Hair Dream Meanings

Hair Dream Meaning

Just like hair in the dream, you must keep growing. You have the power to change your life. Every daffodil starts with a bulb and eventually will transform into that beautiful yellow flower. Like hair, we decide how long or how much we want it to grow. If the hair dream was changing hairstyles or color --- then the spiritual message is --- when something breaks, be thankful for what you have. I'd like to share with you that all hair dreams have a powerful spiritual message of change, power, and growth. I'm sure you agree with me that in order to change how you think --- you must first change your mindset.

The hair dream is telling you that you can develop your skills and intelligence through hard work, good strategies, and taking care of yourself, which is a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a belief in yourself. Do you believe in yourself? The hair dream is about believing in yourself and staying focused on your goals. The dream is saying: You got this!

I'd like to remind you as well, a great haircut can give us the confidence we need to tackle anything that comes our way. It can help us feel more attractive and stylish. It can even make us feel more empowered and in control of our lives. This is what the dream is all about. Make sure you grow into who you need to be! I'm glad you had this dream, it signifies that you are growing. Hair is one of the most important symbols of your identity. Our hair has a beginning, middle, and of course an ending --- just like our life. The question here is how do you enable growth at each of these stages?

What does a hair dream mean spiritually?

All hair dreams are reflections of our innermost thoughts and emotions and can be a powerful tool for self-expression. I am sure that you will agree with me that when we feel confident and happy about our hair, it shows in our attitude and confidence. In contrast, not feeling good about our hair can negatively affect our mood and self-esteem.

The right haircut can make us feel amazing like we can take on the world. It can give us the boost of confidence we need to shine, but a bad hairday, on the other hand, can make us feel self-conscious and unsure of ourselves. Think about how you felt in the dream and I am sure this will give a clue to what feelings you need to address in life. What haircut was featured in your dream?

Your hair dream is also a reflection of your personality. A wild and crazy hairstyle might show that we need to be more fun-loving and outgoing, while a more conservative style might indicate that we're more serious and reserved. Our hair is an essential part of who we are --- that is the clear message of this dream.

The "hair" dream is a representation of your own self, on a deeper level. Do you feel desirable? Long hair can mean you are feeling you need more attention. Seeing yourself with a full head of lush long hair is a positive omen indicating that you need some sort of stimulation but that you are ready to take on the world.

What is the meaning of dreaming of hair?

Hair is generally a powerful symbol spiritually. Why? If we turn to the biblical meaning of hair then in the bible Samson (Judge 16) indicates that hair is associated with a loss of power. This could be yourself or someone close. Loss of strength can also be connected to your own inner thoughts about life. The hair itself is a manifestation of how we control our lives. We often see the hair itself as a representation of our own identity in life. The dream is about a new sense of being honest, open, and even your own approach to life. For nearly two decades I have been studying your dreams from both a psychological and spiritual perspective so please take the time to scroll down to find your dream meaning.

Why did you dream of hair?

Often hair in a dream indicates health, vanity, and seducing someone and is symbolic of untangling life’s problems. And did you know, normal women spend on average $6k a year on hair. You had a dream about hair because hair is an external representation of your personality and identity. Hairstyles are often connected to our own identity life. So to dream of your hair being frizzy, grey, falling out or even bald can be quite a powerful dream! In my research hair is often connected to how we decide to be persistent no matter what problems we face. There is a message here. You decide what relationships you have in your life. Your mind and your perspective on life will decide the way. If you have noticed your views about yourself changing recently then this can be the reason why you dreamed of your hair.

What do dreams of hair loss mean?

To dream of losing your hair is connected to a situation that is not in your control. Yes, split ends and dry hair aren’t the only horrors that we suffer on a daily basis, it is sometimes very hard to manage our hair. Therefore, the dream of losing hair in clumps can be psychologically traumatizing. To be suffering from alopecia areata in real life and to dream of losing their hair is quite common. It is just a reflection of your subconscious mind. I am also sorry you are suffering from this in real life.

Hair dreams are often associated with vanity. Significantly, dreaming of long hair can illustrate male sexuality. If you are going bald this could suggest that you might have issues with self-esteem. In order to understand the dream deeper, it is important to look at the psychological side of why you had a dream of hair. In order to decode this, I will turn to the famous dream psychologists Freud.

What did Sigmund Freud say about dreams about hair?

Freud believed that losing hair was connected to anxieties of getting older. Facial hair can also indicate the spiritual context of vitality. To see a white-haired person in a dream indicates that you will need wisdom going forward. If you see your hair is being cut then this can suggest you are feeling a lack of motivation, perhaps you feel that somebody try to silence you for whatever reason. If you dream of shaving the head or legs then this can indicate the truth will come out in the end.

