Spider dream

Spider Dream Meaning

It’s frightening to see a spider in a dream (unless it’s friendly of course) it is about feelings, and you need to dig deep and review your "female" relationships -- are they all working? Is someone annoying you? Let me tell you, once you have had this dream deceit might brush your life and the advice is to stand up for your rights. Of course, as one of the most popular dreams ever the spider dream is iconic, strange, creepy, and just weird.

As a spiritual symbol, the spider represents motherhood, especially in dreams. Freud views it as a symbol for 'the phallic mom, of whom are we afraid' (Freud’s own words). In my view, the image of a spider in a dream is a form of deceit in waking life. You can communicate with the spider by holding it in your mind, and asking it questions.

Is the dream about a spider good or bad?

The imagery of a spider during a dream can trigger our emotions and feelings of anxiety. Sigmund Freud the famous dream psychologist in the 1900s believed that a “spider” is a symbol of the phallic mother. The phallic mother is a mother who has masculine tendencies. Spiritually, spider dreams are a warning normally around a female in your life. If you have been having difficulty with a female then it is common to see this symbol in your dream.

Spiders belong to a group of animals known as arthropods, in dreams, the spider can denote the following: a web of lies, trust is being challenged, something is worrying you, and the feeling of being trapped. As spiders do not have skeletons or bones and weave webs it can suggest that you are feeling entangled in life by something that is unseen. This relates to a job, financial worries, or problems in life.

  • I have already touched on the fact that if you see a spider in a dream it often indicates that you are struggling with a female in waking life. The most basic dream interpretation is that this is a reminder that you had stressful times in the past and it is now time to move on. Maybe you have been blinkered by a situation or person and thought they are someone they are not. We all want to think the best in someone and the spider dream can often mean that we are not seeing the true picture.
  • A spider crawling in a dream can incite a powerful spiritual force in trying to shield you, this dream is about protection. 
  • Spider webs represent lies and being tangled in a situation (such as a clingy relationship), this is also a symbol of creativity. The spider has a lot of patience as it weaves its web and waits for its prey. If you dream about a spider, there is a chance that you have that spirit of patience in you. It could be a sign that you will need perseverance in a project or at least show the great ideas that you have.
  • The larger the spider the more significant this is in life.
  • A spider chasing you can suggest that you are controlling a situation.
  • To be bitten by a spider indicates a conflict with a mother or mother figure in life.
  • The spider can be a metaphor for female power or mothers and entrapment. Specifically, if you are feeling trapped in life right now.
  • In ancient dictionaries, the spider in dreams is a lucky omen (see book sources at the end of this article).
  • To suddenly see a spider appear in a dream without warning indicates that you must pay attention to unfolding events around you. Try to make the most out of them! If you dream about a spider crawling on you or your family, it signifies that you are facing adversity are this is affecting your life negatively. It could also imply that a certain aspect of your life, including your projects or work ethic, is being affected by those people around you. If you are not frightened when dreaming about a spider, it can foretell that you are helpless in the face of potential danger.
  • A spider chasing you in a dream represents your desire and freedom in life, particularly if the spider was pursuing you! In dreams, we sometimes call upon certain memories in waking life. 
  • If you are a woman and you have a dream of a spider, it indicates that you need to be conscious of the objective people around you at the moment.
  • If you are a man and dream of a spider it can indicate a female presence in your life that could not be healthy. 

What does it mean when you dream about spiders?

Did this dream give you the heebie-jeebies? Spiders in dreams are common. From a spiritual perspective, spiders are often connected to possible deceit or that your emotions are currently running high. In order to decode this dream, I am going to first look at Sigmund Freud and his analysis of what spiders mean in a dream. 

The dream of a spider can be rather powerful, and sometimes not incoherent. For now, let’s clear the path to better understand how the spider was portrayed in your dream. Spiders have been on this planet for almost 300 million years and in total there are 40,000 species. If you suffer from arachnophobia in real life then the origins of the dream can be associated with your own fear.

