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A palace in a dream can suggest that you are lost and you need to find your own way.

The Palace in a dream is a reference or a message from your guides to to visit your inner or astral temple. When visiting a palace in your dream, the point is to allow yourself to visit and communicate with your spirits as well as your mental teachers and guides.

They are present to help you through difficult times in your life.

When you see a palace in your dream, you are going to go through a wise and abundant phase in your life in which you are likely to realize your potential and anything you have attempted to do or create from scratch you will be able to accomplish. When you dream about a palace of your own this is a good omen that you are going to be able to acquire much wealth and illustriousness.

This is also representative of a time when you are growing on the wisdom scale, you are becoming wiser and braver throughout your life and you are going to be receiving awards to help you with that.

In this dream you may have...

  • Owned your own Palace symbolizing your need to connect to your inner temple.
  • Got lost on the lot of a big Palace showing that you haven’t been able to connect very much too spiritual discipline.
  • Found your Palace to be covered in brambles in addition to being dark and cold.
  • Found your Palace to be well tended to and cared for as well as warm.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Your Palace was well tended for and looked after.
  • You found your palace dark and dank but you took it upon yourself to improve on it.
  • You found that your guide was waiting for you at the entrance of your Palace.
  • Expressed a determination to clear out the Palace so your family could live there.

Detailed dream meaning...

When you find yourself dreaming about a cold or dark palace you will find that this reflects on how long it has been since you were able to meditate or communicate with your higher source energy and therefore your castle has been left cold and empty.

Now is the time for you to refill your palace with the warmth of the care that you have to offer it, fill it with spiritual furniture, and hold spiritual parties. This is all representative of your ability to fill up your life with all of the amazing possibilities the world has to offer.

These dreams remind you that you need to make your home a more inviting place, both metaphorically and physical. When a palace appears in your dream and they are warm and comforting, this shows that the universe is patting you on the back for a job well done at creating a world around you which is solid and good.

One can always tell the inner state of themselves by the way the palace is looking in a dream.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Lack of Spiritual interest.
  • Feeling deceived by others.
  • Overly superficial existence.
  • Uncertainty about spiritual matters or home and hearth.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Palace...

Frankness. Spiritual enlightenment. Understanding. Capability. Freedom. House cleaning. Entertaining. Family. Nurturing. Home and hearth.  Connection.

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