To blow-dry, your hair illustrates that you do not want to let somebody down in life. Cutting of hair can also represent that you wish to conform the society. In ancient times hair was generally cut to suggest that one must conform. For example, hair was shaved in the army and also in convicts. Fuzzy or flyaway hair denotes tough times emotionally. Yes, a lot of meanings I have given you. But let’s expand on some of these.

What does it mean to lose your hair in your dream?

Losing your hair in the dream symbolizes that you feel a sense of restriction. As our hair is associated with internal self-esteem it can indicate that you do not have the cover to hide away your thoughts in waking life. it can often indicate anxiety in life, and this is especially elevated if you dream of being bald.

What does red hair in a dream mean?

Red hair in a dream can be associated with many different symbolisms. I can remember I had a dream of seeing a woman walking down the street with red hair. I seized the opportunity while in the lucid dream to inquire why her hair was red. She did reply that red indicates passion. I can also remember seeing her reddish auburn hair turn white. Dream psychology literature states that red symbolizes our powerful resources in life. It shows what can be accomplished with personal resources. Seeing a person with red hair in your dream could indicate that it is time to focus on your passions in life.

What do bugs mean in your hair?

Ugh. Seeing bugs or spiders in your hair indicates that you may be focused on an issue that does not require your full attention. The real shocker here is if you were frightened about what was in your hair. In my view, this is connected to control in your life and that you need to follow your own goals in order to focus on your ambitions.

What does it mean to pluck hair in a dream?

Plucking hair can be quite painful, it can suggest in a dream that you need to gain control in your life. Maybe your life is taking a different path and this dream relates to your ambitions in life. Plucking your eyebrows in a dream is common. This can indicate that you have been trying to impress others and you need a new work environment.

What does long hair mean in a dream?

Long hair is connected to our freedom in life. If we look at Lady Godiva’s naked ride through Coventry covered in long hair we can understand the true meaning. In life long hair has become a symbol of freedom, open and carefree attitude. Long hair is connected to our own characteristics, this dream incorporates the aspects of yourself. In my opinion, the fact is that this dream represents completion. Not surprisingly, this dream reaffirms that you are in the right place right now. Symbolically long hair indicates that you are headed in the right direction.

What does it mean to dream of someone cutting your hair?

This dream can be a simple reflection of your own anxieties in life. Many people contacted me about other people cutting their hair off and the fact that the dream resulted in a nightmare. As hair symbolizes us growing and developing. So, cutting hair can indicate an aspect of yourself or a problem that you are anxious about. It can often be connected to a situation where nothing is working the way that you wanted it to! Um, yeah, that might be because your hair is being cut off in your dream right?

What does it mean for washing your hair in a dream?

Dreaming of washing your hair or somebody else washing your hair indicates your hindering a blockage in your own personal growth. Sometimes you might be hesitant to find the real things in life, remember is that you and that you need to heal from any trauma and you are working towards a new approach to problems.

What does it mean for hair to grow on your head in dreams?

If you see your hair growing in a dream, this indicates you are desperate to keep things the way they are. You have approached problems in the wrong way and things in a relationship have not been right for a long time. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will break up! It can just be that you need to reassess and evaluate your relationships.

What does it mean for hair to grow fast in dreams?

So, don’t we just wish our hair will suddenly grow really fast! Well, this dream represents the unification of two people. Interestingly, from a spiritual perspective, it is the bringing together of both the masculine or feminine qualities. It could also mean a possible new relationship or liberation in the future. Now, long hair denotes power, beauty, and freedom which can often be associated with the symbolism of a new love affair. Lucky you!

What is the dream meaning of blonde hair?

So you had a dream of a “blonde crowning glory?” this can often be associated with how you are feeling in life. As yellow is connected spiritually to happiness it can suggest that you will undertake a happy social occasion in the future. Blonde hair also symbolizes the transformation for the better, if you dream of a beautiful person with blonde hair it can suggest that you’re undergoing a phase of spiritual enlightenment. If you are blonde in waking life and have this dream it symbolizes your inner changes and the fact that fears and anxieties will diminish in life.

In my opinion, blonde hair equals a fantastic dream. You might be meticulously documenting everything in life, in your mind, in order to improve and focus on your ultimate goals. If you encounter blonde-haired women in your dream this is a positive omen. To dye your hair blonde in the dream indicates that you must be prepared for a big event in the future. The ultimate goal is to be able to survive anything in life.

What does it mean to dream of curly hair?

