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Dead Body

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Have you woken up worried about a dead body appearing in your dream? Oh no... I hear you say!

A dead body is seen in a dream usually represents regret, nostalgia, disappearance, broken relationships, and mistrust in love - more importantly - CHANGE! Don't worry...all is not lost! First of all don’t worry it was only a dream afterall. But what does the dead body represent? Firstly, death featured in a dream is associated with transformation. Something needs your attention in life, I believe this is connected to your own expression in life whether this is a new job, home truth coming to the surface, alternatively it can suggest that you need to be honest with yourself in order to perform well in life. I have bolded all the key dream meanings below so just scroll down to find your dream.

A dead body in many ancient dream dictionaries denotes ill-health and bad luck. I have read thousands of dream dictionaries over the years and most meanings focus on misfortune. But is this a true representation of what the dead body means in a dream? In our modern world the dead body can represent aspects of your life that are going to soon change. It is connected to the death card in the tarot deck. You can find a deeper meaning if you visit our tarot page on death by clicking here.

What is the general dream interpretation of a dead body?

Now, the first thing I need to say is “please don’t take this dream literally!” As we’ve already concluded a dead body represents transformation but rather than focus on the actual loss of life try to embrace change and improve things for the better. Dreaming of a dead body or a corpse is often connected to your happiness and how you approach to change. Unfortunately, this dream indicates possible difficult times ahead. The horror and worry with which we entertain when we encounter death in our dream show that we have uncertainty for the future.

What does it mean to dream of a murdered dead body?

Now, I feel that a dead murdered corpse appears in a dream when you need to undertake a transformation, there may be some disturbing situations that you are going to encounter or possibly you are going to fail in some aspect of your life. From all my research this dream is a positive omen. After all, after death, only success can come. You must remember that, especially if the dream was unpleasant! There can be feelings of loss due to unforeseen consequences if the dead body is lying in front of you in a dream.

What does hiding a dead body in a dream mean?

Death in any forms in the dream state implies that you are changing. If you are hiding a dead body in a dream this can indicate you are trying to hide away from something important in life. Are you trying to hide away your feelings? Maybe even your beliefs? The hiding of a dead body can also represent your future wishes. Maybe you have experienced a loss recently and were looking to change, or that you fear change? This is when fear comes to play. A dead body in the dream definitely represents that there have been many different aspects of your life that blocked your personal vision and how you can get through difficult patches in life.

What does it mean to bury a dead body in a dream?

This is a creepy dream, especially if you could see yourself digging a grave in your dream state. The positive news is that to handle a dead body in a dream indicates only positive changes. The other meaning, in ancient dream dictionaries, indicate his dream like this happens when you feel left out of a situation. This could be associated with work or alternatively a family conflict. You are trying to hide your emotions away from others. There is some positive aspects we need to take from this dream - in that after the death itself comes change. This dream from a symbolic point of view denotes a new beginning.

What does it mean to dream of seeing the body in water?

This can be a rather concerning dream, the water itself indicates our emotions and life. To see a dead body floating on the top of the water in your dream illustrates that it is time to relax you are feeling somewhat burnt out in life. There is only so much we can do, something is working against you might be better just to give up and start again. Think about your own mental health and try to get a better work-life balance!

What does it mean to see a dead body on the street or in a crime scene?

If you see a body on the street in a dream this can suggest that you have some issues with your self-development. To see a crime or murder scene in a dream, and consequently, a dead body appears normally implies that something has reached the end of its life-cycle.

To dream of more than one dead body foretells that you will be cheated in some way by people, and to stop this you need to find sincere friends. Seeing dead people means that you are influenced by negative ones in your waking life and you do not stay around those that have a positive influence on you. You could undergo material loss. It could also be a signal that you should end your worries about a dead person.

