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Since ancient history, the wasp has been a symbol of unrelenting torment.

Buzz... Did you know that this dream interpretation is not only spiritual sources but also from a psychological viewpoint! I'm Flo and psychic from England who spent the last 20 years researching dreams. I am here to help you decode your wasp dream so let's begin! Now, Wasps are capable of stinging multiple times and are known for their single-minded pursuit of vengeance. So, did you have a dream of a wasp? Was the wasp chasing you, stinging you or you were you worried about seeing a swarm of wasps? So in order to dissect this dream meaning, we need to understand what the dream means. Scroll down to find out the meaning.

What is the quick meaning of a wasp dream?

Dreaming of wasps is a sign that you are feeling beset by hardships, setbacks, conflicts, temptations, or pain. It can also signify that you wish harm to your enemies. Some species of wasps are parasitic, laying eggs in the bodies of other insects. As a consequence, dreaming of wasps may also indicate that you are being taken advantage of by those closest to you. Most of the time wasps spiritually are associated with communication, chatter, and news.

Interpretation of A Wasp Dream

A wasp is connected to “insight” from a spiritual sense. The wasp normally appears in our dreams when we need to work better in groups of people or communicate with friends better. The wasp is associated with how we approach others and interact with others. The sting found on a wasp can be associated with someone that may say something hurtful. So, now you know that the wasp buzzing around your mind when you sleep actually means something. We need to remember the wasp dream can be connected to our waking life, for example, our memories of the day, emotions and perhaps the fact you could see a wasp flying by in daily life. All these symbols are given to us in daily life and sometimes they are transferred to our dream state. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were focused on our subconscious signals and believed that dreams were focused on how we transmit this information.

Positive changes are afoot if as follows

  • You walked past a wasp nest.
  • You killed a wasp.
  • You removed a wasp nest.

Detailed dream meaning

Dreaming of wasps can be very upsetting, particularly if you are being attacked from all sides. Wasps signify evil, anger and negative feelings and usually mean that you are in the midst of misfortune or that bad fortune is coming your way. Being stung, chased or swarmed by wasps indicates that you will be beleaguered in some way by either external attack from enemies or from the torments of your own mind. The attacks from others may be caused by envy, hatred or deceit and may take the form of rumors, lies and innuendo. The internal torments can be temptations, fears, impulses, addictions, and compulsions.

Accidentally incurring the anger of wasps in a dream by stepping on one or knocking down a nest signifies an unexpected tragedy or betrayal may be pending. It means you need to step or walk carefully and be aware of the true intentions of the people in your life. Watching loved ones or people you know change into wasps or dreaming of people, who have some form of authority over you, as wasps implies that your relationships with those people are becoming toxic and harmful to you. In regard to those in authority over you, it suggests that you are stirring the nest and your attitude or behavior may be poisoning your relationships with people who have power over you, leaving your future in jeopardy.

On the other hand, a dream in which you hear buzzing but do not experience any negative consequence is an indication that you have managed to avoid a threat. Dreaming that you kill a wasp or remove a nest signifies your fearlessness and willingness to combat those who stand against you. If you yourself turn into a wasp, then it suggests either that you are your own worst enemy or that you have become impregnated with negative emotions which can take over your life.

Seeing other people stung by wasps indicates that you feel powerless in the face of suffering and are experiencing pain by proxy.

What does wasps attacking you in dreams mean?

Wasps indicate anger, conflict and fighting. Therefore to see wasps attacking you in a dream can indicate that you will have a difficult time in the future. Wasps themselves in ancient dream dictionaries denote ill luck or misfortune. To see a swarm of wasps attacking you can indicate that someone is going to be jealous of you and cause problems in the future.

What do wasps chasing you in a dream mean?

Being chased by anything in a dream can be somewhat worrying. Chased by a wasp can be worrying because obviously wasps sting. As a wasp is focused on conflict and also anger being chased by a wasp can also signify that you are passionate in life. Surprisingly, many dream dictionaries being chased by a wasp is a positive omen. If you see wasps in every single area coming in various directions in your dream it can signify not only gossip but also overcoming anger. Generally, wasps aggressive in a dream can signify relationships that appear to be toxic on the surface. You have to try to think about how you express yourself towards others.

What do “wasps” in ancient dream dictionaries mean?

