Debit Card Dream Meaning

Debit card dream meanings

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Debit cards in dreams can indicate your inner values that you place on what you can make in life from a material perspective.

Generally, a plastic card a debit card is also referred to as a bank card, check card or ATM card. It basically allows one to withdraw money or pay for goods. A debit card in a dream is associated with your hidden resources. The dream of using a debit card can indicate your hidden energy and also your traditional outlook in life.

Spiritual meaning of a debit card in a dream

Looking back in history the Egyptians and the Greeks believed dreams had a distinct connection with our own inner spirit. It is possible to ascribe significance to the debit card found in the dream. Spiritually, this dream is connected with money and how you earn money but also spend it at the same time. Moving onto more details about what occurred in the dream let's give a breakdown of what this dream means.

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Detailed dream meaning of a debit card

Debit card fraud is increasing in across the world, therefore, it is not uncommon to dream of having your debit card stolen. To encounter financial criminals in the dream indicates you will detect or uncover something in life before it will spiral out of control. This is normally in relation to spending or a career. You may see a number of ways the debit card was featured in a dream, the good news is overall the debit card suggests obtaining money.

Using a debit card in your dream

To dream of using a debit card in a dream either in a shop, restaurant, to buy petrol, or online represents the capability to achieve success in life. Plastic money in dreams (debit cards) reflects how strong you approach matters in life. It can also indicate your character and inner self-worth. To see American Express in a dream illustrates the hidden charm that you feel about others. A visa card has the same meaning as the main debit card. To apply for a charge back in a dream signifies someone will cheat you in life. To sign for an item or see others put their pin in revels that you will recognize other people's weaknesses.

Positively, a debit card that is successfully used in a dream indicates having the ability, and chances to progress in life. To dream of using a debit card in an ATM machine indicates valuable advice from another. To check the balance of your account in a dream, through using a debit card indicates continued growth and being competent. Obstacles are being eliminated in life if you dream of cutting a debit card in half. To see an expired debit card indicates fresh opportunities in life. Tools, or ability to do anything that you desire. To dream of getting a debit card retained or eaten by the ATM machine reflects feelings of losing something in life. If the debit card is declined the dream is connected to hidden problems in life.

Pin number in a dream

To forget your pin number in a dream can suggest problems and you will not remember things that are important. To use your pin number denotes the ability to win in a difficult situation. To see your own signature on a debit card is associated with worry, power, resources, or chance. You might not have want to admit to something in life but you must.

Debit card is stolen or lost in a dream

Negatively, debit cards can also reflect adverse scenarios if they are stolen or used without your consent in a dream. You may encounter a relative that is what is known as “hard to conquer”, or career opportunities which are being wasted.

Losing a debit card in a dream represents feelings of reduced self-worth, worry, low self-confidence, or not feeling at ease in life. To see someone else lose a debit card indicates that you wish for a more simple life. Try to understand what it is you want and look for ways to make it happen.

To be robbed of your debit card represents negative thinking patterns or scenarios where someone close can negatively affect your confidence. It suggests hidden capacity, or emotional hurdles.

Leaving debit card in shop in the dream

To leave a debit card in a shop by accident suggests money in your life represents insight. Being financially free will be on the cards if you find a debit card in a dream. To be given a debit card symbolizes insights, optimistic thinking patterns or life scenarios that improve your confidence. Feeling that others are assisting you with your objectives.

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By Florance Saul
Sep 22, 2017