Curly hair in dreams indicates freedom of choice in life. So do you really have curly hair in real life? If so, this dream has no real meaning is just a symbol of an image of yourself that has been transmitted into the dream state. This is of course if you dream of your own curls. To see another beautiful woman with curly hair in a dream illustrates that you will feel overwhelmed for a period of time.

There will be an important and happy event in the near future. Curly hair also indicates that somebody may try to date you. Yes, things will become much more complicated in love! While the beauty rules change, curly hair is sometimes fashionable, sometimes not! To dream of having a perm illustrates that you should take on a different approach to life and perhaps schedule an appointment with a stylist!

What does it mean to dream of straightening hair?

Straightening hair is something of modern practice. When I was a young girl I had extremely curly hair and unfortunately, straighteners weren’t even invented. This obviously made it very difficult to get my hair straight. I can remember going to the hair salon and having my hair wrapped in rollers in order to try and ensure that my hair was straight as I could get! Obviously, we haven’t got any of that in this day and age - it's just a case of switching on those GHDs. Straightening hair in dreams I believe is an omen of the fact you are trying to change your appearance. It can often be associated with an objective in life you have been lusting after.

What is the dream meaning of hair falling out in clumps?

Oh no! What a nightmare. There is nothing worse than dreaming of your hair falling out, especially in clumps. If your hair is falling out in a dream this indicates that it is time to focus on your own inner strengths.

What does it mean to color your hair in your dream?

If you experimented with different hair colors in your dream this is connected to your own identity and life. Hair colors are associated with how we feel about ourselves, changes, and the spiritual connection that we have with our own inner child. Changing your hair color in a dream in many ancient psychic dream dictionaries indicates that you are trying to change part of yourself. Can you relate to this?

Perhaps you noticed you had an ombre, bleach, or brown or you were taking a peek down the hair color aisle of a store. Now, the meaning is still the same. Coloring your hair in a dream, or if the color of your hair changes indicates that you are trying to change your identity. I'll preface this by saying that to see your hair change to white color symbolizes that you will learn a lot in life and overcome anything in the next few months. Oh yes, there will be challenges you are going to take these on. If your hair is healthy then this can indicate that your identity will be challenged.

What is the dream meaning of braiding hair?

Sometimes you can’t go online without seeing people’s hair is braided. The trend comes and goes. From the dream psychologist's point of view, an external image may have been the reason for this dream. Maybe you could see somebody on the television with braided hair. Now, I believe that braided hair illustrates your needs in life. Braids are quite spiritual in nature. They can be worn by either sex and there is a connection with spirit.

The braid spiritually indicates a long journey. Braids can be simple or complicated in a dream. Fishtail, Chinese staircase or waterfall. Hair weaving and braiding have become much more prominent with the Internet. There are many different YouTube videos of how to braid hair. Braiding does look beautiful and indicates that you will take your insecure feelings and project them positively. Even if you have short hair in real life to the dream of plaits indicates that other people will turn to you for advice.

What does it mean to dream hair is in your mouth?

Yuck! to experience hair in your mouth during the dream could just simply be the fact that your hair actually entered your mouth while you were sleeping. Alternatively, if you don’t have long hair it can suggest you are trying to connect with others in some way finding it a difficult struggle. Spiritually, this dream means you must try to understand your own beliefs in life and any changes that will come about you must just grab!

What does it mean to dream of wet hair?

There are many different reasons why you would dream of wet hair. It could possibly be that you are washing your hair in the dream, alternatively, you are swimming in your hair is wet. Wet hair from a spiritual perspective indicates you are trying to wash something away in life. Perhaps the wet hair made you feel cold? If we go back to the basic meaning of hair it is a representation of not only our identity but also spiritually our power and goals in life. Therefore, if you dream that you have wet hair this can be associated with the fact you are trying to change the way you approach things in life. If you took a shower in your dream and wash your hair then this can signify that you are trying to spiritually cleanse yourself.

What does it mean to dream of gray hair?

In ancient psychic dream books that I have read gray hair indicates wisdom and skill. Obviously in our modern world gray hair is become rather fashionable. It could just mean that you have seen an image of somebody with gray hair in waking life - either passing them by in the street alternatively seeing an image of a grey-haired person on television.

Dream psychologists such as Carl Jung believed that our dreams are symbols of the subconscious mind. Inherently, images that we see in daily life affect our dreams. In my view, if you see yourself suddenly turn gray it can just indicate that you would like more direction spiritually and also the fact you have gained wisdom in life! The advice I give to those of you that contact me about the dream of gray hair, remember it is an illustration of the fact there are certain lessons that we have learned in life that are spiritual.

What does white hair mean in dreams?

In order to understand the dream of white hair, we need to turn to the spiritual meaning of the color white. White symbolizes purification, goodness, and also balance. Seeing somebody with white hair can also represent a female or male who is quite cool and cold-hearted, in your waking life. If you yourself had white hair then this dream can indicate spiritually you will be growing in the future. The color white is also connected to feeling pure and complete, it equals balance.

If in your dream you suddenly had white hair it can signify that you are going to be open to the creativity going forward white also indicates cleansing in life. See others with white hair can suggest that you will succeed in life. Remember that in your dreams hair can symbolize your thoughts, knowledge, and reasoning processes. White or gray hair represents age and wisdom, and body hair may symbolize protection and warmth.

What does a beard mean in a dream?

A beard in a dream can suggest You are looking to expand your identity in the future. The beard can also represent that you are outgrowing things in life. Perhaps it’s time to try new things? After all, a dream of hair represents strength and prosperity. Samson's hair was the source of his strength and virility. When interpreting this dream, make attempts to identify the color of the beard. Normally, According to many dream psychologists dreaming of a beard can be an image that you have seen in daily life. Try to connect it to a situation in your daily life. To dream of long hair means physical and spiritual strength.

What does short hair mean in a dream?

Short hair in a dream is a symbol of change. In my opinion, short hair can also be related to changing parts of yourself and the protection of others. You must start thinking about being more focused on your own goals in life. It can mean that you are feeling free to express your own opinions in life. I have had over the years experienced many dreams of short hair. Generally, in waking life my hair is quite long, it is shoulder-length. When I have a dream of short hair I know that I need to understand and listen to other people’s opinions. The fact that my hair represents my identity, if it is short then there is work to be done “identity” wise.

What does it mean to dream of styling your hair?

Styling your hair can include many different tools and processes. Perhaps you just saw your hair in a ponytail. You loaded up on dry shampoo, or you could see yourself using a hairdryer in the dream. In daily life our hair is styled daily - yes, for women hair is somewhat hard to maintain. Hair can come in different types of textures, whether that is fine or coarse hair. As women, we also have a daily styling routine. What does it mean to dream of using various implements in order to style your hair?

Firstly, using a hairdryer from a spiritual perspective indicates that you are trying to remove the negative part of your identity. This is because your hair itself represents you and your characteristics. If you dream of using hairspray then it indicates that you are going to encounter a sticky situation in life. To dream of using hair gel if you are a man can suggest that other people are going to turn to you for advice. If your hair was brushed back from your head then this can suggest that somebody is going to turn to you for advice. For your hair to be tied up into a high or low burn in a dream illustrates that you are feeling depressed. To brush or comb your hair indicates a new start in life. This covers the same meaning of the hairdryer, in that you are trying to identify and remove negative traits in your life.

What does it mean to wear hair extensions or a wig in your dream?

False hair in a dream can often be associated with encountering false people who are waking life. If we look at dream psychology, both Jung and Freud believed that dreams are based on images from our waking life. It could just be that you have seen somebody wearing a wig or alternatively wearing hair extensions in real life - this resulted in your dream. What is quite mysterious about the dream, from the spiritual context is the fact that false hair denotes false people around you. To see a cascade of false hair on your own head in a dream indicates a situation that may result in seduction.

What does it mean to dream of brown hair?

Brown hair in dreams, in my opinion, is associated with your own inner beliefs. To see brown hair on someone else can imply that you should be positive in the future and according to older dream books this dream is a lucky omen. There are many different shades of brown. From a societal sense, Brown has also been associated with being rather boring (I am a brunette). If you noticed that you are a brown-headed person in your dream when your hair is normally another color then this dream can indicate the intellectual personality traits you hold in the waking world. Obviously, brown hair is popular in Asia and Africa. I also want to share this with you. There was a lady that visited a nightclub and she changed her hair every time. She went from red, to blonde and finally brunette. Interestingly, she was approached by most men when she had brunette color hair. Brunette women are generally attractive hard workers. I am going to quickly mention the spiritual meaning of brown hair.

Brown from a spiritual perspective is associated with our earthly properties in life. In dreams, brown-haired people can indicate protection, sustainability, and also the responsibility of life. Brown hair normally occurs in a dream when there is going to be needed for good friends and strong security going forward. If you yourself had brown hair in the dream then this can indicate that you will gain material possessions. Brown is a wonderful color and in psychology, it is connected to our honesty. From a dream psychological point of view the question I will ask you: has your honesty been challenged recently? Brown hair is also associated with materialistic patterns in life and brown hair can be connected to elegance, organization, and perfection.

