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Dreaming of an address usually means that one requires advice. It also means that you are currently addressing a problem in your life.

Detailed dream interpretation: 

This particular dream can be an indication of one's thoughts and one's mind. To write somebody's address means that you are required to make a decision. To dream of an address can symbolize that you need to get somewhere in life. This dream can also suggest the way you feel about your life and how you live currently.

To dream of a past address, where you lived then this is an indication of the kind of person you used to be, your previous traits and whatever you were facing in your life during those time. To dream of a childhood home is related to how you feel in the dream. To have a nightmare regarding your childhood address or home means that you have some elements of life that you do not know how to handle.

What does it mean to dream of address labels?

Sticking address labels onto something in a dream indicate how you stick to a situation. To see a letter with an address label indicates that people are going to turn to you for comfort and advice. Predominantly the address label can also signify the fact that you are losing track of your goals which is what I described in the previous paragraph. If you see a letter with an address label in the dream then through hardship you prosper.

When you dream of a new address, that you have never seen before, this means that you are hoping for a change in life. It can also mean that you are experiencing fear of change. To see yourself looking for an address, either driving, on public transport or in a taxi means that you are actually in the process of embracing a new, but rewarding change. To forget an address in one's dream means that you are actually losing track of your goals and you are finding it hard to find the motivation to work hard towards achieving your dreams in life.

What does it mean to dream of an address?

An address spiritually is connected to what is important to us. If the address is distinctive and you even remember the zip code when waking up this can represent an important need to expand your horizons. An unfamiliar address in dreams can represent nostalgia for past experiences in your home. If you are trying to find a building or property. