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Dreams About Kidnapping

Dream About Kidnapping.

Over the last twenty years, many people have contacted me about their personal nightmare of kidnapping. In dreams, this is the fear of being kidnapped or abducted by someone or that a child is kidnapped. These are what I call "trauma" dreams. But what does it mean?

Dreams about being kidnapped implies (from a dream psychology perspective) feeling manipulated by someone in waking life. That is the main dream interpretation. Or you have lost control of some aspect of your future. Your dream might represent one aspect of your personality controlling another aspect. The behavior exhibited in the dream depends on your own emotional state.The reason why we fear being kidnapped is huge statistics of kidnapping around the world. The number is not declining over the years but rapidly increasing. Wherever you go, there’s a possibility to be kidnapped. For example, in Mexico, there were 1,583 kidnappings registered in 2013, and today’s number is not declining. Besides, many of the kidnapped people stay unreported, meaning the number is probably larger. I am Flo and I am here to help you decode this dream. Many people hear the term “dream interpretation” automatically think of the famous dream psychologists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.  After reading their books, conclusions can be drawn on this dream meaning. I wanted to understand it’s quite clear that feeling restricted or trapped in a dream can often be a reflection of cultural forces in daily life. I see dreaming of kidnapping as a dream that indicates you are feeling restricted in life. To make this easy I have structured this dream meaning in a questions and answers format. Please scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped? As I have already mentioned being kidnapped in a dream can imply "control" in your waking life. In that you are losing this control. To dream of seeing someone else being kidnapped can suggest there is a connection between you and this person in waking life. I will discuss later on in this article what it means in detail but this is an anxiety dream and not real. If your child is kidnapped in the dream this can turn into a nightmare and play on one's mind all day. If you dream of your partner being kidnapped this is associated with your feelings and insecurities about the romantic relationship. Perhaps you feel upon is going to meet somebody else or that you’re not going to be together? To dream of your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend being kidnapped can connect to our own priorities and relationship. If you are content and happy that the particular person is kidnapped then this reaction should be reviewed.  Dreaming of somebody that you do not know who has been kidnapped is connected to your own conscious mind. It is like you are feeling trapped, unwilling to understand priorities or that you are worried about hidden feelings or emotions.  There are quite a few dream books that discuss commitments and obligations in regards to kidnapping dreams. In this sense, the dream could just imply that there is greater responsibility on you financially.

What does a celebrity or someone famous being kidnapped mean? To dream of a celebrity being kidnapped indicates that you feel that there is control that is outside your scope which is effecting you. For example I had a dream of prince Harry was kidnapped but he was a child. At the time there was political unrest in the UK about the EU. This is an example of when a celebrity represents outside forces that are not in control. To dream of a movie star being kidnapped indicates that you are not in touch with someone important to you and your life feels a bit like a drama. Dreaming of a pop star being kidnapped indicates that you need to work on your communication skills.

How common is real kidnapping in the world? In Brazil, there were 1,000 kidnappings reported in 2012 but let’s not to forget the ones who remain unreported. India keeps records in a kidnapping with 2,975 kidnaps reported in 2010. These are the larger number of kidnappings across the world. I have not mentioned states like Colombia, Haiti and the Philippines where the number of reported kidnaps doesn’t reach a thousand but it’s still worrying. As for the United States, in 2010 there were over 200,000 cases of kidnapping reported. The number includes both international and home abductions. The reason why I mention this (apart from the fact I love writing about the facts around our dreams) is that being kidnapped in a dream can signify that 

What does it mean to dream about my child kidnapped? To dream about your child being kidnapped is a common dream, especially if you are a parent. Don’t be worried that this will happen in real life, it is common to wake up stressed out, the dream represents our own fear of your child’s safety. Any normal parent will feel this dream results in a painful situation and you may be naturally extra vigilant the following day.

What does it mean for my child to dream about a kidnapping? Sometimes we express anxiety in life and this can be triggered in all sorts of ways. if your child dreams of being kidnapped it is not irrational. Especially, as there are often bad news stories about kidnapping which can affect a child’s sensitive nature. The good news is that you can do allot for your son or daughter such as reassuring him or her about what she is experiencing is normal. The first phase after the dream is to reassure him or her of the fact that it is only a dream, try buying a dream catcher and talk through the dream. Feelings are much better shared.

