Dream Of Hair Color

Dream Of Hair Color

Dream Of Hair Color

At times we might dream of our hair color changing. In dreams, it is sometimes strange to see our own hair in a different color hair than we have in real life. If you are here it could be that you dyed your hair in the dream. The first area that I would like to cover is the basic meaning of the hair dream.

Changing hair color in dreams

Hair as an omen in dreams represents our inner strength. Changing hair colors in the dream state can indicate that we want to be someone else. Hair in old spiritual books represents trouble and distress I’m afraid. While hair coloring is a chemical process, a simple understanding that the color in the dream is important. You could have seen hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, chemical dyes or even just seen that you have changed your hair color. 

The actual hair color change is important in a dream. Going blonde in a dream, or seeing yourself have blonde hair when you are normally another color points to the fact that you are wanting to be more focused on yourself right now, if you are in a relationship think about the color of the hair of your partner’s ex - was she blonde? It could suggest that you are feeling insecure. 

To dream of going brown when in real life you are another color can suggest that you need to be more grounded spiritually. If you are dyeing your hair in a dream it can point to many changes in life. I love the confidence of a lady that wears her silver hair with pride, and I love it more when we change our hair color and the intensity of the follicles. If you change to blues, grays, silvers, greens, lavenders, and the like then beware of an overabundance of overdoing things in life. Seeing yourself as a redhead in a dream when you are normally another color can signal passion will enter your life. 

When you are tired in life and feel like hiding you may see your hair as black in a dream. In general, if you see another color in the mirror in a dream when you are something completely different then this can suggest that you need to glam yourself up. 

The style and the color of the hair are representative of the person you truly are. Hair in dreams that is well organized is a reflection of methodical or systematic thinking style. To dream of different colored hair can suggest hysterical or self-critical thoughts but which are controlled, we all go through ups and downs and this hair color can signal that.

A dream where the color or the appearance of the hair changes all the time might mean that you are concerned regarding what others could be thinking or you could be trying to express a version of yourself that is more authentic to the rest.
Dreaming of dyeing your hair is indicative of the need that is in you to change in some certain aspects regarding your personality. The color that you decide to dye your hair with tends to be significant.

Dream meaning of dying hair

When you dye your hair back to its original color, then it denotes your desire of recapturing some aspects of your younger self or it seems that you are interested in some past characteristics. To be able to dye your hair black, could be suggestive of your desire of appearing to be more mysterious to the rest or in an expression inwardly mourning or grieving.
Dyeing your hair red is significant of a desire of igniting more passion in your waking life.  For your hair to be dyed blonde, it is suggestive of being carefree and having fun. Hair is dyed in brown, then it means that you are trying to crave more stability in your life with a desire to feel more grounded.

Dream of healthy hair but a different color

When you happen to see hair in your dream, it is signifying virility, sexual, sensuality, seduction, health, and vanity. It is an indicator of the attitudes which you have. If your hair happens to be shorter than in real life, then it is symbolic of confusion and uncertainty in your life. You might be unable to think straight right now. 

If you dream that you have made drastic changes to your hair or it is totally different, then it is indicative of making a new, drastic approach to certain issues in your waking life.

Dreaming of wearing a wig is suggestive of experience strength loss. You might be feeling that someone is pretending they are someone they are not. On the other hand, you might be reshaping your ambitions and thinking and eliminating unwanted habits and thoughts. 

Dreaming that you are changing another person's hair can suggest the need to, evaluate a new outlook, concept, idea, or way of thinking. You could be placing your thoughts in an orderly manner and getting your facts right daily. An interpretation that is more literal about your appearance and self-image.

When you see long hair in your dream which is another color, it is an indicator that you are thinking carefully and long before you make any decision. You concentrate on your plan or situation. Dreaming of having ombre hair is an implication of the need for your lifestyle downsizes.

