Dreaming of the Pentagon

Dreaming of the Pentagon

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Seeing the Pentagon appear in your dreams denotes to you being engulfed in a complex situation.

The Pentagon is a large building shaped like a pentagon in Virginia USA. It is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, which is likely the reason it represents power and control when having appeared in your dreams. Similarly, in dreams, the shape of a pentagon relates to power and/or control in relation to a complex situation. The dreamer should analyze and relate their encounter with the Pentagon to actual life.

In this dream:

  • The headquarters of the USA states department.
  • The Pentagon was destroyed in your dream.
  • A plane flies into the Pentagon.
  • Yourself working at the Pentagon.
  • Other people are at the Pentagon.
  • You are walking down the Pentagon staircase.
  • You are looking out the window of the Pentagon.


  • There are people you trust in your workplace.
  • The decisions you make are confident with valid reasoning.
  • You speak to people you trust about your future and its obstacles.

There are many moments in your life where the Pentagon could slip into your dream world, such as before a change in career path; taking on a whole load of new responsibilities in the workplace; a big promotion; or possibly even a relocation. If none of these apply to you, the Pentagon will also appear frequently when political debate has hit a peak in our social culture. Perhaps there is an election upon us or you noticed the Pentagon on the news. Perhaps there’s talk of flaws in the current system. Either way, the Pentagon is relevant when you are searching for self-control, or when you potentially need to be seen as powerful.

If you’ve seen yourself inside the building, you could be in a number of different locations. One of them would be walking down the staircase. This generally implies that you are in a transitional period which is causing your mind to feel frustrated, and as though you don’t know what you are doing. On the other hand, you could be staring out of a large window. This commonly denotes that you should feel protected in your professional life due to your skill level. Redundancies in the workplace shouldn’t be a concern you should feel safe because of the talent you possess.

Dreaming that you are flying above the Pentagon, able to see its full structure, implies that your mind has recognized people being easily controlled by others who are in a more dominant position. You, as the viewer, may also not be in a dominant position, and therefore have chosen to stay as the onlooker and not get involved. On the other hand, if you do hold a great deal of power, and still remained as an onlooker, the dream of the Pentagon is implying that you felt your dominance should have been utilized, and the situation was perhaps corrupt, causing you to now feel unsettled.

Seeing a plane crash into the Pentagon is an extremely strong image, and can cause a person to wonder why they would dream of such an outrageous event. Firstly, separate the two main features: 1) Dreaming of an airplane crashing denotes there is an aspect of your life which is in great danger of ending. 2) Dreaming of the Pentagon denotes that you are in a complex situation, usually relevant to your career. Combining the two can be seen as a need for complete change, being broken down and building yourself back up again. For example, your relationship could be danger of ending, and your mind is subconsciously preparing for that. It is now reminding you that your job isn’t what you enjoy, and should take this opportunity to work on yourself.

Lastly, if you find yourself trying to get inside the Pentagon, this generally constitutes that you are seeking protection. The Pentagon can represent force and extermination, so if you have experienced either of these in your real life, or are fearful you will experience them soon, it is advised you take action so you are in a safe place again. Finding your safe place is easier if you talk to others around you, there are people who you will relate to, and those people offer a lot of guidance.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of a pentagon:

Worried about society, connecting to others and relationships.

By Florance Saul
May 21, 2017