Spiders represent fears in life

To dream of seeing a spider indicates you may have anxieties about life. This is truly a fear-type dream, perhaps you are concerned about a situation in waking life and feeling trapped. This dream is normally connected to emotional complexities.

On the positive side, the dream of a spider means that creativity is your weapon to move on in life. Maybe you are starting to feel trapped in your job or a relationship. The second interpretation is feeling that you are stepping away from a situation that has been difficult in the past and that you have the power and force in order to mold your behavior towards others. Risks are also associated with the meaning of this dream. Therefore, you have been asked by the spirit to think about the risks that you take in life, and thus before you jump into a decision think a lot more carefully. The spider is often seen as a symbol of worry, and fear, and difficulties in life. This could naturally be the reason you are dreaming of spiders, often I have seen this dream appear from a spiritual perspective because it is time to protect yourself.

Spiders in dreams represent being aware of females in your life

Ancient dream meanings suggest that you need to be aware of others, as people who dislike you or your enemies are creating a sinister web of plans around you. This could lead to a certain twist in your life that might result in negative events - that you will have little or no control. So, be careful your peace could be compromised and impacted.

Often times, when we’re faced with seemingly out-of-control situations or major decisions, the female figures in our lives can have a huge impact on what choices we end up making. As such, dreaming about spiders could just show that influences affects our behavior.

For example, last weekend my good intentions were met by strong opposition from one particular woman who had been very close to me since childhood. It was difficult for me to choose between my own desires or to keep quite and avoid getting friend-dumped -- but ultimately it was her wise guidance which made me understand the importance of weighing both sides before taking action. I think it is safe to say that dreaming about spiders represents being aware of not only ourselves but also those around us -- especially women -- whose opinions can shape ours actions significantly if not more so than our own thoughts sometimes do. 

What is the biblical meaning of a spider in a dream?

According to Proverbs 30:28, the spider takes hold of the hands and is found in the king's palaces. The spider is somewhat hardworking from a spiritual perspective. The biblical meaning of a spider is connected to the shadow of our mind. In your life, a spider portrays the vision that God has placed in your hands; many spiritual books denote that a spider allows us to accomplish excellent work. Spiders in the Bible is connected to perseverance, hard work, patience, feminine energy, fate, and a brighter tomorrow. As you succeed in doing smaller things, God will entrust you with bigger things. In the spiritual totem, a spider represents a teacher of power.

Its symbolic meaning has both positive and negative meanings. So when you see a spider in your dream, as a symbol of creativity, a spider is credited for being behind weaving webs which are a miracle of organic engineering. If you see it as a spiritual guide in your dream, the spider is communicating that you hold an affinity with the ability to create intricate, delicate things or ideas in the real world. It symbolizes the creative spirit, and thus represents feminine energy. In ancient Egypt, the spider was used to represent the Divine Mother Neith. It is considered a symbol of the creator of the world by American Indian tribes. If you dream of a spider and you are looking for success and abundance in your life then I believe this is going to come true because the personal vibration frequency is rejuvenated by the spider. Spiritually, your energy frequency will be raised.

What do spider webs mean in your dream?

Spider's often squeezed liquid in order to make silk, the spider itself can produce either sticky alternatively dry silk. Seeing spider's web in a dream connects to the feeling that you feel stuck in a situation. As a spider’s web is thirty times thinner than hair It can often represent the fact that you cannot actually see the situation in front of you. Spiders often use silk to make not only eggs which mean they wish to grow something in life but the web to capture prey. This is quite interesting in the dream as it can mean that you will launch yourself, rather like a spider into a web of deceit! If you see a spider building its web in your dream, this shows that you are going to craft something in life - that will enable you to be content and happy in all situations in your life. A spider weaves three types of web. Commonly we associate spiders with what is known as the orb web. This is the web that is very similar to the shape of a wheel. To see this type of web in a dream indicates that events are likely to happen quickly.

