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Early Morning

Early Morning.

Early morning in a dream is a representation of dawn, the sun rising, and the morning in general.

Morning is a time of rejuvenation, waking up from a night of sleep. This dream can have many different connotations to it and depending on what happens in the dream; this interpretation of it being morning should only be part of your dream understanding. When you see the morning in a dream it can represent the beginning, the first start of something, or a renewed vision on one of the aspects of your life.


In this dream you may have...

  • Been awake during the early morning.
  • Seen the sun rise.
  • Awoke to something in the early morning.
  • Received a call in the early morning.
  • Heard something in your home early in the morning.
  • Went to work early in the morning.
  • Needed to leave early in the morning.
  • Had to wake up in the early morning.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Enjoy the early morning.
  • See a sun rise.

Detailed dream meaning...

When you dream of the early morning, this is a representation of hope and promise to an issue or an area in your life. Seeing the sun rise can represent hope for the future, especially if it is an awe inspiring one.

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The early morning hours in a day is a time to be happy that you are alive. Often this time of day in a dream will represent a difficult time in your life coming to pass. However, sometimes this can also represent the same thing happening day in and day out. When the early morning is just humdrum, consider ways in which your life is dull or boring, where you feel like you are doing the same things over and over again. The early morning in the dream shows there is promise for change, as each day is a new day… however you need to consider the areas of your life that you are not happy with and what you want to have change. Promise will mean nothing if it isn’t acted on.

When the early morning in a dream is cloudy or rainy, this indicates dreams being halted. There are large obstacles in your way to finding happiness. You likely feel run down or stressed in your waking world. That is, unless you like the rain. Some people enjoy a gray early morning and it is in a dream like this that your own feelings about the weather come to play. If you are happy with the rain and you are enjoying a morning to yourself, quiet, and solitude, this can be a dream of reflection and meditation.

Most of the time, when you are doing something in a dream in the early morning it is a sign of getting a jump on something. It’s a positive sign for growth and momentum in your life.

Giving birth in the early morning in a dream is also a good sign for your pregnancy (if you are pregnant) or childbirth.


This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • New beginnings.
  • Childbirth.
  • Releasing yourself from obligations in your life.
  • Ready for change and acceptance in your life.
  • Growth – usually in work or a task at hand.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an early morning…

Serene. Happy. Nostalgic. Tired. Weary. Busy. Patient. Cool. Aloof. Peaceful. Dreamy. Hopeful. Nice. Lovely. Content. Quiet.

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