feel squeezed in life. The dream of being lost or separated from the family, for instance, you could not find your parents may indicate feelings of insecurity or fear. Self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy may be expressed in a dream about a parent helping another person.
A dream in which a parent takes care of a baby or young child may symbolize hope and a desire to nurture and protect the family. However, parents neglecting their children could be a sign of regret or guilt. A dream about being overwhelmed by household chores may represent financial worries or an inability to cope with daily responsibilities. Parents who dream of struggling to provide for their families may have fears about providing for their children's futures.
Dreams can often be interpreted as unfulfilled wishes or desires. Parents who dream of success and accomplishment may reflect their desire for success and recognition in life. It could be an indication that the "parent" in the dream needs more companionship or support if they dream that they are surrounded by friends and family.

What does it mean to dream positively of parents?

If the dream is favourable then this can indicate that it might be time to express your worries to someone. Perhaps possible issues from your childhood have surfaced and you need to accept a situation in order to move on. Dreaming of parents in a negative light can represent conflict on a higher level. In the nature of this dream parents could be seen as a battle. There may be exciting times in the future, but there may be a struggle in convincing the family on a certain path. To see a parent die in your dream is associated with a possible endeavor which carries a certain level of risk; there is something in the subconscious mind which means you need to feel the ultimate form of nurturing when thinking about parents.

This is because you are able to bounce off worries and if they accept your dream - this causes you comfort in real world. If you dream of both parents this is symbolic of the balance of energies within. All of us that are male and female will have a closer bond to the mother at birth. A dream of being put into care indicates a delay that will arise. This indicates a stable relationship with parents but unequal or unsatisfying situations.

What does a negative parent dream mean?

Of course, you can interpret dreams differently based on your own unique childhood. If the parent dream is negative or even a nightmare can reflect your current life situation. Let’s not forget we can gain insight into our own inner world and the dream could be a mirror to manage your own emotions by understanding the deeper meaning.  Turning to the older dream meaning, parents in a dream symbolize the fear of responsibility. There is unexpressed feelings when one dreams of either their mother father. If someone in your dream is a parent, this means you are looking to acquire some level of stability in your home-life. The dream energy is symbolic of power. To dream of a comforting relationship with a parent represents love as well as home and shelter --- a great dream to have.

What does it mean if your parents are alive in the real world?

If your parents are alive in the waking world this dream is representative of needing approval - go find it! Your parents (if alive) will usually be able to provide you some additional help or insight as well. If you refelect on your relationship with your parents, then it is imporant to analyze your relationships --- maybe where things went wrong in the past won't tell you what's wrong now. Right now, dreaming of your parents mean that it may not be possible to run your life as you wish to. That's all I have to say. The goal of this dream is to help you improve your relationship stylein the waking world -- and achieve more success. Allow whatever comes your way to unfold and be open to whatever happens.

Is the dream of parents good or bad?

If your parents rejected your overtures of closeness in waking life, then dreaming of parents can provide some useful information. If your parents have passed over and you are speaking to them in your dream this is a spiritual encounter. It is associated with gathering comfort and divine guidance. Be thankful they are watching over you in waking life. This usually means that they have a message to give you and they will do through your dreams. If your parents have passed over and visit you in real life it is difficult for you to accept their image and the different vibrational planes. In the dream state we are more willing to accept their contact. In the waking life this might cause distress, but in our dreams, we are relaxed and at peace and this make it easier for them to get through to us.

to experience family gatherings within the dream shows an appreciation of the meaning of relationships in the dream's life. To experience any celebration, joy, birthdays, Christmases or any other positive family time indicates that the crisis has finished and it is now time to provide good results. Very often if we suffer abuse by our parents which indicates that something hopeful has not come about in the way that we wish.

It can also be associated with disillusionment. Maybe you have friends that have not supported you through times of crisis? For our parents to die in our dream signifies a disturbance. You may try to fight off the bad feeling that you are experiencing, however fear can often get stronger the more we fight.

It is important in the waking world that we allow ourselves to experience fear. The reason being is that we need to wonder how we can fix things, and how to overcome obstacles in life. To dream of the mother indicates the comfort that we feel, the woman in a dream is a representation of comfort and harmony. If the mother in the dream is kind, this signifies trying not simply the material success but also the spiritual success. It means that you are making the right choices in life. To see your father indicates natural instincts and passion. The father is associated with the active involvement in life. Perhaps this is been modified on your own inner peace. Psychologically the father also represents power. For the parents to divorce in ones dream is associated with hidden enemies.

What does it mean to dream of living back home with your parents?