Just be alert in life, you don’t want to be trapped in a difficult situation that keeps repeating itself. If you see a “sheet” web which is basically a horizontal spider's web it can indicate that you need to focus on lines of communication in order to survive. Finally, the funnel web seen in a dream is rather interesting. This indicates that you will enter a path and there will be a problem at the end. Just like the fact the spider will jump out at the bottom of the funnel to eat its prey. To see cobwebs in a dream - which are essentially abandoned spiderwebs can suggest that you are focused on moving forward in life no matter what but you may abandon your plans.

What does it mean to kill a spider in a dream?

If you kill a spider this dream signifies that you are able to work yourself through the feeling of being trapped. This dream is often associated with the metaphor of being trapped. If you kill multiple spiders, this dream means that you are likely to encounter some difficult times ahead. There is an area of your life that has proven to be complex and difficult, and it is now time to better understand your own intentions so that you can grow and move on in your work life. Spiders also represent protection in spiritual terms. There are many Christian traditions that identify the web is also a unit of protection. For example, a spider spun a web at an entrance of a cave in the bible. In this respect killing a spider could mean that you are killing your own protection from something in your life.

What does it mean to dream of spiders crawling on you?

Spiders themselves use their sense of touch in order to feel their surroundings, they heavily rely on the vibrations that alert them to any dangers in life. Now, this is quite interesting as when we are interpreting the dream of spiders crawling on our bodies we need to look at how the spider acts to understand the meaning. If we turn this dream around a spider crawling on you in the dream can usually indicate that there is a hidden vibrational danger in waking life - yes, this is something you should be aware of. if you are dreaming of spiders falling on your head, perhaps in different directions this can suggest that you are relying on the advice of a close family member. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that seeing spiders crawling on you can also suggest that you are lacking information. This is connected to the fact that the hairs on a spider are connected to their own nervous system which provides information on how they move.

What does it mean to dream of a spider running away from you?

If you dream of a spider running away from you, then you are going to approach your job with careful precision, and it is important to be positive in your work situations. As the spider is a symbol of deceit the dream could indicate that you are running away from a situation where you are going to be worried or someone may be deceitful. 

The spider chasing you may mean something more positive: determination! Afterall, spiders display tenacity as they build their webs with consistency and precision while never giving up despite obstacles or threats along the way—this is something anyone can relate to when feeling grateful yet determined despite feeling overwhelmed during times of hardship. We see our own strength mirrored back at us through these incredible creatures’ grace and courage—and sometimes even inspiration!

What does it mean to see a big spider in your dream?

To dream of a big spider is associated with conflict or some female that is taking over your life. If you dream of a frightening spider, this means you need to connect to your inner self and discover the answers in order to overcome a problem. I've already covered what a giant spider means but if the spider is bigger than your "average" species of house spider this naturally means that this dream could be related to current anxieties you’re facing, such as feeling friend-dumped or facing challenges at work or school. Large spiders often pop up feeling vulnerable or powerless, so seeing one could signify that you feel no control over certain aspects of your life right now. 

On a more positive note, spiders can also represent being resourceful and determined in order to face obstacles head-on. After all, spiders are known for their ability to weave intricate webs with remarkable speed despite their small size - it’s an impressive feat which requires a lot of patience and dedication. Seeing a big spider might mean that although you're dealing with difficult circumstances right now and there is someone around you who is not to be trusted, reamin grateful for what lies ahead; it could also be your subconscious telling you that no matter what comes your way -- whether it's good news or bad news -- you'll have the determination to overcome any obstacle through hard work and resilience. In short, having seen a large spider in your dream could potentially signify both fear and strength - two seemingly contradictory traits which together demonstrate a hopefulness for overcoming current difficulties while staying mindful about potential risks along the way.  By remaining aware of both these emotions within yourself during times of uncertainty ,you will come out stronger than ever before.

What does it mean for a spider to chase you in a dream?

If you were being chased by a spider, then this dream demonstrates the end of innocence, and you need to start growing up as you are facing situations in an immature manner. You are trying to run from responsibility.

What does it mean to keep a spider as a pet in a dream?

If in your dream the spider is a domestic pet, this indicates that events in the past are likely to close a door. This event within your life, which could be a new job offering new possibilities, will return to your life. You are going to take on a new project that will take over your spare time and you are happy to do so.

