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Abacus Dream Meaning

Counting can be extended to natural language and is often linked to learning new skills. If in your dream the abacus is broken then this indicates that business dealings in the past are likely to close on a good footing.

This dream shows that you have encountered many events in your life lately. The message of this dream is that a new job and new possibilities will come into your life. Ancient dream dictionaries suggest that if a man dreams of an abacus it means the logical side of his personality should be used to find a good business idea. For women, in the near future things are going to turn out well. You will have the ability to rule in business.

What does an abacus mean in dreams?

Let’s move into the specific definition of this childhood tool. This dream signifies different meanings based on your gender. Male meaning: if you are a male then it is time to use your logic more in your work life. 

If you are a female you need to trust your intuition. If you dream of teaching using an abacus it demonstrates a time for full spiritual growth, it is also connected to achievements. Numbers have taken on significant meaning in our lives and this dream shows the need for spiritual development and identification. This dream signifies learning a new hobby, which is exactly something that you need to do right now.

There is an area of your life that you must recognize in order to better understand yourself, so you can grow and move on in your work life. If you were a child in your dream then can demonstrate the end of innocence. You need to start to grow up as you are facing situations in an immature manner. If we look into the history of the abacus we can see that this tool was used by Hauptmann to understand the world and in the end resulted in scientific discovery. If you encounter a dream of numbers and mathematics this is of great significance in connection to your spiritual development in the future. If this tool allows you to learn numbers in your dream such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division it is in response to your desire for learning new skills and ideas.

Risks are also associated with the meaning of this dream. Therefore, you have been asked by your spirit guide to think about the risks that you take in life - before you jump into a decision think a lot more carefully. If you are a woman and you have this dream it indicates that you need to be conscious of the objective people around you at the moment. The most basic dream interpretation is that this is a reminder that you've had stressful times in the past and it's now time to move on.

In your dream you may have

Found yourself back in the classroom counting and using the abacus. Seen a baby counting on an abacus. Discovered numbers and mathematics. Tried to discover this logic through the abacus. Counting in your dream using an abacus. Taught children to count. Could see numbers on an abacus.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were able to count correctly.
  • The experience within your dream was positive.
  • Numbers and mathematics are featured in your dream as a happy, content pastime.
  • You helped someone count.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream

You expressed any negativity to the situation within your dream. Within your dream, the situation was not making you feel comfortable. The dream involved you feeling unable to perform.  

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of seeing an abacus

Pleasure. Happiness. Comforted. Loved. Appreciation. Wisdom. Fear of failure. Inexperience leading to confusion. Negative energies. Respect for others. Emotional. Unable to count. Unfulfilled. Used by another. Contentment.

By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2012