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The Meaning of Wands

The Path of the wands tarot

Some people confuse wands in their reading for brash or irresponsible actions. Sometimes this can be the case. However, the wands are usually something more primitive and innate. The wands are the true heart song of desire within the human heart and the cards reflect the aspects of your life in which are innocent of malicious indication. Any card, given the context, can have negative connotations. Seeing fire all-around a reading can even be concerning because as humans we have an innate fear of the element. Why wouldn’t we? It is a destructive one that can cause pain. However, when you see the wands in your reading you need to remember that primal purpose. Fire is responsible for the initial combustion of life. Fire also brought the caveman to present day by providing heat and warmth. Fire is a creative, passionate, and a cleansing source of power in the universe.

Quick Meaning Of Wands:

  • Ace of wands means a great idea.
  • Two of wands denotes many possibilities.
  • Three of wands denotes plans are moving quickly.
  • Four of Wands means tangible results.
  • Five of Wands means to attack.
  • Six of wands denotes you are winning.
  • Seven of wands represents defence.
  • Eight of wands means bringing life together.
  • Nine of wands indicates hard work that pays off.
  • Ten of wands means success and burden.
  • Knight of wands means determination.
  • Page of wands denotes a dark haired man or women.
  • Queen of wands means a kind, caring women.
  • King of wands is positive in business.