What does it mean to dream of reoccurring spiders?

To keep dreaming of spiders over and over again can indicate that you are feeling threatened by something, maybe feeling a sense of deceit - this could be from a problem or even a person. The point I'm making is that we all know deep down in the heart that we often need to confront our own problems, needs, struggles, and weaknesses it could mean that it's time to confront ourselves about the challenges within.

I've seen people who have been through so much in their lives and I'm amazed that they are still alive and living. Many people are often faced with depression and to keep having spider dreams means whereby despite all odds you have to fight and hold on. Confronting your own fears is the first step in this process. Look at yourself in the mirror, there is always a problem behind another problem.

What does it mean to dream of a jumping spider?

The jumping spider is normally found in tropical forests, deserts, and also mountains. In total there are around 5k different types of jumping spiders. The color of the spider varies. In dreams, the jumping spider can suggest that you will have insight into a problem. Why? Because the jumping spider is a great hunter and has fantastic eyesight. The jumping spider can also propel 40 times their height. Spiritually, this dream denotes that you will encounter some great times in the future and really get what you can from life. The jumping spider in dreams can also indicate that you are no longer as ambitious as you used to be. Are you are settling for less? It is probably due to the passive nature that you have developed.

To see a spider jumping out of a car symbolizes adversaries or enemies which are present in your life. These people may be spreading gossip - which is likely to affect your social life or your quality of relationships. If you want to jump-start your career and improve your lifestyle in general, you will need to up your game. For a spider to jump on your face in the dream indicates you need to become more observant and proactive towards anyone who seems to come between you and your success.

What does it mean if the spider bites you in a dream?

Not all spiders have poison, but every spider has fangs. To be bitten by a spider in a dream indicates you are feeling threatened by someone in your waking life. If the spider was venomous in the dream then this can indicate you are hungry to prove yourself in life.

What does it mean to have nightmares featuring spiders?

It is a sign that you are being manipulated. It could be that you are in fact manipulator or you are being manipulated by someone close to you. In general, people tend to fear spiders known as arachnophobia - and this is what makes spiders in your dream turn into nightmares! It could also imply that you have concerns in your life about how your future or how your plans will shape out. If in the nightmare you see spiders biting you, this is possibly a suggestion that you have emotional wounds either from your present life or your past. There have been reports scientifically that mosquito bites in real life have resulted in the “spider bite” dream.

What does it mean to dream of a poisonous spider?

Seeing a dangerous spider such as the Black Window, Sydney Funnel Web or the Brazilian wandering spider, who both carry poisons strong enough to kill then can indicate you will feel paralyzed by a difficult situation in life. Even if things seem difficult you still need to find strength and overcome the negative times. But if the spider bites you and injects poison it is an indicator that misfortunes are on their way. The dangers are real, and you need to be on guard and protect against any negativity lurking in the background, ready to hit you at any time.

What does it mean to dream of rescuing a spider?

Generally, dreaming of rescuing a spider represents something within yourself that you need to develop in order to survive. It could mean that you need to develop a skin thicker than crepe paper so you don’t get hurt by the inevitable trials and tribulations of life -- or peoples words. It may also represent the need to learn how to call out an imposter or identify when someone is not treating you fairly or properly.

Sometimes this dream could represent feeling regretful after not following through with something because if it had been done right, it would have lead to some type of great future outcome - something like losing out on a potential job opportunity where your career path. Another interpretation behind this dream is related more towards nightmares-type dreams; where there’s fear associated with being unable to save someone or something, especially from yourself. 

In most cases it may point to the fact you feel you need to "rescue" people in life. And, to help the spider by trying to trap it under glass can just be a reflection of your hidden emotions. The glass is about reflecting any casual haters or people who appear to be friends but secretly don't speak well of you. This dream is saying, you have self-control, especially if you see yourself letting the spider go. 

What does it mean to dream of spiders everywhere?