Going back home and living with parents in the dream world is about living in a world of enchantment. Spending time with family and friends in dreams is a positive dream to have, maybe you expired the woods, went on adventures or just being surrounded by familiarity that brings with it an intangible sense of comfort: not long ago I had a dream of a local pond where we would fish and swim, then the small shop that always had the best ice cream, and the neighbor's house where we'd run for a snack before playing outside. Being back in your childhood at night -- is about the power of community and connection.  If you dream of such positive childhood connections can indicate that you are thinking there is a whole new place with you in life and it is going to be a great time to start new challenges.

Dreams of a negative childhood experience can indicate invaluable experience and that you may need to understand the full of lessons and memories that you have learned since childhood. But you need to be able not to be too detached until you realize that these experiences have shaped you. Who can do that? Also,, this dream is about teaching you the importance of connecting with others and how powerful it can be. So in essence, the dream is about lessons that have shaped you into the person you are today.

What does dreams of your Mother mean?

When you dream about your mother, you are usually carrying with you a powerful, unconditional love. Often, dreams of your Mother often reveal something about how your mother shaped the person you are today as well as your relationship with her. In my view, this could represent that you may need the strength and support she provided you when you were a child, for example, if you dream of your mother comforting or encouraging you. It may also mean you are feeling guilty or that your current beliefs and values conflict with those your mother instilled in you if your mother is angry or disappointed with you in a dream. If you have not had the greatest relationship with your mother in real life, dreaming of her is quite common when we are heading for difficult times. 
The dream may also be about something else entirely, such as guilt or protectiveness associated with leaving home. In dreams, your mother can suggest emotional nurturing, so consider what those dreams might mean for your own growth.

Dreams about your mother will in my view have a unique meaning for you based on how she has impacted your life and the relationship you have with her.  In addition to gaining insight into yourself, understanding what your dreams are telling you can help you find closure with your mother regarding any unresolved issues.
It is also important to remember that dreaming about your mother can be a sign of longing or grief if she has passed away. Taking some time to reflect on your emotions and process your loss may be helpful if this is the case. You might also find it helpful to talk to people who knew her, or to seek the guidance and support of a therapist.  The memories you share with your mother and the love you shared with her will remain with you forever, even when you dream of her.  
Dreams about your mother will have meaning that is unique to you based on your personal relationship with her and how she has impacted your life. You can gain insight into yourself and explore unresolved emotions by reflecting on the dream and your relationship with your mother. It is important to keep in mind that dreams are often mysterious and enigmatic yet full of personal meaning. Taking time to reflect on these dreams can be a powerful way to understand yourself better and explore your relationship with your mother.

What does it mean to dream of your father?

I’m sure that you have had a powerful dream of your Father if you are reading this. Let me share with you that different types of dreams about your father have different meanings. You may be feeling insecure and need some guidance if you dream of your father offering you wise advice or showing support. Or, you may be experiencing unresolved issues from your past when your father appears angry or unsupportive in your dreams. I also feel you may dream of your father in a positive light if you are feeling good about your life progress. It is common to dream that your father supports and protects you, but it can also indicate inner conflicts or anxieties that need to be addressed.

What does it mean to dream of dead parents?

Let me explain this. Depending on your life experiences and emotions, dreams about dead parents can have multiple interpretations. If you have been isolating yourself recently, dreaming of parents that have passed are common. Your own subconscious mind could be processing feelings or unresolved issues associated with a parent's death. I am also guessing it may provide comfort to know that the parent is still connected to you even after their death. Of course, the feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that has not yet been addressed and released might also be represented in your dream. It may also reflect a desire to receive acceptance and guidance from the departed parent. As well as feelings of abandonment, dreams can also reflect feelings of responsibility. These powerful emotions should be acknowledged and explored within the context of your own life experiences. 

What does it mean to dream of an estranged parent?

Life is hard sometimes, especially when we are estranged from a parent. In fact, it is probably the most difficult thing to deal with. We never ask to be born and when these “parental” relationships don’t go as planned or you don’t know or have any contact with a parent it is not uncommon to dream of them. Dreaming of an estranged parent can in my view show unresolved issues and a need for closure in the relationship. There may be a desire to repair the relationship with this person or a sense of guilt for something that previously happened. It can also represent feelings of loneliness or a desire to be accepted and understood by this person. The fear of not being able to reconnect may also be reflected in this. motivational speech about estranged parents and how to not care
what they think
All of us have unique experiences with the people who raised us. Our parents and guardians may have been amazing, supportive, while others may have gone through some difficult times and estrangements. What's more, no matter what In spite of what your experience has been, you can choose how you let their opinion affect you. Focus on your own journey of personal growth and development rather than worrying about what others think.
Our estranged parents or guardians may have caused us a lot of pain that can be difficult to move past. Take the time to process your emotions and experiences, but also keep in mind that your parents' opinions of you don't define you. It is possible to create a healing and growth environment by setting boundaries and focusing on yourself.
The emotional reactions or feelings we have towards our estranged parents are also important and should not be overlooked. To reach a place of peace and understanding, we must first acknowledge the hurt and pain our parents may have caused us.
The most important thing is to focus on your own journey rather than worrying about what other people think. No matter what anyone else thinks, you are valuable and worthy. Even if your estranged parents or guardians have caused you problems, you should focus on yourself and what you have accomplished. Take time for yourself to heal, celebrate your successes, and reflect on your progress.
Remember that moving past an estranged relationship isn't easy, but it is possible. You shouldn't let other people's opinions define you or bring you down. Take things one day at a time. There is no limit to the story and journey you can create for yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks!