Here are some older dream meanings from 1930s books on what a dead body means in a dream:

If you notice a large number of dead bodies in your dream this can suggest you need to let go of the past and not stop the forthcoming change. If you dream of seeing your own dead body this suggests new beginnings and also transformation. To see a number of dead people in your dream indicates you need to unleash your true potential in life. In every dream, we need to look at the symbolic interpretation of life. Dead bodies mean that we do not continue in life anymore and this is really a suppressed emotion on a subconscious level that you wish for transformation and a new start. If you see yourself in a room with many dead corpses this can apply that something will end. So it’s not all misery and be thankful change is on its way! To speak to a dead body indicates a mind with innumerable apprehensions and suspicions. The dream can include negative business prospects and sorrowful tidings. To some degree, this may also lead to a number of money problems in the future. To see a dead baby normally indicates that something is likely to disrupt in your life. If you see a dead body dressed in black, there is going to be some desperation in trying to save a business arrangement.

If you dream of a person that died a long time ago, it means that a current situation or a relationship reminds you of that person’s qualities. If you see your parents die and you are speaking to them in the dream then this can reflect your fear of losing them or the fear of not coping with their loss. A dead brother or relative in waking life but alive in your dream suggests that you miss this person and that you are trying to resurrect the time you spent with them. If you witness a dead body of a relative or a family member, this can signify problems in a domestic relationship.

If you dream that your partner is dead and you see his or her body, then this is a sure sign that your partner in the waking life is not able to keep promises. If you are a woman and see an unknown dead body this dream denotes a loss of confidence due to other people putting you down. If you only see the head of a dead body, it is a warning that you have enemies around you. You will likely experience an unsettled period of time in regard to your work life.

If in your dream you witness a war and you see dead bodies, this generally represents possible conflicts between two countries in the future. Seeing dead people in your dream warns that one may be in the wrong circle of people in waking life. However, dead people can also suggest that you will receive good news from living people in waking life.

A dead body being buried means parting with a relative. If in your dream you are speaking to a dead person, or you are taking a dead body out of your house, you will have some material gain. A bad-smelling dead body means you will encounter disgust in your waking life. If in your dream you are dressing a dead person, this is a bad sign, and it could refer to death, envy, or troubles in general. These dreams are all rather old interpretations, but take them and apply to your dream. Contact me if you want to understand what your dream means and I would love to understand more, below I have outlined some quick dream meanings of a dead body if your dream is not covered in the above article. Now scroll down for more dream meanings.

  • Seen the dead body of an unknown person = bad luck.
  • Seen the dead body of a person you know = review the relationship with this person.
  • Encountered the dead body of an animal = a bright tomorrow.
  • Smelled a bad-smelling corpse in a dream = don’t rely on others.
  • Seen several dead bodies = Multiple bodies indicate possible arguments or conflicts in the future.
  • Seen a dead relative = This suggests that someone will turn to for advice.
  • Seen your dead parents or siblings = Try to improve the relationship of people that you see in the dream.
  • Seen a dead baby = problems will occur in life.
  • Encountered a dead body dressed in black = only trust your own instincts.
  • Seen dead bodies in a war = People will turn to you in their hour of need.
  • Had a dead body in your house = We will try to cleanse yourself in a difficult situation family.
  • Seen only the head of a dead body = Seeing only the head of the double your dream indicates you need to try to educate yourself.
  • Seen a dead body being buried = content and happy times are on the horizon.
  • Spoken with the dead = other people will give you advice going forward.
  • Dressed or made up a dead person = Try not to hide behind a screen false promises.
  • Seen an old dead person = wisdom is yours.
  • Encountered a dead priest = religious celebrations.

Who am I and how can I help?

Firstly, thank you for reading my website and it is fantastic you have found me. It is only polite as we got this far that I introduce myself my name is Flo. I am a psychic from England and have been studying the spiritual and academic meaning of dreams for twenty years. Yes, that is a long time. And during that time I have been contacted by thousands of you with reoccurring dreams of dead bodies, which I can honestly say a quarter of these dreams being rather frightening! Lucid dreams of seeing dead bodies can shake you up in the morning, so don’t worry if you are still feeling rather fragile. Like you, I have experienced many dreams of dead bodies and I completely understand why you have searched for the meaning of this creepy dream so thank you for visiting my website and I hope you liked the dream meaning.