It represents a conflict with one of your female acquaintances; it could even be a female coworker or female boss. It is a metaphor for devouring female power to entrapment and possess. If you see spiders creeping all over the floor it could suggest that you are feeling worried about your present relationship. Maybe things are just not working out. If the spiders concentrate on attacking your hands and legs, it is a reminder of the possible conflict that has happened in the past.

What does it mean to dream of spiders hanging over your head in a dream?

It is a sign that you are being controlled by a female who is rather controlling and overbearing. It could be a mother, spouse, stepmother, or even a female boss who is always on your case and micromanages you. In turn, it is causing a degree of anxiety or stress. For a male, the domineering female, a spider hanging over your head may represent a feeling of pressure from associates or that you are worried about society in general. It is this pressure that is infringing on your ability to express yourself or your freedom to express your opinions or thoughts freely.

What does it mean to be trapped in a spider's web in a dream?

If you are the one who is the spider spinning the web, it makes it possible for you to reap where you sow. It could be that you are handling complicated projects which involve interconnection pieces. If the web is entangling you, it is an indicator that, you are feeling trapped or entangled in a clingy or sticky relationship. If you see yourself cleaning spider webs, it denotes that you need to work hard to remove yourself from the physical and emotional entanglements. I have discussed the general meaning of a spider's webs above, but if you see your children “caught” in a spider's web during a dream it signifies that your hard work is about to be rewarded. You might be rewarded for your dedication, or if you are employed, you might just be recognized for your achievement in difficult tasks.

What does it mean to be attacked by a spider in a dream?

If you dream that a spider is attacking you it means that you are under attack from a domineering female figure. If the spider is under your skin, it can indicate that you are finding it difficult to communicate with a female. If the spider attacks you and perhaps jumps on your face or touches your eyes and nose, it is an indicator that, there is a female figure that has overshadowed you and is preventing you from expressing yourself freely.

What does it mean to dream of being eaten by a spider?

Dreaming of being eaten by a spider indicates that you are feeling trapped by material possessions according to my ancient dream dictionaries. In our society, there is a presumption that great wealth is the key to a happy lifestyle.

This is quite interesting because many millionaires often struggle to enjoy their lives. Some people even use wealth to destroy others. There is a clear divine connection that takes place when it comes to wealth, if you are eaten by a spider it can often signify that somebody is trying to steal your wealth or destroy you.

It is important that you remain fully capable and able in the situations in waking life regardless of the circumstances of your resources. There's something I wish to share with you after having this dream. Oil companies don't only oil and gas resources of the earth even though they make money from mining. Dreaming of being eaten by a spider may suggest that you feel you're being eaten by others from a subconscious perspective. It's important for you to understand how you create your own creativity and ability to progress in life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing multiple large spiders?

I've given an overview above of a giant spider. If you see yourself being surrounded by a number of large spiders in a dream or if the large spider is attacking you, it is an indicator that, you are thinking about career growth and progression in life. If the spider is huge but harmless in a dream-like a wolf spider or Huntsman wooden spider, it is a sign that you have powerful friends who are always there for you in times of trouble and misfortunes.

The point I'm making is that we all know deep down in our hearts that we often need to confront our own fears, problems, needs, struggles, and weaknesses. Seeing multiple large spiders crawling around could mean that it's time to confront ourselves the challenges within.

I've seen people who have been through so much in their lives and I'm amazed that they are still alive and living. Many people are often faced with depression or problems over and over and this is a dream whereby despite all odds you have to fight and hold on. Confronting your own fears is the first step in this process. Look at yourself in the mirror, there is always a problem behind another problem can you face your fears?

What does it mean to dream of a spider in your bed?

I do think this dream is rather creepy. If you dream of seeing a spider in or under your bed, it denotes that there might be a female in your waking world who is trying to control your life. A bed is a symbol of comfort and to see the spider invading your bed can possibly mean this is exactly how you’re feeling about a situation in the waking world. If the spider itself is in your bedroom during a dream, perhaps you slightly opened your eyes and saw a spider crawling up the wall, it can to note that you have hidden fears and anxieties about your performance in waking life. This is of course if the spider that you saw isn’t actually real!