What does it mean to dream of your parents hugging you?

When you dream of your parents hugging you, you are usually feeling secure, comfortable, and loved unconditionally. Of course, to dream that you are hugging your child is a symbol of contentment and nurturing, it represents being nurtured by the people who have been there for you since childhood. This is a great dream to have in my opinion. Similarly, such dreams can indicate that your subconscious is expressing its need for care and protection from those people closest to you, who can provide a sense of security and stability. A dream of your parents hugging each other may also indicate that you need to reconnect with your parents (if they are still alive) emotionally or just need their presence in your life. A dream of parents showing affection may also indicate that something is troubling you and that you need your parents' support and guidance. Dreams of this magnitude might indicate that you are longing for the security and love you received from your parents after a difficult time in your life, such as a separation or divorce. It depends on how you feel when you wake up and the context of your dream when you dream about your parents hugging you.

Remember, that our subconscious is often trying to remind you of how important and loved you are when you dream of your parents hugging you. Even if we don't physically see our parents, this type of dream can remind us of their unconditional love.

In order to gain a better understanding of yourself and your current circumstance, it is important to reflect on the meaning of your dreams. Consider talking to a professional or trusted friend who can provide you with an outside perspective if you need help understanding your dream. In addition, they may be able to provide you with additional insight into your dream and its meaning. Your subconscious often reminds you of your importance and love when you dream of your parents hugging you, regardless of the interpretation. A dream like this can serve as a powerful reminder of our parents' unconditional love

What does it mean to dream of a family get together?

Dreaming of a family get together such as christmas or thanksgiving usually symbolizes a sense of belonging and being connected to your relatives. It may be representative of feeling accepted and appreciated by those closest to you, or it could be expressing your need for companionship within your family. Such dreams (weddings, funerals, social gatherings) with the family can also reflect feelings of contentment with the relationships in your life, as well as a sense of comfort and security within your family unit. You may also need to strengthen bonds with your relatives for emotional support if it is an indication that something is troubling you. In addition, you might be reliving childhood memories or moments you shared with your loved ones when you dream of a family get together.

Dreaming of a family gathering is often seen as a subconscious reminder of how much love and support exist within this important unit, no matter the interpretation. No matter what life throws at us, our families will always be there in spirit and love, no matter what happens. Let me explain further, dreams of family get-togethers are often a reminder of the importance of family and being connected to those closest to us. So take this dream as a sign that it is important to appreciate and cherish those special moments spent with your family, no matter how far away they may be.

What does it mean to dream of a parents death?

Having a dream about a parent's death can mean a variety of things. Occasionally, dreams may indicate that you still feel a sense of emotional connection to the deceased, or that you feel guilty for something that happened in the relationship before they passed away. Additionally, it may reflect a desire for emotional connection to someone or a need for closure in the absence of that person. It might also be an expression of loneliness or a need for comfort from them, yes, we all need this comfort sometimes in life.

If your parents have passed dreaming of their death is naturally, often seen as a sign that your subconscious “mind” is trying to remind you of how much love and support this person provided in life. I do feel this is a positive dream. This type of dream can  be a powerful reminder that even in death, the connection you have with your parent --- can still bring solace and comfort to your life.

What does it mean to dream of your parents getting married?

I had this dream not too long ago, dreaming of your parents getting married can indicate a need for stability and structure in life. It may be an expression of “wanting” or “needing” to feel secure and safe in the family unit or simply expressing the desire to have your parents together again. Such dreams can also represent feelings of being accepted and understood by both of your parents or a wish to improve communication within the family. On the other hand, it may also reflect a fear of having to choose between them if they ever did get married in waking life.

I feel dreaming of your parents getting married is often seen as a sign that your subconscious is trying to remind you of the importance of having strong familial relationships. A dream like this often serves as a powerful reminder that family bonds can always bring us back together, despite times of difficulty.

