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A band in a dream is associated with music and happy times in life.

A band is a group that plays popular music or military music. They normally perform a wide range of music from orchestral, to the arrangement of jazz, to popular music and military-style marches. They normally play live music and that is what has made them popular. The popularity of the band makes the interpretation of a dream where you saw a band easy to interpret. It brings with it joy, peace and you feel content at heart.


Detailed Dream Interpretation: If in your dream, you are part of a band, it means that you have inner peace which is derived from being content with what you have. You don’t have the desire to  fight for what is truly yours. The band implies in some way failure  has made you have a lack of confidence.

A band in a dream play music ultimately reminds us that through eagerness and strength happiness will prevail. Follow what makes you feel comfortable in life. You are not lustful. This attribute has helped you gain inner peace and the blessings from the almighty because you are pure at heart. Let your friends and family learn from you. Do not be lustful of other people’s wealth. People should be able to thank you for life.

To watch a concert in a dream is associated with loving intelligence.It denotes that you will have a gift of vision and be able to be more inspired by your future activity. If you see friends or family members participating in a band in your dream, it means that they are content with what life has given them. They have inner peace. Why can’t you ask them to help you to reform and be like them? Approach them in your waking life and try to seek their intervention so that you can get more from life. It is important that you become a good person; a person who is happy in life.

To see a poorly performing band indicates a lust for other people’s wealth. Lust is negative because, if not controlled, it can lead to sinful things. To see yourself in a band indicates goals which are unachievable. You might end up falling out with others, stealing or even cheating to get what doesn’t belong to you. To dream, a stranger participates in a band suggests that you struggle to communicate with those people around you.

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There is nobody who has that grace and inner peace like you do. Your deeds are not pleasing to your “higher self” and it is making it impossible for you to achieve set goals. In order to be on the right path in life, you need to make sure that, you are surrounded by positive energy which will give you the grace and inner peace to be content and work at your own pace, to achieve what your friends have achieved. Take one step at a time and you will be as successful as any other person in your circle. Avoid acting in haste because it will just lead you astray and in big trouble.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream: Joy, peace, contentment, blessings, grace, troubled and joyful. In the dream, you may: Have been in the band. A family member has been in the band. Watched a band. Seen a brass band. Went to a concert. Watched a band on television.

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