Depending on how the wasp appears in your dream it, it can mean either good or bad luck. On the positive side, the wasp can imply that you are about to gain some interesting news! If the wasp was chasing you in the dream it can be associated with misunderstanding, gossip, and rumors that are spread by others. Alternatively, it could represent a close friend, or if the wasp was in a group then it represents friends who are having difficulty communicating their true feelings. To kill a wasp in a dream suggests that someone will have trouble truly expressing themselves which ultimately leads to passive aggressive or hostile behavior. More specifically, it can lead to someone ending up in a tight corner.

What does a wasp flying in your dream mean?

If in your dream you happen to see a wasp passing you by it is associated with a general message of hard work. You might be forced to work hard to get anything out of this life. You will need to make sure that your plans are well organized, and you are focused on achieving results in your undertakings. Whatever your dreams and desires are, you can only get it through working hard. Remember the saying that nothing will be presented to you on a silver plate! In the end the good news is the hard work will pay off. Yes, the wasp is similar to seeing the bee in a dream but the difference is that the wasp does not need to work harder than the bee. You will get what you want from life with little effort.

What does seeing a wasp’s nest mean in a dream?

If in your dream you happen to see a nest of a wasp, that is close to you; it could be a sign of frustration, unhappiness, or disappointment in the days and weeks. It is a representation of an idea that someone or something that would cause you internal chaos or would let you down. Such a dream could imply that the current environment you are working in is not ideal for your career advancement or achieving your personal goals. It could be that your managers, supervisors, co-workers are interfering with your work or blocking your achievement whichever way you try it out.

What does a wasp in your house mean in a dream?

When asleep we sometimes have creepy dreams, did you see a wasp in your house? Wondering what it means? It denotes that, you are going to experience improvement or circumstances in your life. The good news is that you will gain some positive forthcoming news shortly, and you should prepare for the celebration. To kill the wasp in your house with wasp spray can suggest excitement, relief, satisfaction, and joy. If the wasp is unable to leave your house in the dream it can indicate you will have some weird problems with someone in the future.

What does killing wasps mean in a dream?

Wasps featured in dreams reminders that we need to focus on our plans and actions in life. The wasp illustrates our own inner anger and conflict. In order to uncover and understand the dream better we need to understand that killing the wasp in the dream illustrates that we are going to remove anger and pent-up energies that we possess waking life. The wasp is associated with our challenge in life and also our development and intellect. When this insect comes into your dreams it can suggest that you will meet the challenge going forward in life.

What does a wasps nest mean in your dream?

The wasp’s nest is an indication that you need to build the foundations to move forward in life. It can also signify that somebody has been acting aggressively towards you. The wasp is a direct indication that you need to be more challenging and think about how you can be successful in life. To see a wasps nest near your home in a dream can denote that someone will challenge you at home in the future! Yes, a rather worrying dream as this can suggest an argument with a family member!

Did you see someone being stung by a wasp in your dream?

If you saw someone being stung by a wasp in your dream it means that you are going succeed in life. It could suggest that you will successfully overcome a brutal rivalry or cunning competitors. If you could see your child stung by wasps in a dream this can suggest you will need to use your sixth personal sense to uncover trouble. Try to avoid any worrying situations. To see someone unknown stung by wasps in your dream can denote a difficult situation with others.

Did you dream of being stung by a wasp what does it mean?

Were you stung by Mr. Wasp? It can be somewhat horrifying to dream of being stung. In ancient dream dictionaries, wasps are associated with negative problems in life and even anger. The “sting” by a wasp can also be connected to envy and worry in life. There could also be a rival in your work life.

To be stung by a wasp in your dream is an indicator that soon you are going to be separated from someone whom you love to spend time with and enjoy their company. Alternatively, it could imply that you are going to be alone or there is some physical distance or a general growing apart in a relationship. This is due to life’s challenges or stages. More than one wasp stinging you can be connected to work. This is related to work, school or just a change of environment for them.

What does crushing a wasp mean in your dream?

If you see a wasp and then you crush it, whether it is intentional or by accident it represents a situation where you are going to face rumors or gossip - without your knowledge. There are fake friends amongst you. We all want to protect yourself from false friends. These people are using private gatherings to work against you. If you are young, below 20 and you dream of crushing a wasp it can mean a new girlfriend or boyfriend. To splat a wasp in a dream suggests a breakup in waking life. And for married couples, it might mean fights or disagreements.

What does it mean for a wasp circling you in a dream?