Losing part of your hair due to coloring your dream is a sign that you are concerned with the fact of getting older that makes you lose your sex appeal as well as virility. Ask yourself the following: are preoccupied with aging and your current appearance? Loss of hair in parts could also mean that you lack strength and that you don’t seem to have the power of succeeding in any undertaking. You might be feeling vulnerable and weak.

When you have a dream of someone you know changing the hair color, it is indicative of being curious about others. Dreaming of visiting a salon to have highlighted is suggestive of trying to connect with the person spiritually or intellectually. It also refers to protectiveness, sympathy, and fraternal love.

Dreaming of a male with different hair color can suggest freedom of expression of uninhibited feelings. If the male has white or gray hair, then something important has been made known to you. I had this dream once, the man I was in real life had brown hair but in my dream was gray. It could be symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, and insight. The dream could also be linked to a metaphor that is suggestive of feeling light-headed about that man. If you are a man and dream woman you know has different hair colors in a dream can suggest that change is coming in the relationship.

Dream of black hair color change

Ok, let’s look specifically around the hair colors which I touched on briefly above. Raven or black hair is connected to a mysterious person. Dreaming that your hair is dyed black or you have black hair, and then it is indicative of feeling closed off. There are chances that you are covering up your true feelings.

Dream of hair colors such as highlights

Dreaming of highlights is suggestive of something that is heavily weighing on your mind which makes you be confused. Perhaps you could be having a big deal because of a matter that is quite minor. On the other hand, the dream could be referring to concerns regarding the image of yourself in public.

Dream of red hair color change

Blood red or red hair represents excessive or passionate thinking patterns. Some aspects of your personality which is not quite genuine or caring might be the issue here. Red hair might also be a reflection of passion, cheating, lying, anger, or being someone who is not themselves.

Hair that changes to the redhead, orange, carrot top, or ginger in your dream is a representation of a noticeable thinking style or one that is hard not to be noticed. I’m sorry to say, on the negative side orange hair in dreams might be a reflection of being preoccupied with wanting to be more outrageous or noticed in behaviors that are hard to ignore. 

Dream of a hair color disaster

We all have had that disaster at the salon when our hair goes a crazy color. What does this mean in a dream? Darker, greener hair is a representation of thinking patterns that are open to others. Arrogance, jealousy, or preoccupation with feelings. Hair that is lighter green might be a reflection of a progressive, proactive, or focused mindset on healing.
Dream of hair color change purple and blue

Hair that is light purple represents a pattern of thinking which is indifferent and neutral. Dark purple hair is a reflection of a pattern of thinking which focuses on total powerlessness feeling. Nothing that you want tends to happen.  It could also be a sign of uncaring and dark thinking patterns.

Hair that is light blue represents patterns for thinking that are positive. It might reflect sensitivity. When the hair in your dream is dark blue, it represents cold or insensitive patterns of thinking. Hair that is black in dreams is a representation of thinking which is imbalanced. Dark, negative, depressed, or excessive thoughts and can also be a representation of a mindset that is fearful. White hair is symbolic of thinking patterns that are balanced. Unhealthy or negative beliefs are being cleansed at the moment. It could be a sign of positive change or self-improvement with white hair representing good intentions.

Now that we have begun to get a sense of the colors that can change its time to consider other strange dreams that involve hair color. Dreaming that you are wearing hairs of someone else (such as a wig or someone else's hairstyle) could represent your style or thought of thinking which is based on feelings, qualities, or memories that stand out about someone else. It might be a reflection of a style that is similar to thinking to that particular person.

A dream where your hair is wet might be a sign that you are feeling embarrassed or worried due to the problems of someone else.  Dreaming of your hair is covered in hair dye spray could denote frustrations, annoyances, or situations that are undesirable that you feel stuck to, feeling unable to stop thinking concerning something annoying.

To dream of gold hair can suggest financial gain. Being preoccupied with situations that are quite serious and have a feeling that at the moment, there is no joking around. Dreaming of hair that is destroyed due to coloring can indicate that you may face a crisis in life.