What do millions of spiders crawling on you mean in a dream?

Seeing millions of spiders crawling on you in your dream is what Freud described an “anxiety” dream - it is related to feeling separated or left alone in life. It is time to rely more on your inner strength and make better relationships in life.

What does it mean to dream of spider eggs and baby spiders in the dream?

While bigger spiders normally are carnivores, smaller spiders eat insects. Spiders also sometimes eat each other. Yes, I know pretty gross! Ah.. baby spiders! Well, I will say that this is a dream regarding your creative instincts. Small baby spiders are creative and they do quite well, especially when spinning a web. Think about how you can project that creativity in life. It could denote that, there is a person in your waking life who is betraying your trust. The egg is normally weaved with the silk and this forms the basis of protection. Therefore, it can symbolize that you are feeling you need a bit more protection in life! The small spider is also a reflection of your significant influence in your community. In some ancient dream books, the small spider indicates manipulation tactics by a member of your social network.

In ancient dream books, a spider’s egg is connected to possible deception in your inner social circle. Spider eggs in your dream are an indicator that, you haven’t fully acknowledged your potential. There is something that is holding you back from being able to express yourself. If you happen to see a spider coming out of the egg, it is a great A sign because it denotes that, you are slowly coming out of your cocoon and are ready to express your true opinions and thoughts. So go for it! A pregnant spider laying eggs in your dream is a sign that someone whom you are familiar with, is going to become pregnant.

What does it mean to dream of a climbing spider, a talking spider, and two spiders?

If in your dream you see an active spider climbing a ceiling or wall, it is a sign that your desire is going to be realized soon. If the spider is descending from the ceiling, it denotes that, you are unable to escape from a certain relationship. If the spider happens to talk to you, it is important to pay attention to what the spider is saying as it might just be an important message for you in waking life. If two spiders attack each other in your dream, two of your female acquaintances normally coworkers or family members could be having a conflict of power struggles. If a nonpoisonous spider tickles your back in a dream this implies that you should understand that life is short, and you need to do anything humanly possible to enjoy it! Take some time out and think about what you want in life.

Ancient dream dictionary (spider Pre-1920s): Seeing a spider in a dream means that you have many enemies behind closed doors, and it is time for you to be happy and move on in your life. There may be some ill luck coming your way.

  • White spider = healing, hope, and energy.
  • Jet black spider = dishonesty, terror, disappointment.
  • Red spider = guard, happy, passionate.
  • Green spider = Calm, sad, time to recover.
  • Blue spider = moving on, engagement, content.
  • Yellow spider = Happy, random events, strangeness.
  • Striped spider = things are not what they seem.
  • Hairy spider = look under the surface for the result.
  • Spider tickling you = life is too short, so do what makes you happy.
  • Large spider = Things seem bigger than they are, so look inside to discover your own feelings.
  • Spots on the spider = stressful times will pass.

In your dream you may have:

  • Seen a spider = entrapment, worry, and webs of deceit.
  • Seen a spider walking crawling over your body = difficult times are on their way.
  • Being chased by a spider in your dream = someone will be dishonest.
  • Kept a spider as a pet = you want love in life.
  • The spider is not black, but a strange color = people will turn to you for advice.
  • The spider is extremely big and scary = an anxiety dream.
  • The spider is tickling you = difficulties in life.
  • To suddenly see the spider darting across the floor = sudden panic but things will work out in the end.
  • You wake up in your dream and the spider is on top of you = indicating problems will soon melt away.
  • Seeing a spider in your home = problems at home.
  • Awaken in a dark room surrounded by spiders = this is simply a dream of worry!
  • Kill a spider in a dream = Killing a spider, it is not a positive omen and it symbolizes bad luck and misfortune, sorry!
  • Dead spider in a dream = In case you do not kill a spider, but just see a dead spider in your dream, it is an indicator that, you are positive at the moment and this will ensure you overcome a strong feminine temptation in your life.

What does killing a spider mean in a dream?

