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Rotten Teeth

Rotten Teeth.

Dreaming about rotten teeth can be interpreted in a number of negative ways and typically is not a positive dream.

It can be a symbol of loss of confidence or something important to us as teeth often represent feeling attractive, having money, or being able to be yourself. It is also a reminder to deal with our unfinished business or that you need to take care of something important before it fails. The teeth themselves can represent loss or rot in your own life that you cannot hide. A rotten tooth is a warning sign that if we do not do the things that we must do, we will face terrible consequences. There is a chance that we might face an imminent loss of someone who is close to us.


Dreams concerning rotten teeth…

  • Falling out or rotten teeth.
  • A dentist pulling rotten teeth.
  • You have a rotten tooth and you’re not doing anything to fix it.
  • A rotten tooth that keeps getting worse.
  • Fixing rotten teeth.
  • Being embarrasses of your teeth.
  • Seeing other people with rotten teeth.
  • Kissing someone with rotten teeth.

Quick interpretation of dreams concerning rotten teeth…

  • You are going to lose something.
  • You need a help of someone to endure the pain of letting go.
  • You are having a difficulty in breaking the bonds that you created.
  • The loss of someone dear to you is taking a toll on you.
  • You are trying to move on.

Detailed explanation …

When you come across a dream concerning rotten teeth, it is often that something important to you will say goodbye for good. It can be a thing, a person, or even something concerning your career. It is a dream which represents loss or fear of losing something. These things are part of the cycle of life; we just need to embrace it and usually there is little that can be done to avoid the loss.

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If you dream about a dentist trying to pull rotten teeth, it is a sign that you need a help in order for you to move on and let go of that emotion. You are finding it hard to release your emotion and chases are you need the support of someone and that is why you are dreaming of a dentist fixing your rotten teeth.

In the event that you dream about rotten teeth and you are not doing anything to fix it, it simply means that you don’t want to let go of the relationship that you created with a special someone. Often this will represent a friendship or relationship which is toxic and bad for you. I advise you to seek the help of your support group.  I understand why you don’t want to let go but you are just doing more harm to yourself.  Do not be too hard on yourself, learn to move on and look at the better things.

Fixing rotten teeth is a sign that you are trying to move on, it is also a sign that you are trying to fix something that can no longer be fixed.  Trying to pick yourself up and continuing your life is a good sign, but if you just want to forget the thing that hurt you, then don’t. A wound has to bleed before it cures.  Cry, shout, do whatever you like to release that pain and when you are ready you will know it. A time will come that you already tired of hurting and you need to think about the other people in your life.

It is fine to be afraid when losing a part of us that has been so important on our well being, but time has come that we have to let go of them. Goodbyes are inevitable and we must experience them, cry if you must, but remember that there are other people surrounding you that also need your attention. You might not notice it but you are not the only one hurting for what is happening.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a rotten teeth…

Pain, anxiety, worry, sorrow, anguish, embarrassment, insecurity, ugly, or sad.

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