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Dreaming about mascara usually relates to awakening yourself from something.

It is a symbol warning you to be more attentive and considerate in life. It suggests that you have to be conscientious and thoughtful, paying attention to every situation and circumstance arising.

The dream of mascara is normally interpreted to be a sign of wakening you from a deep sleep. It is a symbol of warning one of a situation or an event that may arise in the near future. This dream advises one to be aware of the conditions around them. It recommends adopting a cautious approach in one's environment. It gives a warning to open your eyes and be extremely attentive in relationships.

In a dream you may have

  • Worn mascara in your eyes.
  • Seen that your mascara has smeared due to something.
  • Been putting on mascara in eyes.
  • Observed yourself having trouble in applying mascara
  • Been removing mascara from your eyes.
  • Applied spiral mascara.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The dream about mascara reflects the concern and significance you give to your appearance and outlook.
  • You dream about spiral mascara which generally indicates that you are a successful person, having a challenging and demanding career ahead.
  • Blue mascara is a positive signal of on's future vocations and profession.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of mascara may take many forms. For instance, you may have dreamed of wearing mascara which indicates that you must open your eyes and be aware of future situations. To see yourself removing the mascara from your eyes, this signifies that you need to observe people as well as possible situations more clearly. To apply mascara means that you wish to hide from something in waking life.

To see smearing mascara in your dream means that others will follow your lead. This mascara dream is basically an indication that you are unable to make a pleasant impression on people. It mainly informs you that you didn’t actually get what you hoped for in life, which means that your effort doesn’t pay off well. If you see a dream that someone else smeared mascara, it means that someone is trying to ruin your image and reputation and your character might be in danger.

If you dream of having trouble in applying mascara, it means you might be anxious, nervous or worried about an event. It may be a sign that you have feelings of uneasiness or edginess and you might be perturbed from someone very close to you. We can say that when you see dreams about facing trouble in applying mascara or that you have smeared your mascara, it might not be a positive signal for something, and nevertheless the dream carries a thoughtful message to learn.

The dream of mascara is related to your concern for appearance, outlook and position. It indicates that a person is extremely bothered by his image and impression, and gives special importance to what people think of him. It indicates that the dreamer is concerned about his social representation and depiction in front of other people.

Dreaming about wearing mascara also implies that you are ignoring an imperative issue in your life, which should have been given significance and importance.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mascara

Anxiety, nervousness, edginess, carefulness and feelings about beauty and good looks.

By Flo Saul
Mar 17, 2013