Anklet Dream Meaning

What does wearing an Anklet in a dream mean?

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Anklet Dream Meaning

Anklet Dream Meaning.

The anklet is common in Egypt, and also known as ankle bracelets or an ankle chain. 

People who dream of an anklet are aware of their value and self-confidence. They always chose to walk the path they think is right and are secretly admired by everyone. However, dreaming of an anklet has a few different meanings, depending on the way you dreamed the ankle bracelet.

In your dream...

  • You wore an anklet in your dream.
  • Someone gave you an anklet to you in your dream state.
  • The anklet broke in your dream.
  • You created a homemade anklet in your dream.
  • You gave someone an anklet as a present.
  • You saw numerous legs with anklets in your dream state.
  • You saw a dancer in an anklet.


Meaning of seeing an anklet in a dream...

Wearing an ankle chain in your dream implies that you know you are doing the right thing about an issue that matters. However, people are trying to distract you and you know it. Time will pass until they realize that you are the master of your own world and no one could affect your decisions and motives.

If someone gave you an anklet in your dream, it indicates that you need an advice from someone about an important issue. However, why not ask yourself for advice? What advice would you give yourself? Especially around any problems that concern you?

If your ankle bracelet broke in your dream, don’t worry, you will experience a small failure. However, you will recover soon and become stronger than ever. If you broke the ankle bracelet on purpose in a dream it implies that you do not wish to take other people’s orders. You will start following your own spiritual path very soon.

Creating a homemade anklet in our dream state can imply a change. You will go through a change that will give increased confidence. Be prepared for turbulences, however, be also prepared for a new life. A homemade anklet is the symbol of positive change.

Giving someone an anklet as a present in a dream means “being there” for that person in reality. If you recently neglected that person’s presence in your life, it’s time you remember the ones you love. You have spent too much time loving yourself that you had no time for those who were always by your side. They need you now.

If you could see numerous legs wearing anklets in your dream, it foretells that you yearn for acceptance, love, and friendship. If the world yearned for the same values, this planet would be much better placed to live in. However, remember that if you want to make a change in the world, you must first change yourself. Before you seek love in someone else, learn how to love yourself. Before you accept others, learn how to accept yourself. And before you become friend with others, learn how to be your own best friend. Your dream is advising you of these “relationship” goals.

Seeing a belly dancer wearing anklet in your dream reveals your passion for a hobby or work role. To encounter admiration in your dream - while watching the dancer wearing anklet reveals your admiration for people who dancet. It’s never too late to follow your gut. Remember that an anklet is a symbol of self-confidence, and if you want to see yourself as the dancer with the anklet in your dream next time, learn how to follow your dreams. The point is not to be the same as everyone else. The point is to be different. To be you. 

Other Anklet dream meanings…

You threw away an ankle bracelet: It indicates that you are in deep need of breaking free. Although the anklet is a sign of self-confidence, it’s also a sign of freedom. And throwing away the anklet in your dream means throwing away your freedom. 

You bought an anklet in your dream state: Buying an ankle bracelet suggests you need to find a way to get what you want instead of waiting for someone else to help you. You help you. And you will realize that you’re capable of everything.

You saw an old woman wearing an anklet in your dream: The old woman is a reflection of your wish to live long. However, the ankle bracelet on the old woman’s ankle shows your yearning to live life the way you want. When you get old, you won’t regret the things you did, but the things you didn’t do despite the chance you had of doing them.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Anklet:

Confusion. Happiness. Free. Sorrow. Pity. Shame. Power. Awareness. Awakening.

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