What does black hair in a dream mean?

If in your dream that your hair is black then this can suggest that you need to be stronger in life. Black hair from a dream psychologist's viewpoint illustrates that the dream itself is connected to the organization. Interestingly, dream psychologists never really believed that the color of the hair was all that important. So what does this dream mean spiritually? This dream indicates that you may feel that you are worried about areas of your life. Often black is connected to depression. If you had a dream about black hair don’t worry! I don’t believe this is particularly bad for you. I do however believe that you are trying to convince yourself to do things that perhaps you are not happy about. Many dream books I have read indicate that black hair is associated with dark angels. This means that you are afraid to progress in life due to negative influences. I don't really believe this.

In my opinion, to dream of a black-headed person illustrates that you can overcome anything in life. Throughout my life, I have had various psychic experiences. One of these experiences I saw a woman with black hair leave her partner but I could not see her face. I had an uncontrollable feeling I had to have one of my friends who surprisingly had long straight black hair. When I rang her the day after my dream she just left her husband! Yes, creepy!

What is the general dream interpretation of seeing hair in a dream from the 1930s?

I am going to suddenly throw lots of dream meanings at you. Try to take your time to get your head around them. These are in no particular order but I found all these interpretations in a private subscription library in England. If you are on your way to the hairdresser or combing your hair in a dream this is connected to a negative attitude that you have towards life. It is time to start being more positive.

To have your haircut at a salon indicates that you are trying to create new situations in your life. If you are cutting someone else's hair, you fear losing control in the future. If you do not have any hair, or you are bald it indicates that your intelligence will come into question, and it is up to you to prove to people that you are clever. Lots of hair on a head means richness. Cutting your hair is a sign of running around with no results or gambling losses. Cut hair also means agitation.

To dream of being hairy means that you need to think about what is important to you. To dye your hair in your dream indicates your need to think about the future and act upon positive advice. Dreaming of a wig tells you there are false friends around you at the moment. It is important to not let people put you down. To dream of going to the hairdresser means that people are processing spiritual data, and are looking at your beliefs and whether or not you violated them.

To dream that you are curling your hair means you will find a way to solve your problems. Curling somebody else’s hair, such as a person of the opposite sex tells that you will soon solve your love problems. If the person is of the same sex as you, a friend will ask you to help out with a problem. To dream that you wash your hair means you will be lucky in a new situation. If a girl dreams of her colored hair it indicates that she will be popular with men, but if a man dreams he colored his hair means he will be put in uncomfortable situations.

White hair symbolizes joy, pleasure, and delight. Long white hair is a sign of fornication, pleasure, and big regrets, while short white hair means dignity and trust. Whitened hair tells that your physical powers are about to lessen. Ahhh.The hair on fire means benefits. Rich hair refers to fears, sorrows, and difficulties. Falling hair means loss. Blond hair in your dream indicates that you have to accept an unpleasant job, while brown hair refers to honesty and a change in your luck.

Falling hair means loss. If in your dream the hair is being cut and it falls, this indicates worries and prejudice. Growing hair foretells a choice or restlessness. If the hair is growing fast this is a sign of protection from someone. Clean hair means superficiality. A woman’s hair predicts that things will not work very well for you. In conclusion, this is a lot of information that I have found in various dream books, look below for the sources. Let’s move on to specifics:

  • Encountered white hair = happiness in life.
  • Had your hair caught on fire = this indicates problems in life.
  • Seen blond, brown or black hair = there are issues with someone close to you.
  • Seen falling hair = can indicate illness or problems.
  • Cut your hair = you need to progress in life.
  • Grown out your hair = Elements of your life going to grow and you will be rich.
  • Seen clean or dirty hair = a symbol of trying to cleanse yourself in the future.
  • Seen a man or woman’s hair = seeing hairy dreamers connected to our inner vitality.
  • Seen well-groomed or messy hair = well-groomed hair illustrates emotional problems. Messy hair indicates times of change.
  • Seen long or short hair = long hair illustrates how we project ourselves in life and is a positive omen. Short hair symbolizes emotional affairs.
  • Brushed your hair = brushing your hair indicates that you are allowing others to take over.
  • Messed up your hair = To mess up your hair in a dream indicates a new start in life.


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Positive changes are afoot if

You find a new, pleasant hairstyle. You cut your hair and are pleased with the result. Someone close to you changes her hairstyle.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of hair

Beautiful. Handsome. Content. Impressed. Satisfied. Upset. Surprised.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012