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Nugget Dreams, or any kind of dream which includes sparkling metal symbolizes the abundance of the Universe and a potential receiving of a great many gifts as well as opportunity in the present time and it is an omen of positive tidings in your very near future.

Golden Nugget dreams tend to express the masculine energy of the metal.

In this dream you may have...

  • Found a Nugget in your dream which made you feel happy
  • Found a Nugget and hid it from others for fear that they might steal it.
  • Dug deep in the Earth to find a Nugget making you feel stressed.
  • Dug Deep in the Earth to find a Nugget making you feel excited.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The Nugget you found in your dream was Gold, symbolizing the Masculine energy of drive and forward motion. This means that you will be gifted with an opportunity to take action on a business matter on your behalf.
  • The Nugget you found in your dream was Silver, symbolizing the Feminine energy of understanding and compassion, this means that you will be gifted with the opportunity to think a situation through, to talk it out, and a hard situation will turn gentle.
  • The Nugget you found in your dream was a part of a treasure which you found symbolizing financial abundance on its way.
  • The Nugget that you found initially made you feel greedy but eventually you gave bits and pieces away over to others, symbolizing your inevitable desire to not be controlled by another substance.
  • Charity was a part of your Nugget Dream, and then you are ready to move forward on the evolutionary wisdom path for those who are willing to help their fellow man.

Detailed dream meaning...

For Men: Nugget Dreams are symbolic for men of conquering something which has been challenging for them, this is usually illustrates a fear of lack which is being put in the past and will no longer be a problem. It is inevitable for many men to feel concerned about being an appropriate provider because of societal standards which are set up for them, so having a dream with a Precious Metal Nugget is one which will offer relief to the man who carries this heavy burden on his shoulders.

For Women: Nugget Dreams are symbolic for women of finding that special gift which has been bestowed on them by the Universe. This is also a sign of taking action for the woman, when she would otherwise allow for a certain passivity, now is the time, especially if the Nugget was gold, to pursue that financial abundance which will soon make itself apparent.

For All: When a person has dreamt of gold, this means that there are riches beyond their imagination entering into their experience. They are going to feel much freer in the coming time and all of their hearts desires are on the precipice of discovery. This is also representative of golden light and fortune, of the ability to see beauty in all things and to gather importance from everything.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Financial abundance, the coming of security and stability within arena of the home and hearth.
  • A random investment is going to fall in your lap, or an investment which has been giving much pause is going to bear great fruit.
  • A gift, or new tiding is on its way, this can sometimes represent a new birth both in a business venture or in an addition to the family.
  • Nugget Dreams are symbolic getting what you want when you want it, the Gods have blessed your request for help.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of nuggets...

Exhilaration. Excited. Shock. Relief. Possessiveness. Gratitude. Guidance. Heavenly Support.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012