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Dream dictionary meaning Actress


The actress is the symbol of wealth and if seen in one's dream represents material gain. Therefore, an actress as a symbol in a dream, is a positive omen.

The drama of a dream is often similar to drama's in real life. To dream of an actress, according to ancient dream dictionaries, is a rather common dream. This dream conveys both positive and negative omens in our life. If you encounter a dream where you are the actress this is a warning to be careful with one's financial assets, as we have determined previously, the actress symbol is connected to wealth.


There is another aspect of this dream. The actress represents the harmony and the unity of a family. As we know a mother is suppose to care for the entire family. The actress in this sense means that a possible family member is not acting "appropriately."

You may have seen the following in your dream...

  • An actress with impressive clothes.
  • Your favorite actress.
  • An actress has ragged clothes.
  • Actress in gold colored clothes.
  • You are talking with your favorite actress.
  • You are the actress in your own dream.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream…

An actress comes closer and kisses you. This is a rare dream but everyone like to have this kind of experience. If you have this kind of a dream you are going to be gifted with many things in your list. They may be kids, vehicles or other goods.

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If an actress appears you in your dream with tear filled eyes, you are going to have new relationships. The tears represent the pleasant experiences that you are going to enjoy.

Detailed description...

An actress with nice clothes represents the nice time that you are going to enjoy. The actress represents the future and the nice clothes are the symbols of the good things. You may be able to have so developed in your business or education. If you are a mother, who is waiting for a kid, you will be able to hear happy news.

Everyone loves to have this kind of a dream, but the consequences of that dream may not be so happy. The actress dining with you brings trouble and disaster to your life. Though the actress is a good sign but dinning makes it differ. In the process of dining or eating we consume food and other sort of things. So in this dream, we can expect some sort of trouble to our future activities.


The golden color dress is the sign of the good or the blessings of the others in the society. If you encounter such a dream in your life, you should be very careful to select the activities. You must select ones, which can give you fame and other benefits.

Talking with the actress means trouble for you and it may not be a bigger one. The actress is the messenger and if she has good news you are not talking to. She has got something bad but you can get some sort of solution by negotiation. So you should expect some sort of problems in the future, but you can control them to a certain extent. But you have to talk with the relevant parties.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an actress...

Happiness. Feelings of love. Excitement. Sorrow, anger, hopes of a new start, thoughts about the young days


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