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A dream that includes aerobics can mean that you don’t feel much confident about your body.

However, it could also mean that you are having some health problems related to your weight. People who dream of aerobics are usually under the pressure of society standards related to physical looks and weight. If you dream of being an aerobic instructor, it could mean that you think you should lose weight in real life, or see yourself as a sexually unattractive person.


If you saw other people performed aerobics in your dreams, it could imply that there’s someone near to you – a person you admire and you wish to be like that person. What your dream is trying to tell you is that you don’t have to be jealous of other people’s physical looks and wish to be like them, but love yourself the way you are instead. You should accept yourself and stop feeling unattractive or not beautiful enough because everyone’s beautiful in their own unique way.

If you were the trainer of aerobics in your dream, it could mean that you are satisfied with your looks, however, you’re not satisfied with the look of your friends - and you wish you could help them to take better care of themselves and try to be the best version of themselves. You have to remember that you can’t help a person who refuses your help, or worse, a person who thinks he/she doesn’t need help. Try to teach them what healthy lifestyle and diet really mean instead of telling them they need to change in order to feel and look better.

If you enjoyed an aerobic lesson in your dream, it could suggest that you need to relax in real life because you’ve been working too much lately.

For those who attended an aerobic class in their dream, it could mean that they need a change in life, however, they’re not sure what kind of change is appropriate. Listen to your instincts and you will find out.

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In the dream…

  • You performed aerobics.
  • Other people performed aerobics in your dream.
  • You were the trainer of aerobics in your dream.
  • You were in a gym during a dream.
  • You enjoyed an aerobics lesson.
  • You attended an aerobics class in the dream.


Aerobic dream meaning…

Aerobics in a dream is connected to weight loss, feeling attractive and sexual I’d also a possible change of attitude in life. The dream is a suggestion that you need to think about your house and the health of others going forward.


Aerobics can also signify different feelings that you are having within. It is connected to  your own perspective in life.

You were in a gym: If you dreamed of visiting the gym, it could imply that you need a change in your life or start with a new diet and improve your health.

You felt sexually unattractive: This could mean that you feel insecure in your real life too when it comes to dating and having sexual relations with people you like. Remember that a person who loves you, will always find you attractive and you don’t have to worry about your physical appearance.

You trained hard: This means you need to take a break and stop torturing yourself with unimportant and unnecessary things. It’s okay to feel tired sometimes and you don’t have to push yourself even harder when you’re feeling drained.

Feeling that occurred during a dream of Aerobics…


Tired. Sad. Heartbroken. Unsatisfied. Bad. Empowered. Anxious. Unhappy.


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