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Did you dream of an aviary or a bird enclosure? An aviary is an enclosure where birds are kept.

Hello. Thank you for visiting and letting me help you understand your dream. My name is Flo and my dreams have come true for many years, so I am excited about your dream of birds. I have read five ancient interpretations of the aviary in dream books so I have summarized them all below. Let's move onto your specific dream. Firstly, unlike bird cages, in an aviary, birds are able to fly around due to the availability of enough space. Commonly we find shrubs and plants inside the aviary just to provide the birds with a near-natural habitat for themselves. What do birds mean spiritually? Birds are normally seen as symbols of freedom of expression and if you see a bird in a cage, it implies that something is not right in your life as you are facing challenges which need to be sorted out.

For years, we have all been so fascinated by birds of all kinds. This has not changed since our prehistoric ancestors. Learning what it means to dream of birds in an aviary will greatly enhance the way that you approach matters in life. This article in intended to act as a guide on how all types of birds in the aviary can help you spiritually! You might have had a dream about an extraordinary exotic bird in an aviary, or you could see parrots in an enclosed cage. Due to the fact that birds are extremely intelligent indicates you will have a strong relationship with someone intelligent or you yourself are brainy! Anyway, let's move onto specifics regarding your dream.

What does it mean by catching a bird in an aviary in a dream?

Catching a bird who happens to be in an aviary indicates that you are going to encounter somebody that loves drama. They are somewhat destructive and noisy rather like the birds you see in your dream. If you successfully catch a bird and this can indicate that sudden changes are on the horizon.

What does it mean to see birds attacking you in an aviary in a dream?

In my opinion, to see birds screaming in the dream alternatively attacking you when inside an enclosure can suggest that you’re behaving in a somewhat naughty manner! This is from a spiritual perspective. Why is this so? It is because birds try to get attention when they fight, plus it can often indicate that fighting in dreams means you must stop giving attention to people that do not deserve it.

What does it mean to see a parrot in a cage in a dream?

Parrots are very adaptable in life. Parrots can produce many behavioral characteristics, such as talking to us and also nibbling on their cages. To see a parrot in a cage during your dream suggests the important role of survival in life. As parrots protect their territory, seeing a parrot in an enclosure can mean that you might need to defend or transmit your qualities of defense in the waking world. To see the African grey parrot in a cage can usually indicate that you will have a strong relationship with your partner in life - based on your loving behavior. Did you know parrots normally have the behavior of a four year old? For the parrot to be featured in a dream in any enclosure indicates that you are highly intelligent - the bigger the cage the more intelligence you hold!

Detailed dream interpretation:

Let's move onto some more interesting dreams about the aviary. If you see yourself inside the aviary it implies that you are lacking freedom of expression. This can be connected to a situation you have found yourself in. You feel that you have "no escape route" and this affecting your development plans. Unless you change the way you approach things in life, you will continue to face challenges along the way, and it might result in not finishing a project. If the birds were flying in the cage then this is all about facing problems according to ancient dream books. Remember that friends and relatives can offer advice and you can overcome your problems.

Remember, if you see the birds eating or drinking in a dream sometimes it can imply something is stressing you out. To see colorful birds indicates someone will bail you out of a problem and make you feel free again to express yourself and develop your goals. In this sense, the "bird" is connected to our freedom! You are your own best problem solver because you know what you want in life. To free birds in captivity suggests spiritually to help with people’s problems, you may find a friend turning to you for advice in future. Now, to see someone you know trapped in the aviary in your dream this can suggest that you feel trapped by emotional problems. You will have to understand where necessary how to overcome these problems and make sure that they feel free to come to you.

To see a stranger in your dream trapped in the aviary denotes spiritually that you feel "trapped" by day to day activities. Your becoming& too are comfortable in life. To feed birds in the aviary indicates progress in life. This has made you focus on your inner qualities because you are surrounded by positive energy which allows you to approach life with a peaceful mindset. Finally, I believe freedom and happiness can be earned through associating with the right people in life. Releasing the caged birds in a dream suggests a new start is coming. Hope you enjoyed my analysis and please remember to visit our dream interpretation of birds by clicking here. Plus our tarot section for a free reading. Blessings, Flo x

In the dream you could have experienced any of the following:

You are the one in the aviary. Someone you know is in the aviary. A strange person is in the aviary. A bird is let out of the aviary.

Feelings associated with your dream:

Freedom, independent, positive, comfortable and happiness.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017