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An auger is a tool used for boring holes in wood or in the ground.

Think of a dream where you encounter the auger which is drilling holes indicates that you need to think about a change in life.


If you are using an auger to drill holes it indicates a new start. If you experience an auger used in violence, for example, someone is drilling into your stomach then this denotes bad luck.

In such a scenario, you might wake up, all shaken. A dream where you see an auger in use but are not operating it denotes hard work. You might be working hard in your life to achieve something that you badly need. An auger in the dream can also serve as a warning that you are being led astray by a bad companion.

The key message is to work hard and keep focused. If you keep your focus well, you will not disappointed in life, instead, you will soar to great success.


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In this dream…

  • You could see the drill.
  • The auger was drilling holes in the ground.
  • The auger was boring holes in the earth.
  • The auger was boring holes in wood.
  • You could see others rotating an auger.
  • You could see a screw conveyor.
  • The auger had a blade.
  • You killed someone with an auger.

Detailed dream interpretation...

If you see a drill in your dream, it foretells that you have the tools to take you to your next level. All you need is to soldier on and within no time, you will be on top, succeeding in everything that you set your heart on. Don’t misuse your time by associating with the wrong company who might mislead you in life.

If you see that an auger drilling holes in the ground in the dream state it denotes that, you are about to be rewarded for the hard work you have been doing. Prepare yourself for success because everything that you invested in will pay off. In a short space of time, you will have a celebration.


If you see an auger boring holes in the earth in your dream it denotes it is possible for you to be prosperous; don’t relax and continue working hard and it is going to pay very soon.

A situation where you see an auger boring holes in wood denotes that you are involved in a bad company. A relationship won't be beneficial to you. If you see others rotating an auger in your dream, it can suggest that you are a hard working person, but you feel that others are benefiting from your endeavors.  Keep working hard so that, it will come a time when it will be hard for others to benefit from what is rightfully yours and you will be rewarded abundantly.

If you see a screw conveyor in your dream it implies that events will play out and end up content. If an auger has a blade in your dream, denotes that, you have gained experience due to continued hard work in life and now you are in a position to multi-task. You have learned everything that you need. Utilize your good luck.

If you use an auger to kill someone, it is a good sign as it denotes you are generous at heart and people are benefiting from your hard work. You give generously to those around you.

Feelings Associated with the Dream


Generous. Wealthy.Kind. Strong. Hard working

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