Seeing a wasp circling you in the dream can mean that, you will meet a minor conflict. There may be a conflict of interests. Don’t worry this won’t impact negatively on your life. The “circle” action of the wasp just denotes possible problems around you. You are going to get over any problems very fast and move on with your normal life.

What do people turning into wasps mean in a dream?

People turning into wasps is very weird and you are probably wondering what it means. Normally this type of dream occurs in the lucid state. In the early hours such as 5 am in the morning, we experience what is called REM sleep and nightmares such as “turning into a wasp” normally happens in lucid dreaming. It denotes your anger in life. Turning into a wasp dictates that you will feel anger towards others. Don’t worry, this anger will pass but the dream serves as a warning to try to focus on yourself and not be angry!

What does dreaming of wasps in your hair mean?

If the wasp was in your hair this can indicate goals in life, it is focused on goals because your hair represents your brain and ideas in life. Try to uncover what your goals should be going forward. If the wasps are in your hair when and you are unable to get them out then this indicates that your action and determination in the future going to be important. Try to think that we wish to achieve and do not let anybody get in your way. The hair also denotes resistance - this is resistant to change.

What does it mean to see a wasp on an animal’s nose?

A dream where you see a wasp landing on the nose of an animal denotes that there are possible insincerity and betrayal from someone who is close to you. It is a symbol that means that someone has been close to you in the recent days or weeks. It denotes “friendship” and union. Someone, maybe a friend is trying to utilize your kind, unsuspecting, and generous nature. After the wasp lands on the nose of the animal, it may attempt to run away, and hide in a pool of water, it denotes that individuals are ruthless and would use any means possible to make sure that they maximize on benefiting from you. You are going to come out more wounded.

What if you could see a wasp circling your brother or sister in the dream?

A wasp circling your sibling in a dream is an indicator of a dark period which you have entered regarding the relationship you have with your siblings. You had hopes that the situation will end faster, but it has not happened, and it weighs hard on your conscious. If you can kill the wasp and knock it down on the ground, it could indicate that things between you and your siblings are going to be difficult in the future. After the dream, it could be to the best of your interest to calm down before moving forward.

What do buzzing wasps mean in a dream?

So, you are peacefully sleeping and then you dream about wasps buzzing, or a whole nest of them buzzing around you! What does this mean? It is an indication that you could experience a negative phase in life, in regard to your current endeavors. You might be forced to exert more effort or exercise caution to overcome the obstacles that present themselves to you. Alternatively, it could be an indicator that someone who is close to you is going to fall ill, become ill or just suffer a minor injury. Because the person will be a close friend, a family member or co-worker, their illness will impact negatively on you for a few months to come.

What does a swarm of wasps mean in a dream?

A swarm of wasps descending on you in your dream is a positive sign that means that your bosses or superiors are delighted with you, this is an ancient dream dictionary. Even though you might be aware of jealous rivals hindering you from achieving perfection you will overcome anything! The dream is an indicator that their actions won't hinder your progress. There is a likelihood that you are going to receive a promotion, special recognition, or commendation.

What does frightened by a wasp mean in your dream?

If you are shocked or frightened by a wasp in your dream, it suggests that there is a message which your subconscious is trying to communicate to you. The message could be that you should be wary of the company you keep in life. There is a possibility that, you might be in danger of a serious injury or accident which is not limited to your physical side in life. Physical or emotional pain could also be the reason as to why you are having this dream!

What does a bee transforming into a wasp mean in a dream?

A bee represents relationship and love, but when you see it transforming into a wasp in your dream you are at risk of being too angry. If a bee or wasp lands onto your lips, it represents a sweet harmonious love in the air with someone. So the transformation from a bee to a wasp could mean something not going right for you as far as relationship and love are concerned. If you are planning to start a new romantic relationship it will be wise if you take precautions - and take things slowly before you proceed with your plans and make your intentions known to the other person

What does killing a wasp and a wasp nest mean in dreams?

If you see a wasp in your dream and you have that urge to exterminate that naughty insect it is a symbol of things becoming a bit boring in life. If you feel you need to kill the wasp then it is a representation of your efforts to overcome difficulties which are controlling your life. To see two wasps in a hospital setting in your dream means you need to watch your emotional health. Are you taking all the steps that you need to do to protect your family and friends? To see a wasps nest in a dream indicates that you will be free of any difficulties in life. The nest itself indicates the inner anger we feel. Do not try to do too much in life.

What does seeing tons of wasps mean in a dream?