A weird dream about a dead body!

Now, before I go I am going to tell you a creepy story. Normally, a dream of a dead body can alarm one in the morning. Especially if the dead body happens to be someone that is close to you or unfortunately someone that you love. I wanted to share something that happened to me which is creepy. There was a guy I use to work with many years ago, In fact, I was only twenty years old at the time. I worked for an international engineering company in a graduate job, a stuffy old-fashioned office and the whole job was rather boring. Now my boss, called Peter was one of those guys who was down to earth. Not much upstairs, but professional, no insight into people or how to handle situations, but he was fun to work with. He never really approached things correctly, he just utilized what he had around him and made decisions based on gut instinct. But looking back I am older, I think Peter lost direction in life, he deserved so much more than that job.

One day he came to work and stood at the front of the office to “announce” he had experienced a dream of seeing a dead body with maggots protruding from the skeleton’s eyes! Well..the whole office went quiet. You could hear a pin drop. I am still, to this day not sure why he would share this private information with the twenty people in the office, it was a truly “The Office” comedy moment. There is also something important about my little memory. These were the days before the internet, in fact, people still smoked in the office. In terms of dream interpretation, I relied on a few books or magazines. Oh, yes, I am showing my age now! Anyway, I will get to the point of this.

Shortly after this dream, the company announced redundancies and Peter were the first to go. I later found out a few weeks later that his partner of two years left him. At the time I remember thinking poor Peter!

Seven years after this, I had moved companies and left Peter as a “distant memory.” Then one day when I was shopping at the local supermarket, the day I bumped into him! He actually recognized me and we started chatting. “Tell me, Peter” I queried what have you been up to all these years. Peter then said Mmmmm. My breath stopped hoping he had got himself another job. Peter then commenced to tell me, he had started a printing business, within six months of leaving the engineering company he had doubled his salary, he then said he had secured a corporate account worth millions. Additionally, he told me that and a year after all the misfortune happened he had met the love of his life, surprisingly Peter was planning to marry her. I must say, I was somewhat curious if the dream of the dead body resulted in this massive “watershed” change, so I seized the chance to ask him some questions about the dream. Peter forgot about the dream of the dead body, he said that his life changed for the better. So, even though he experienced misfortune, in the end, things worked out for Peter. I hope I got my point across and you know that in the face of misfortune things will get better, yes this is a true story. Maybe you will encounter a change like Peter. This dream could be a spiritual nudge to move life in the right direction!

What does a dead body in a dream mean?

When you have dreams about dead bodies, it could be a representation of something within you which is completely dead yet you are still holding onto it. This normally, in my experience is an emotion. Maybe you are unable to bury it and move on with your life. Alternatively, a dead body could denote your feeling dead inside by being unable to express any emotion. Generally, a dead body is a sign of depression. Remember a dead body is a body without life and can denote lack of motivation or loss of enthusiasm for a certain aspect of your life. It could be an indication that you no longer have a passion for your work or you are no longer in love with your romantic partner and it is this void which is causing a depression in your life. Alternatively, the dream could be an indicator that, you don’t have the ability to take action. You could be knowing the source of your sadness or problem, but you have this feeling that, you are inadequate. Or you can be outrightly in denial mode and you don’t want to do something about your situation due to the fact that, you are not ready for the consequences.

Corpse dream meaning?

A corpse dream meaning could be representing a side of your own personality. Dead bodies in dreams are worrying, I know it might be a shock to see a corpse in your dream. The feelings and situations in which are experienced and associated with your dream after seeing the corpse will bring out which type of action or direction you will take with the dream. On a positive note, the dream about a corpse could represent that aspect of you which were negative or situations which you have successfully confronted and gotten rid of. Maybe you can stand your ground or resisted influences which were negative. On the negative front, a corpse in dreams could be symbolizing positive aspects in you which have been eroded by negative situations or emotions. You could have done a mistake which has turned your life upside down and made it unbearable. Are you going through feelings of permanently losing out on something? This could be a relationship and you think that there is nothing left you can do to salvage the situation.

