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So you had a dream of advertisements? Wondering what it means? To dream of advertisements shows that it is time for you to make sure that you know your future goals. There is a need to test you against others. Yes, I know does not sound good right!

If you are aware of an advert and its slogan, then you must look into the dream deeper - what does the slogan mean? Try to remember the words. My name is Flo and I am a psychic if you have not visited my site before. Welcome and I am glad you are here. Right, back to the dream of the advertisements! If someone or a company that you know is advertising themselves in the dream then this indicates they can help you in some way. An advertisement on the television shows that it is important to not put on an act in a certain situation. An advertisement in a newspaper suggests that it is time to understand how your own actions affect other people and you do not necessarily know about when you upset people. It is important to make sure that you consider your actions before you make a decision.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you remember any of the specific wordings on the advertisement in the dream, then it is important to make sure you can be upfront about activities with someone, and take note of the words within the advert. This dream is also an indication that you need to look at your own actions and ask the following: Are you an unusually persevering and persistent person? Or do you sometimes find it difficult to stick to the job until it is done? The reason for these questions is that this dream is focused upon how you conduct yourself in the waking life. To dream that you work in marketing or advertising means that you will invariably find a new supply of energy, a "second wind". This will enable you to forge ahead with a freshness and vigor that is surprising to you. To dream of creating an ad in your dream is an indication that creative ideas are going to come through over the next few weeks.

To dream of placing a classified advert in your dream is associated with tedious hours of persevering with a project, which seems like a fruitless effort. Instead of being exhausted by its long hours of persistent endeavor, you need to think about what this brings you. To dream that you write advertising reports means that you will get some good news. To place a classified advertisement in a newspaper is a positive sign. If the advert has black borders, then this is a sign that you may receive bad news.

A radio advertisement suggests that you are overwhelmed by worries. A television advertisement means you are nervous, angry, and make stupid mistakes. Too much advertising indicates changes coming into your life. To dream that you influence the public opinion on a topic through an advertising campaign means that some people will not trust you. Reading an advertisement in a newspaper is the omen of an important discovery. Placing an ad in the newspaper suggest a change in a situation. If the add is about a marriage, it means you will find someone to help you with your current problem. If the add is an obituary, this indicates that you have moments of physical and psychical weakness. If the add announces a birth, you will go through a waiting period that will end successfully. To place an advert for a lost pet indicates happy and calm times are predicted. Well, thank you for reading this page and don't forget to check out your tarot reading. We have many different tarots that are free and I am sure if you scroll down you will find my direct link. Anyway, come back soon and blessings. Flo

In your dream you may have

  • Heard a radio advertisement.
  • Seen a television advertisement.
  • Seen a road advertisement.
  • Seen lots of advertisements.
  • You read an advertisement in the newspaper.
  • You work in advertising.
  • You create an ad.
  • You place an ad.
  • You read or placed a marriage ad.
  • You read or placed an obituary.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The advertisement was positive in nature.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Advertisement

Jolly. Happy. Grateful. Surprised. Happy. Enjoying. Worried. Content. Sad.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012