The spider in a dream symbolizes the feminine power in your life like a mother figure or a side of your personality that predominates. The spider is a powerful force that protects one from their own self-destructive nature. However, if you kill the spider in the dream then it can take on another meaning. If we look at old dream lore this dream denotes bad luck and misfortune – sorry but that is pre-1930s dream meanings. I will say don’t fret, the modern meaning is that you are killing deceit. Your dream also has a positive interpretation related to a sensitive problem you will come to solve soon.

What does it mean to dream of killing a tarantula?

The tarantula ranges from around 2cm to 10cm and these spiders (as I am sure you are aware) are known as the wolf spider. In dream lore, to see a tarantula is connected to building a web around you. I think maybe a web of protection. Often, these dreams occur when you have to catch something in life. In spiritual terms the tarantula is associated with: weaving a new start, our own dark side, and encountering a trickster. There is also a number associated with this spider. This is the number eight and in numerology indicates our own fears of life. Often, seeing the tarantula attack you in a dream can suggest that you need to be strongly connected to your inner voice. A tarantula in a dream symbolizes the dark side of your personality, but also your deepest fears. It’s the place where your darkness comes from. However, it also represents your social image. To see this spider in your dream can imply that you see yourself as a dominant character in society. It’s time that you show people your good side, and establish new friendships. To kill the tarantula in a dream means overcoming your fears, negative emotions, and the feeling of being trapped inside your darkness.

What does it mean to dream of a spider standing still?

A spider is clever. Moving around takes energy, so we often see spiders staying still for long periods of time. They I generally waiting for their prey. When we think about spiders creating a web they often have to wait a considerable amount of time, even weeks in order to catch their prey. In dreams, if you see a spider that does not move in this can suggest that somebody may deceive you in the future. This dream can also reflect your own anxieties and habits that might threaten your well-being. In many different dream books seeing a house spider standing still indicate that you may be quarter or smothered in other people’s emotions.

What does killing a giant spider mean in a dream?

To dream about something giant (such as a large spider) signifies a lack of control over your own life and attitude. You may encounter someone who has a short temper, and thanks to your explosive nature, you enter conflicts and bad situations. As I have said before, the spider is a symbol of rebirth, feminine power, strong intuition, as well as survival instincts. The giant spider signifies a great force in your life that takes away your ability to choose or speak for what you believe in. However, to kill this giant spider in a dream denotes you will be overwhelmed by emotions, once you defeat something you believe you weren’t capable of. Trust yourself more. Your dream also represents a giant possibility for career progress being lost due to your reckless decisions and moves. The advice here is more attention to detail and less on what’s obvious. Use your instinct.

A giant spider in a dream can suggest that you are worried about a situation involving someone you are threatened by. The larger and more giant in the dream the more you feel this threat. To me, there is no fear like the fear of feeling innocent. Think of this as the fear of a worried child walking in the dark of the night. The large spider can represent those monsters, ghosts, or goblins you find in your fears when you are a child.

It is a warning to focus on life with precision and above all caution. A giant spider often appears in a dream when we are focused on our own successes but we whisper failures via parched lips, it is a dream where we need to develop our own internal strength for dealing with a difficult situation so that wholeness returns to life. The giant spider can be an expression of our subconscious mind that we constantly qualify our own statements in life to explain our goals and intent.

As human beings, we need love, touch, and sometimes a hug, the massive spider in the dream state is your psyche communicating that you need to understand that what you perceive and understand needs to be clearly communicated with others. The giant spider dream normally occurs when you are feeling terrible and seriously abandoned. The spiders themselves have appeared for a reason and it may mean you need to kill the spider within. Maybe you cannot find the giant spider within your heart.  What is the giant spider in your life? Perhaps in the dream, you cannot even break away the cobwebs to see what the spider is in your life. My advice here is to find and uncover the "fear" factor and eliminate the giant spider from your mind. There is a reason why you had a dream of such a large spider and the answer is within you - what do you fear? How can you move on in life?

What do spiders mean in dreams from psychology perspective?

