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Dreaming of a prophet is a positive dream.

It is associated with you’re your own faith. Often dreams of prophets are ones of conflicting religious views. For example, to dream of Muhammad as a Christian will bring up deep differing feelings, the same as dreaming of Jesus. People of religious value need to find their own meanings to the dream based on their own spiritual guidance and personal beliefs.

Your dream

  • Seen a prophet.
  • Asked a prophet for advice.
  • Sought out a prophet.
  • Witnessed a miracle.
  • Seen a fraud state their powers and find out they were no prophet at all.
  • Claimed to be or truly were a prophet.


  • You help others as a prophet and realize your place in the world.
  • You witness a true miracle.
  • You see a true prophet.
  • You were blessed by a prophet.

Detailed dream meaning

For those that dream of prophets, either as a person in the dream or seeing a prophet in action, is associated with the need for wisdom in waking life. Often dreams of this nature is associated with battles in our own lives. This requires professional counsel such as a lawyer or doctor. Dream of prophets, prophetesses, or seeing the aid of those blessed by God are dreams where you need to realize that your current troubles are beyond repair.

It is now time to seek outside assistance with your problems, ask a friend for advice. There is nothing wrong or to be ashamed of in asking for help. Seeing out a prophet in a dream can indicate a need to seek spiritual guidance. If you are on a spiritual path this dream is common. Understanding your own spirituality is important. Consider ways where you can feel balanced and calm. Seek inner peace by following your own thoughts through meditation. Now is a time in your life that you need to ask for assistance from the divine. Interacting with a prophet in a dream is your own psyche reaching out for assistance from the divine.

Often there is a need for clarity and people that meditate, sometimes it is important to interact with the divine. Dreams of prophets, especially where you are blessed or cleansed by a prophet indicates positive changes ahead. When a prophet speaks to you in a dream there is an often a deeper and prophetic meaning of the words.

Being a prophet in a dream can result in an interesting dream. People often take dreams of being a prophet as being ones where they are blessed. A true prophet is one that realizes that they are merely a vehicle of wisdom and inspiration. Without people to listen and to save or help, a prophet would have no purpose. When you dream of being a prophet, consider the ways in your own life where you are interdependent on others and focus on giving others their due credit. This is often a dream reflecting a mentor. Do you have one in waking life? There is a relationship where you need to be more approving or to use more positive influences on those around you. Sometimes these dreams can also reflect parenting and you need to be more patient or understanding with your children. Areas that might appear in your dream: seeing wise counsel. Going through legal battles. Needing spiritual guidance. Seeking solace or inner peace. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a prophet

Wise. Calm. Collected. Trust. Acceptance. Dismay. Disbelief. Curious. Threatened. Silly. Embarrassed. Conviction. Tested. Resolve. Honor. Peace. Abolished. Clean. Pure. Joy. Wise.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012