Dream Cabinets

Dream Cabinets

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The Cabinet is quite an interesting symbol in dreams. To make this dream interpretation complete I have used both the cabinet that we see (like a cupboard) and additionally a presidential cabinet.

In older dream lore dreaming of an empty cabinet often promises change, loss, betrayal of a person who was trusted, deceived, boring work. I’m sorry that does not sound that positive. If you could see a kitchen cabinet in a dream this denotes opportunity for career growth, interesting events, pleasant changes, success in the opposite sex. We see kitchen cabinets in daily life all the time and in spiritual terms indicates a new beginning.

What does cabinet mean?

A cabinet is basically a cupboard that has draws or inside is a shelve. In dreams, a cabinet can be shown in many ways from a kitchen cabinet to a wooden cabinet.

What is the detailed dream meaning of a cabinet?

Cabinets can appear in many ways in a dream. To dream of a dental cabinet then in old dream books, be wary of whom you trust. Such a dream can imply that you are not sure the best way to proceed in life. Perhaps they are not too pleasant, but necessary for further development. A normal cabinet in a dream can indicate closing emotions up. To dream of a glass cabinet can indicate that the reflection of yourself. A cabinet in regard to a presidential cabinet in a dream indicates authority and control. Perhaps you are going to embark unique shortly. To hide in a cabinet in a dream indicates a new start especially in connection with work. In older dream lore, a bathroom cabinet in a dream can imply a problem with friends awaits you. Also, the cabinet, that will not open indicates a difficult situation in life. To dream of many cabinets indicates that other people are going to understand you. A wood cabinet in a dream suggests a new focus in life. To see the school cabinet in a dream - some of the sleeper's talents remain unrealized. You must develop them.

What does it mean to dream of cleaning the cabinet?

In old dream lore, this refers to our social status, which will soon change. It can indicate a new approach to life, that you will sweep away the cobwebs, and wipe the dust away – it can, therefore, foreshadow a change of work. Repairing the cabinet portends interesting events and pleasant changes.

What does it mean to dream of moving a cabinet?

Now, this is a positive dream there will be an opportunity for career growth, which should be utilized. Seeing a new beautiful cabinet in a dream means that there is a long way to reach a goal. Thanks to perseverance and your desire will overcome difficulties. Moving a cabinet in a dream is associated with how you will achieve results. Also, a new cabinet heralds the fact you will improve your own financial situation.

What does it mean to sit in a presidential cabinet in a dream?

Seen yourself sitting the presidential cabinet being in a cabinet of power can indicate negotiation teamwork between people. The Cabinet “symbol” in this sense is associated with social gathering and a focus on results.If you felt you were part of the cabinet in terms of the government, specifically that you were part of the presidential cabinet then this can suggest authority control in life. There are many different types of a cabinet which include 15 executive departments and these could feature in any of your dreams. Perhaps you’re part of the defense, Treasury or even the Department of State. To be part of the Cabinet has many different meanings but mostly around control and authority. I feel that this dream indicates our own self-control and assertion over life. If you dreamt of a presidential election then this can indicate a focus and hard work in the future. In some countries, the Cabinet consists of officials deciding government response to certain worldwide events. If you are searching for answers or opinions in your dream then this can foretell that you will take an advisory position in life. To be president in a dream represents ultimate control.

What does it mean to not be able to get into a cabinet?

I'm talking about cabinets that need to be opened with a key, alternatively open via a door. If you cannot open the cabinet in your dream indicates hidden secret thoughts. The cabinet from a psychological point of view can have an association with your own feelings. As a cabinet can't be opened in the dream this indicates a closure problem or situation waking life.

What does it mean to dream of small cabinets?

Small cabinets are connected to our nutrition in life, putting away feelings about food. Consequently, a small cabinet is normally shown in a dream when we need to watch what we eat.

What does it mean to dream of an empty cupboard?

An empty cabinet in a dream means that you could be worried your duties. This behavior can imply the loss of space. In old dream lore, it may be necessary to carry out your deeds faithfully, even if they seem insignificant. An empty cabinet indicates, according to old dream lore - that the sleeper will receive a gift soon.

What do kitchen cabinets mean in a dream?

Kitchen cabinets can sometimes crop up in dreams as our main food storage they are associated with shutting a problem in life. Kitchen cabinets can come in all different shapes and sizes. If you notice a pull-out garbage cabinet this can suggest storage of feelings of annoyance. To dream of pulling out spice racks then your life will spice up soon. Full draw cabinets (soft close) can indicate you need to tread carefully.

I do hope this dream interpretation of a cabinet helped you understand your dream better. And, if there is anything that I missed please leave me a facebook message below.

1930s dreams:

  • Wood Cabinet - there is a tense, boring work that cannot be abandoned.
  • Toy Cabinet - expect the promotion.
  • Dressing Cabinet – there are losses in future.
  • School Cabinet - it is necessary to overestimate the established stereotypes.
  • Medical Cabinet - possibly a disease.
  • Dentist Cabinet - you can be deceived.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of a cabinet:

Power, control, comfort, discontent, fear, worry, stress, fatigue.

Possible dreams:

  • You are sitting in a cabinet.
  • You cannot get into a cabinet.
  • There is a repair required to a cabinet.
  • A cabinet was destroyed.
  • You took drugs out of a cabinet in the dream.
  • You could see a filing cabinet.
  • You saw a cabinet full of books.
  • A cabinet was in a house.
  • You hid in a cabinet in the dream.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2018