If you see a lady who has green hair in your dream this can denote feeling jealous. When you wake up, you could find that you are quite worried that your ex-girlfriend of your boyfriend was a better lover and more attractive than you are and it might make you think about it for quite a while.

In a dream, hair color is a representation of longevity and money. If a strand of hair is tied by a rich person on a bun of their dream, it denotes an increase of their wealth and growth of business based on a mortgage or a business loan. If one can see their straight hair curled or frizzed in a dream, it could denote that they are going to be honored and if the hair is frizzed straight in the dream, it denotes that they will suffer loss in rank or humiliation. If someone with lanky and straight hair sees it in a manner that is longer than usual in the dream, it could be that money that belongs to someone else where they work will be wasted, distributed, or lost.  If the hair is lanky and soft and still looks longer than normal, it could be that the authority of their manager will expand and their interest will diversify.

Looking at the texture of the hair is important. The hair in the dream being curly could mean honor, power, and praises that will come from your superiors. Straight hair for a woman in the dream means that there are going to benefit especially if she happens to use a wig or hairpieces to be part of the makeup. Women who receive benefits from having to braid hair in a dream and it denotes investing money or saving it.

If a woman sees themselves having a hair bun in the dream, it is a sign of protection and respect that is inspired by a personality that is quite strong. The actual hairstyles can alter the meaning accordingly. Having to shave your hair in the dream (if that is your head) or under your armpits in a dream, is a sign of paying your debts, having to dispel distress, or following good hygiene. It could be you are mastering the craft when you dream about braiding your hair.

Shaving hair while on pilgrimage or during the pilgrimage season is all about protection and safety in real life. Hair shortening or having to remove the hair which is unwanted is all about having to dispel stress or being coerced into having to pay your debts. In case you see yourself in the dream having light brown hair in a dream, it is a sign that you are going to face major calamities. If you are unhappy and you see yourself covered in hair in the dream, it is a sign of aggravation of your unhappiness and it is time for mindfulness.

Seeing other people with strange hair colors in a dream

Hair that is black of a woman is a representation that the husband loves her. If you are a woman and you see yourself putting on a veil or a headpiece in your dream, it is a sign of a journey that will take your husband away from you for some time or a journey from which he might not come back.  If you see that people are looking at your hair and you are a woman, it is a sign that, as a woman, you are going to suffer defamation and slander.

If you see hair that is permed in your dream, it is a sign that you will reconnect with your lost family. if you have thicker or longer hair, and if you wish in your dream to have it when you wake up, it is a sign that you are likely going to attain your goals, prosper, and pay your debts.

Change of thickness of hair in a dream

If the thickness or length of your hair is an uncommon one, and if you have a feeling that no offense of walking with it while on the streets in your dream, it denotes distress, debts, and the inability to be able to take care of your family. Having boy-style hair (when you are a girl) in your dream could also mean adversities and naughtiness.

Long and thick hair in a dream could be an indication of problems with work that will resolve themselves it could be a representation of fearing wrongdoing or having to think about a very important person or a representation of common daily concerns. A dream where you have less hair is a sign of diminishing difficulties. 

If you can see someone pulling your hair out in your dream, it means that you are likely to face a financial disaster. If as a woman you see your hair strand being cut, it denotes having a fight with your husband or it could denote someone trying to encourage your husband to look for another woman.

If you are a man and you see yourself grooming your hair and it is another color than in real life can suggest you will be hearing praises. Delousing your hair in the dream has to discover your faults.

If there is hair growing on your face where there is normally no hair, then that is debts. If you see hair growing that is another color it might be an indicator that you are going to benefit from a certain business venture. Hair growing over your tongue or having a hairy chest in your dreams is a sign of clarity, wisdom, or diligence, except if it is growing beyond control then it could be indicative of stress, adversities, debts, sorrows, and much more negativity.

If you see hair appear on your body and it is a strange color this is a sign that you are likely to lose all your savings. I hope you enjoyed this dream meaning. Blessings.

By Florance Saul
Apr 9, 2021