What does it mean if you become friends with the kidnapper? In many kidnapping cases, there is what we know as the Stockholm syndrome which basically means that you become friendly or co-dependent upon kidnapper. Dreaming of being can impose many different feelings. After watching a youtube video about Michelle Knight, who was kidnapped for many years I could imagine how you could depend on the kidnapper, especially if one is kidnapped over a long period of time. I will say, to become friends with the kidnapper in a dream can indicate that you feel trapped in real life but comfortable. If that gives you some clarity.

What does it mean to dream about being kidnapped by someone unknown? To dream about being kidnapped by a stranger in your dream doesn’t predict anything negative happening to you in waking life. In fact, it has nothing to do with being kidnapped per say. An unknown aspect of your personality is trying to influence your behavior and life in general and enter your subconscious mind. In dream psychology, this can indicate rejecting the unknown part of your personality because you don’t care for yourself the way you should. This dream can indicate that you have the ability to take control. 

What does it signify to kidnap someone? If you were the kidnapper in your dream and you’ve kidnapped someone it means that you are forcing someone to do something in waking life. Do you find people turn to you to live their life and start taking better care of yourself?

What does a dream of kidnapping a baby mean? Americans are anxious for our children’s welfare and there is always that hidden apprehension of your baby being kidnapped, especially since the Lindbergh kidnapping. Kidnappings are often misunderstood in dreams and we normally draw out associations. When our life in the dream becomes radicalized to include trauma we often try to understand the nature of the true event. If you dream of kidnapping a baby this can imply that the “baby” is your inner child. To dream of someone kidnapping your baby, if you are a parent is common. This implies that you will encounter feeling helpless going forward. Nearly 8,000 children are reported missing each year but the good news is that 87% are found. To dream of your child taken by someone in a car can indicate that you are feeling worried about an area of your life.

What does it mean to dream of a family member kidnapped? To dream of your mother and father being kidnapped is associated with freedom from parental responsibilities.  it could signify the control that your parents have over you.  if you dream of your brother and sister being kidnapped this can suggest that there is something that is being covered up in a relationship. Again, it could be related to control, suggesting you might be manipulated by your sibling.  Dreaming of your aunty or uncle being kidnapped implies that you have a think about the “acquaintances” around you according to ancient dream books.  of people taking advantage? Is anything you need to strengthen your relationships at work?

What does it mean to dream about running away a kidnapping?  This dream is quite interesting, which can have a varied dream interpretation. Running from being kidnapped in a dream can indicate that there is a problem in your life that you are trying to escape from. In many ways, this could possibly be issues around financial problems alternatively that you feel perhaps that you are not appreciated in your daily life.

What do dreams about being kidnapped and escaping mean? To dream about being kidnapped and escaping is symbolic. It can indicate that you are trying to escape an uncomfortable situation in waking life. Or you are trying to escape some problems that seem unsolvable and unending. The only way to deal with this is to actually deal with what’s been bothering you. Alternatively, your dream reflects your way of dealing with problems, so far. To dream of being kidnapped and escaping by running away from the kidnapper foretells hidden emotions. If you are feeling manipulated by someone then this dream is common. 

What do dreams about being kidnapped and tortured signify? To dream of being kidnapped and tortured signifies your feelings of being victimized and helpless. This can be quite a disturbing dream and considered a nightmare! This dream also denotes a possible trauma or negative experience from your past that’s still haunting your subconscious mind. When we encounter trauma in life it is sometimes hard for us to move on. This dream can imply that you have the power of removing negative thoughts. Only you have that “direct access” to your dreams. It is important for you to think about the torture and what was being carried out in the dream. Often television programmes on torture can appear in our dreams. The reason why say this is because many famous dream psychologists,  such as Carl Jung believed that in our dreams we sometimes really live images that we’ve seen in waking life. Therefore, if you just watched the series Dexter on Netflix, torture after kidnapping might occur your dream.

What do dreams about being kidnapped and held hostage mean? To dream of being kidnapped and held hostage means you feel trapped in some relationship you can’t stand anymore in waking life. Or you are pushed to do things that you don’t like. If you see a ransom note in the dream syndicate that other people might turn to you for advice.

What do dreams about being kidnapped by someone you know mean? To dream of being kidnapped by someone you know has a transparent interpretation. You’re either worried about that “certain” person in reality. Or forced to do something you don’t want anymore.

In conclusion, only you can really assess what your dream means close analysis of the detailed combined with your own intuition and creativity can provide the answers to the dream of kidnapping. It is always important to look beyond the obvious. If you have suffered some traumatic events recently such as divorce, illness, financial hardship and there will be a relationship between the subconscious mind problems you encounter in waking life.

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