From a psychological perspective, to dream of spiders means the dreamer is being manipulated by someone in waking life. Or the dreamer might be the one manipulating others in waking life. The explanation of such a dream interpretation spiders has the ability to manipulate their prey into their web. To dream of spiders reflects your manipulative behavior. Ask yourself, why am I acting this way? You might find answers related to your fears of being manipulated by other people.

What does it mean to dream of killing a spider and then see it dead in a dream?

To kill a spider and see it dead in your dream signifies misfortune you will be responsible for. You will either ruin a good possibility coming on your way. Or you will cut contact with someone.

What does it mean to dream of killing multiple spiders in a dream?

To kill multiple spiders in your dream state signifies the many risks you will take to increase your chances of success. Your career will be thankful for risky moves, but your health will collapse if you don’t take better care of yourself soon. You may be leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Your mental health is also not at an envious level. Take a break from your everyday routine and travel somewhere new – maybe book a weekend away?

What does it mean to dream of seeing spiders hanging over you in a dream?

To see spiders hanging over you has two interpretations, depending on your emotional state in the dream. Were you feeling scared of the spiders? Or enjoyed their presence? If you were scared, it means your deepest fears will come to face you. Be prepared to win the battle with your fears. Once you do, you will come out stronger than ever. Remember, fear is scary only for those who fear everything, and from now on, you fear nothing. If you enjoyed the presence of the spiders all over you, it denotes your ability to recognize an opportunity. Many possibilities will knock on your door.

What does it mean to be chased by a spider and kills you?

As you know, there’s no way a spider can chase you and kill you in your waking life. Therefore, your dream means you fear something that will never happen. However, don’t forget that spiders do kill people with their venom. Not all of them, but if you run into the right one, it will end up deadly. You should pay extra attention to your thoughts, what you wish for and what you imagine. You might not believe visualization has the power to create your reality, but it does. What you imagine – you become. Maybe not now, but someday, you will come to experience the power of visualization.

What do dreams about catching a spider mean?

If in your dream you caught a spider, or even attempted to catch a spider running across the floor this is a projection of your own apprehension about the future. We all worry about what's gonna happen next only in natural thought. Catching a spider in a dream can signify that you feel that you are being trapped in a situation and perhaps you're looking for steps in ways to move forward. 

Why are we so afraid of spiders?

The spider in dreams can give you great lessons on how to access your own creativity and life. To turn to the spiritual meaning of spiders. I want to discuss something that I cannot find online about the spider and our natural fear. It is important to assess the shamanic experiences in astral travel. Shamanisms have long recorded that they have encountered astral spiders, these are spiders' spin webs but they are not on the “spiritual plane.”

I am going to share my opinion on the spiritual meaning of spiders and why I believe some people are afraid of them. Ethereal spiders are known to exist in the fourth dimension, and these spiders are attracted to the human aura. In fact, etheric spiders feed on our own auras. Spiders on the astral plane remove the energy from the human aura. I truly believe that this is the reason why some of us are terrified of them! Embracing our fear is a real challenge but in the astral plane matrix spiders are part of life’s negativity. I have written more about astral spiders if you want to read more just click here. This will give you more of an overview.

What does it mean to kill a black widow in a dream?

The black widow is one of the deadliest spiders existing on this planet. To see her in your dream symbolizes danger, intimidation, feminine power, death, and dominance. To kill a spider in the dream denotes gaining back control in your life. Being “bitten” by a black widow spider indicates that you will gain back dominance in a relationship.

  • Positive changes are afoot if: The spider is white or other pure colors. The experience within your dream was positive. The presence of this animal in your dream equals a happy, content pastime. You helped someone get away from a tarantula. You confronted the spider in your dream.
  • Negative changes are afoot if: You are scared of the spider and worried that it may hurt you. You have been poisoned by the spider.
  • New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream: You expressed any negativity to the spider. Within your dream, the situation was not making you feel comfortable. The dream involved you feeling unable to perform.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of seeing a spider

Strange, scared, creepy-crawly, worried, frightened, spiders all over you which scare you, Negative energies. Respect for others. Emotional. Unable to escape from the spider. Unfulfilled. Contentment.

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By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2012