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It is a positive sign to dream of a band or musical group playing live music. It usually refers to a good level of spirituality in your life, which brings you a lot of inner peace and contentment.

To see yourself playing in a band foretells harmony on a spiritual and physical level.

You can access this harmony through meditation. If the music played by the band is positive, and you enjoy listening to the sound, this signifies that things in your life are going to run smoothly for quite some time. If however, the music in the band was not pleasant, it can signify that you are going to be searching for answers to questions in the future.

In your dream you may have

  • Played in a band.
  • Seen a band playing music.
  • Encountered a group of musicians on the street.
  • Encountered a band using various instruments.
  • Seen a band singing without any instruments (a cappella).

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were playing in the band.
  • Seeing the band was a positive experience.
  • The music was enjoyable and not overwhelmingly loud.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream of a group of musicians, this indicates the need to work closely with others in a team. This dream also foretells that new goals are on the horizon, and you need to understand what these goals are in order to move on in your life and start a new.

If you dream of an orchestra, it means there is a male influence over you trying to control your life. You have been resisting this control for quite some time. However you must listen to this wise man, as he has some advice that could help in your life by, for example, improving your finances. To dream of a group of musicians on the street, indicates that intellectually you need to consider your character and recognize the events that have brought you to your current position in life.

If you see yourself playing music in a band, it suggests that you should stop suppressing everything about yourself. It is good to express yourself every once in a while. If you see yourself playing a brass instrument in a band indicates that you are vulnerable to the unknown. To dream of a tambourine predicts joyful times in the near future. The dream of a harp indicates that you need to seek more peace and harmony in your life.

If you dream of a guitar playing in a band, there is some dilemma that you have to face in the near future. You are feeling stressed out and are seeking ways to relieve that stress. Therefore, if the music is enjoyable, then this dream is a positive dream that you have found that outlet. If the music is not enjoyable, then you are going to have trouble with this particular dilemma.

Dreaming about yourself being with a group of friends casually playing music means that you are excited to meet some friends from your past. Hearing a band playing outside your house means annoyance at some news that you have recently heard. If the sound of a band playing comes from far away, this is a sign of sadness or frustration.

The sound of a guitar in the distance foretells sadness, while a trumpet means disappointment from someone you trust. A violin is a sign of luck. To play the violin means you will have to confront a compromising and complicated situation, but you will likely succeed. The sound of a fiddle means sadness because of bad news. A band using a piano is a sign that you tend to take risks and you have gained some financial success from this.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a band

Happy. Grateful. Enjoying. Content. Grasping. Loving. Funny. Jolly. Groovy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012