Water Painting

Water Painting

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Watercolors are a kind of paint medium in which pigment is dissolved in a water-soluble material.

To use the paints, artists add water. Artists have to be adept at controlling the amount of water and the amount of paint applied to the paper in order to achieve the desired image. Watercolors paintings are distinctive because they have a translucent quality. Painting in dreams signifies emotional expression. Water is associated with creativity, emotional well-being, and new endeavors. As a consequence, dreaming of painting with watercolors indicates an intense emotional expression that has deep significance for the dreamer.

Detailed dream meaning

To dream of painting with watercolors indicates that you are seeking balance, harmony or clarity in your emotional expression. You may have recently experienced some life-altering event like birth, marriage, buying a house, or moving that has prompted a need for introspection and emotional growth. The colors that you use in your painting and how they make you feel are indications of your feelings about the changes that you are experiencing.

To dream of preparing watercolors for use signifies you are not yet prepared to express your feelings to others or you have yet to determine how you feel. You may be experiencing some crisis of faith which leaves you reluctant to truly engage your emotions. Similarly, leaving a watercolor painting unfinished in a dream suggests that you have run out of inspiration and maybe feeling blocked creatively. You may also feel disengaged from your inner self and have lost touch with your source of emotional clarity.

Dreaming of painting with water without color implies that while you feel ready to convey how you feel emotionally, you are so caught up in feeling that you are unable to actually express yourself. You may have an expectation that others should know how you are feeling and respond appropriately without your having to be responsible for making your needs known. If colors appear on the page when you paint by water as in the case of a child's paint by water book, then it signifies that while you are unaware of your emotional state, it is quite clear to the people around you.

To dream of painting with a child's watercolor kit can have two separate meanings? On the one hand, it may mean that you lack emotional maturity and are ill-equipped to form mature bonds with the people around you. On the other hand, it could mean that you approach the world with child-like innocence. In the latter case, you must guard against being manipulated by others or becoming involved in controlling love relationships. Dreaming of finger-painting with watercolors denotes an unconventional approach to self-expression.

Dreaming of looking at watercolor paintings in a museum or gallery signifies that you need to take some time and review the events in your life and how you feel about them. It also indicates that you feel as though you have nothing to hide and readily reveal details about yourself and your emotional condition to the people around you. Depending on the content of the paintings, however, you may be providing people with more information than they desire.

Dreaming of painting a self-portrait with watercolors signifies you view yourself as a work in progress and are willing analyze your choices critically in order to achieve emotional balance. The link between your unconscious and conscious minds and how they forge you as a person is evident to you. Interpreting the meaning of dreams in which you are mixing watercolor paints together to create new colors depends on the colors you create and how you feel about them. It implies that you are growing emotionally and are willing to use the wisdom that you have gained from your past and apply that to new situations.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Having an argument.
  • Being in therapy.
  • A controlling relationship.
  • A new project at work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a water painting

Harmony. Clarity. Joy. Creativity. Introspective. Innocence. Manipulativeness. Self-Expression. Contemplativeness. Introversion. Reflectiveness. Elation. Pride. Delight.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012