What does autopsy mean in a dream?

If we turn to the history of the “autopsy” this dream is associated with the medical world. The Egyptian historian known as Manetho, started an autopsy around about 4000 BC. The autopsy can present itself in our dreams. This could be an inspection of human organs such as liver, brain or body parts. I feel, from the comments that of your dreams - from Facebook that this this can be quite a disconcerting dream. To dream of human dissections can suggest someone is trying to remove something from you, it is generally a symbolic dream. We’ve often seen on television live autopsies in regards to teaching and case reports. There is however a decline in autopsy rates. The role of the clinical pathologists has somewhat changed and to dream of being the pathologist indicates a new start in life. The dream itself could entail laboratory tests, surgeries or endoscopies. All of these endeavours in dreams indicates — as I already mentioned you feel that something is missing from your life. In order to define the dream post-mortem examination needs to be looked at as a way of identifying issues with the sole, this is from the spiritual perspective. An autopsy is normally performed to find out the cause of death to someone. So if you are performing an autopsy or observing someone else perform this in your dream - then you should ask yourself what it is that has come to an end in your life and what are you thinking concerning it. If it is a relationship or an issue, what are the lessons that you have learned about it? If someone else is performing an autopsy on you during the dream - then you will have to ask yourself what it is that has ended in your life recently and if there is someone who is obstructing you in anyway. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you need to take an evaluation of yourself in order to learn a lesson from situations and issues in your life. On a positive note, an autopsy represents a careful evaluation of the consequences of your actions. You could be trying to understand the root cause of a problem or coming to terms with a failure that happened and that is a good idea. From there, your life will move on and you will gather some lessons so that you don’t repeat the same in future. An autopsy “dream” could mean that you are looking at something in you which has died or something which is hidden and you want it to come out. You are trying to figure out a way out of it. It could mean a release of emotions which trigger otherwise controlled feelings.

What does it mean to have an autopsy carried out by yourself in a dream?

The dream of an autopsy carried out in a dream as you watch suggests your inability or unwillingness put something behind your back. It is a dream which is trying to remind you of something that happened in your past and which you must face and tackle once and for all.Alternatively, it could mean that you are lonely or you are about to go through a period which you feel lonely and isolated from others. To dream of killing someone then cutting up body parts - could mean you will experience major financial problems and thus, you should take this dream as a warning and prepare yourself for challenging times ahead.

What does it mean to see other people having an autopsy?

This dream represents something negative from your past which you thought was dead and buried or at the least, forgotten. This is now coming back to you and haunting you. You need to handle it and make sure, this time around, you are done with it completely.

What does it mean to dream of being cut open in an autopsy?

A dream of being cut open in an autopsy represents nostalgia. You could feel you are belonging or yearning for someone or something from your past. There is something in your current life which could have triggered the feeling or reminded you of an earlier period in your life or a characteristic which you lost in the past. You could be feeling a little cynical or jaded due to what you have gone through and you could do anything humanly possible to make sure that you rekindle your hopeful and optimistic side.

Positive changes are afoot if:

You did not know the person to whom the dead body belonged. The dead body did not belong to a real dead person. The dead body was of an animal that tried to harm you.


Carl Jung, the psychology of the archetype, M. Eliade, Images, and symbols: studies in religious symbols, All about dreams (1851) unpublished paper by TK Glides Freud and dream meanings.

Positive changes are afoot if:

You did not know the person to whom the dead body belonged. The dead body did not belong to a real dead person. The dead body was of an animal that tried to harm you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a dead body:

Afraid. Confused. Alone. Controlled. Wild. Betrayed. Sad. Disgusted. Longing.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012