You are overstretching yourself and thus, you are on the blink of emotional breakdown. The best remedy is to make sure that you take a break from your day to day activities, take care of yourself so that you will be in a position to focus on taking better care of your loved ones in future. The wasps represent your difficulties emotionally, and to see tons, hundreds or thousands of wasps in a dream indicates the fact you are over burned in life. Try to relax more!

What does seeing a wasp and a spider in the shower mean in a dream?

A scenario where you see both a black spider and a wasp suggests that you are going to acquire new material things in your life which could include gifts from family and friends or some material possessions that you decide to buy for yourself. Seeing a floating wasp upside down and then it goes down a hole is a warning sign according to old dream dictionaries. If you are about to engage yourself in a new relationship, the dream could be warning you that, you need to take more time to know your partner. You need to take time before making important decisions. In a shower, a wasp or spider indicates a new start in life!

What does it mean to see my husband, wife, son or daughter attacked by a wasp in a dream?

If you dream of seeing your son or husband chased or attacked by wasps it is a sign of worries that are disturbing you. This could be concerning their well-being. A wasp is a representation of dark and dreary things. A wasp attacking your husband or son could imply that they are having problems with them, which could become bigger and cause severe consequences. If they die from the attack could imply that you need to rely on yourself and not let others take control. To see your wife or daughter get attacked by a wasp suggests an improved position in life. You will get to the heart of whatever issues that are related to your life that you are worried about. Try to gain a mutual understanding with your wife or daughter.

What does being stung by a swarm of wasps mean in a dream?

A dream where you encounter a swarm of wasps - which come to sting you is an indicator that you admire your partner's integrity. Alternatively, it could imply that you are getting involved in tricky situations at home or work, especially if the wasps attacked you in the dream. There is a possibility that, you are going to be told to do something that is against your principles or values. The sting could take the meaning of the latter due to the pain it leaves behind.

What does it mean to transform into a wasp in a dream?

Yes, strange dream. To dream that you see anyone including yourself transform into a wasp denotes that, you are no longer having a good relationship with someone close - it could be strained. It could be that they are people who have authority over you and the relationship between you and them is becoming troublesome.

What does it mean to see wasps coming from your mouth, body, eyes, ears in a dream?

Wasps are a sign of both good and bad news. If you see wasps forming into groups and flying out of your ears in a dream it means that you are going to be a source of good news or harmful gossips. The dream can denote that you are at liberty to influence others by sharing positive, uplifting information. Seeing wasps coming out of your mouth in a dream can suggest gossip. To see wasps coming out of your eyes indicates you are blind to the truth. To see wasps coming out of your body indicates you will be stung by the truth! If you happen to see your family members who have wasps coming out of their bodies in the dream can indicate that your actions in waking life will affect mostly those close to you, that is, your family and friends. Try to be wary of those around you, especially those you have shared your secrets with if you see tons of wasps near or on your own body in the dream.

What does it mean to see wasps crosses your path mean?

When a wasp crosses your path, it implies that you are having a problem expressing your opinions or thinking about yourself. Try to make sure that, you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals no matter what.

What does yellow jacket bees mean in a dream?

The yellow jacket bee is a beautiful insect. It rarely occurs in dreams, however, when it does it signifies a warning that you need to watch other people closely in life. The yellow jacket be is associated with love and friendship but when it appears it can denote that somebody is going to have control over you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Wasps

Anxiety. Terror. Betrayal. Temptation. Bravery. Anger. Agony. Grief. Suspicion. Jealousy. Craving. Hopelessness. Helplessness. Resilience.

In this dream you may have any of the following dreams that have been sent in by the users

  • Been stung by a wasp.
  • Chased a wasp.
  • Killed a wasp.
  • Stepped on a wasp.
  • Been allergic to wasps or a wasp sting.
  • Been chased by a swarm of wasps (either being stung or not).
  • Knocked down a wasp nest.
  • Saw a wasp dying.
  • Heard the sound of wasps buzzing Saw a lot of wasps.
  • Transformed into a wasp.
  • Watched loved ones or familiar people transform into wasps.
  • Experienced people in positions of authority as wasps (policemen, teachers, judges, doctors, etc.).
  • Seen loved ones being stung by wasps.
  • Witnessed strangers being stung by wasps.
  • Removed a wasp nest or exterminated wasps.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Legal difficulties, incarceration.
  • Physical or mental illness.
  • Family conflict.
  • Conflict with co-workers.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012