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In dreams an actress denotes the desire for recognition, grace, wanting to impress others, material gain, popularity, and power. The actress is the symbol of wealth and if seen in one's dream represents material gain. Therefore, an actress as a symbol in a dream is a positive omen.

The drama in a dream is often similar to dramas in real life. To dream of an actress, according to ancient dream dictionaries, is a rather common dream. This dream conveys both positive and negative omens in our life. If you encounter a dream where you are the actress this is a warning to be careful with one's financial assets according to the ancient gypsy dream interpretation.

As I have determined previously, the actress symbol is connected to wealth. There is another aspect of this dream. The actress represents the harmony and the unity of a family. As we know a mother is supposed to care for the entire family. The actress in this sense means that a possible family member is not acting "appropriately." Right, now I have given you a number of things to think about I will introduce myself if you don't already know me. I’m Flo from England, a forty-something psychic who has studied dream psychology and my goal is to provide the best meaning of this dream for you. The internet has allowed me to write so much on this subject - without limitations of a book. Read on and scroll down to find your dream meaning of an actress!

What does it mean when you dream of being or seeing a celebrity?

Dreams of being a celebrity are positive. This dream should be interpreted by defining your own emotions, feelings, and goals in waking life. The celebrity, after all, is in the public eye. To see a famous person or to be a famous person in the dream indicates popularity, greatness, prestige, powerful positions and also the need of protecting your own reputation. It is true to say that most people wish that they were a celebrity, however, some people don’t. Some people like to sometimes hide behind the limelight - a bit like me. A celebrity, spiritually can be a primal sign of our own inner development.

The media is full of celebrities - they often catch our eyes in newspapers or TV news headlines. If we look at the dream interpretation from a Freudian perspective this dream can be connected to what you have seen in waking life or experience in the media, which has affected your dream state. I am not sure I have explained this in the right way, so let me use an example. For instance, you may have seen Madonna in your dream, but the night before you could have watched a pop video of her. These dreams don’t actually mean anything - they’re just symbols from daily life affecting your sleep. To have a relationship with an actress in the dream indicates that you will have no boundaries in life and be a maverick in your chosen career.

What does it mean to dream of having a nightmare of being an actress?

A nightmare dream of being an actress illustrates that you wish to protect yourself against attack. As I’ve already mentioned an actress has many different facets when seen in dreams and can mean a whole range of predictions from being more powerful to wanting the limelight. However, fame isn’t for everyone. If you equate the money, luxury and power dream then this is generally positive. One would often argue that this dream cannot turn out to be horrible in anyway.

The only concern in the movie industry is that your privacy can be invaded. If you see people photographing you, or that you are on television due to being an actress or that you have an insane "nightmare" type dream then you need a more open mind. Having such a dream leads to questions that you need to ask yourself. If we look at the price you pay in waking life of being an actress this means that you may feel you want to "hideaway" this can indicate that your emotions in waking life may be affecting your decisions. You having a lot of human energy directed at you during a dream can signify many different directions that you can have in life.

What is the dream significance of seeing film stars in dreams?

Firstly, it is of doubt that film stars or actresses in your dream have any real significance. If however, you dream of seeing film stars then this can be connected to an actual “role” that you play in life. This is what I call a “guided dream” in that you are wanting to act in a certain way. Sometimes our dreams are focused on our own creativity. There are many different problems solve in the dream state, and seeing movie stars can often give an insight into how you are feeling about a career situation at the moment.

Perhaps you are not gaining the recognition that you need require all our dreams contain a range of different symbols and hidden meanings. You may have had a dream where film stars are acting on set, see them on the television or be in the movie industry. Finally, the symbolism of a film star signifies the fact that we want more attention in waking life.

What does it mean to dream or become a famous porn star?

Many people have dreams of steamy sex moments and it is not uncommon to dream of a sex scene of a porn actress. But what does it mean? Well, in my view it is simply about your passion, power, urges and attention and how you are feeling about relationships in life. So, if the dream was about James Deen, Evan Stone, Jessica Drake or any other mainstream porn actress - then you need to make a conscious decision. In life some porn stars are generally highly educated women who are seen in mainstream media.

There is a focus on unique distinctive forces at work and you will find that you may have sexual urges after such a dream. To have sex with an actress in a dream indicates you will encounter a woman who is smart, clever and focused. To dream of being a porn star yourself then you are reviewing your emotions sexually and also emotionally. Things will be positive if the dream was. Due to the nature of the porn industry to dream of the porn actress in a negative way can indicate that you need to protect yourself from hidden dangers. You may have a period of time in life to showcase your own skills.

What is the general detailed dream meaning of an actress?

An actress with nice clothes represents the nice time that you are going to enjoy. The actress represents the future and the nice clothes are the symbols of the positive things in life. You may have developed in your business or education to your expectations. If you are a mother, who is wanting to offer love and care - you will hear the happy news after this dream (according to Scottish folklore).

Everyone loves to have this kind of a dream, but the consequences of that dream may not be so happy. The actress dining with you brings trouble and disaster to your life. Though the actress is a good sign dinning turns this around.

What does it mean to see an actress in a golden dress?

The golden color dress is the sign of the good or the blessings of the others in the society. If you encounter such a dream in your life, you should be very careful to select the activities. You must select certain tasks, which can give you money and other benefits.

What is it mean if you dream of a movie actress?

There are many different myths and legends around what an actress in a movie means in your dream. A movie actress from dream psychological perspective indicates that you may wish to “act” in a certain way in waking life. What does it mean to dream of talking to an actress? Talking to the actress in dreams, from ancient dream books means trouble but you need such trouble to move forward. The actress is the messenger and if she has good news you then things will work out well in the end. If the actress has something negative to say in the dream you will overcome a problem.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream

  • An actress comes closer and kisses you.
  • This is a rare dream but everyone like to have this kind of experience.
  • If you have this kind of a dream you are going to be gifted with many things in your list.
  • They may be kids, vehicles or other goods.
  • If an actress appears you in your dream with tear-filled eyes, you are going to have new relationships.
  • The tears represent the pleasant experiences that you are going to enjoy.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an actress

Happiness. Feelings of love. Excitement. Sorrow, anger, hopes of a new start, thoughts about the young days.

Finally, here are some ancient dream meanings of an actress from the 1930s

  • An actress with impressive clothes indicates a way forward in life.
  • Your favorite actress in dreams may be a symbol of hope.
  • An actress has ragged clothes can imply you need to watch your finances.
  • Actress in gold colored clothes indicates a bright future.
  • You are talking with your favorite actress in a dream can denote a new start.
  • You are the actress in your own dream which is connected to power and the fact that you wish to feel more connected to others in life.
  • A beautiful actress seen in a dream indicates that in life you will have joy and comfort.
  • If the actress is in trouble or needs your help then you will help out a friend who is in need.
  • If you dream of acting on stage or in the theater it indicates that you are going to turn to others in order to gain support.
  • See yourself in Hollywood as a movie star can suggest that the main problems in life. You will overcome anything with determination and perseverance.
  • If you are a man and you dream of a famous actress it indicates that you may encounter some problems with relationships going forward.
  • If you dream of visiting the cinema then this can mean that other people will turn to you for advice.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013