No matter the interpretation, dreaming of an estranged family member is often seen as a sign that your subconscious is trying to remind you of the importance of family and the need to work through difficulties in relationships. This type of dream can be a powerful reminder that it is never too late to make amends and reconnect with those closest to us.

If you need help understanding what your dream means, consider talking to a professional or trusted friend who can provide you with an outside perspective. They may be able to provide additional insight that can help you better understand your dream and its significance.  No matter how it is interpreted, dreams of an estranged family member are often a reminder of the importance of family and the need to find common ground with those closest to us. So take this dream as a sign that it is important to strive for peace.

What does it mean to dream of parents are not together in the dream?

If you dream that your parents are separated, you may be experiencing instability in your life or feeling the need to be independent. Maybe your parents were living together in two different houses. In my view, there is a fear of abandonment, lack of control, and insecurity are possible meanings. It can be difficult to adjust to a change in relationships after parents are not together. Dreams may indicate unresolved family issues that need to be addressed. You may also experience a conflict within yourself between two different desires or perspectives. In my view, this dream is associated with a relationship that is unhealthy may also indicate your readiness to move on.  What's more, it's important to understand how the dream relates to your current life situation and to its deeper meaning. By understanding the symbolism of the “separated” dream, you can gain insight into how you could improve difficult relationships or gain closure from unresolved emotions.   In my view, your dream may be a message to pay attention to how you are feeling and take steps to create stability in your life. If you are experiencing anxiety or distress related to this dream, it could point to the fact you are feeling a little unstable right now. We all have ups and downs in life remember that you have the power to overcome difficult times.

What does it mean to dream of parents divorcing?

Dreaming of parents divorcing can represent a lack of security and stability in life. Parents in dreams that divorce can be indicative of wanting to feel safe and supported or simply expressing the desire for more independence. It is also possible to have such dreams when experiencing feelings of pressure within the family unit or when attempting to establish one's own identity within the family. A fear of one's parents splitting up or having to choose between them may also be reflected in this dream.

Regardless of how you interpret this dream if you see your parents divorcing in the dream world --- is often seen as a message from your subconscious about finding balance in your life. In order to lead a fulfilling life, it is also crucial to find a healthy balance between cultivating strong relationships and maintaining self-care. The dreams of parents divorcing are often a reminder of the importance of balance in life and to prioritize your own well-being as well as your relationships. It is therefore important to find yourself as a result of this dream.

What does it mean to dream of parents that are younger in your dream?

At times we may just jump the timelines in dreams. Having younger parents in your dream can represent the need for protection and support. Feeling safe and secure may be indicative of the desire for more guidance from those close to you. These dreams can also reflect feelings of being overwhelmed by family pressure or the need to find one's own identity within the family. You may also be afraid of being unable to rely on your parents when you need help, or even say what you really feel.

In my opinion, dreaming of younger parents is often a sign that your subconscious is reminding you to rely on those closest to you for guidance and support. Even if you are an adult, this type of dream can be a powerful reminder to seek the support and comfort of your family.

What does it mean to dream of parental abuse?

We never really want to have this dream, dreaming of parental abuse can mean in my view, feelings of fear and vulnerability. In other words, it may reflect a desire for more security in life or a desire to feel safe. Family dynamics can also play a role in such dreams, as can a need to stand up for oneself in the family. The fear of being overlooked or dismissed, however, may also be reflected in such behavior.

What does it mean to dream of sick parents?

If you dream of your sick parents, you may be worried about their well-being if they are still with us. There is also the possibility that to see your parents sick or in hospital during the dream -- represents unresolved guilt and/or fear. Dreams may serve as reminders to express love, offer support, and make amends if necessary. It is also possible to dream of sick parents as a symbol of emotional dependence on them.

In this dream you may have

  • Run into dead parents in the dream world who has a message of wisdom to help in your waking life.
  • Your live parents respond with words of encouragement in your dream.
  • Your parents showed abuse in the dream world.
  • Witnessed conflict between parents or alternatively struggled against childhood events.
  • A reward for a job well done in your career.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You feel comforted by the wisdom that your parents gave you.
  • You express relief when they are supportive of your work endeavor.
  • You find yourself feeling peaceful because they have given encouragement.
  • You celebrated with your parents.
  • Happy family times.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Uncertainty in work and creative projects.
  • Familial insecurities.
  • Work indiscretions in which you feel worried.
  • Recent sudden death of one or both of your parents.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Parents

Pride. Wisdom. Clarity. Journey. Sacredness. Forward motion. Happiness. Comfort. Nurturing. Celebration. New experiences. Joy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012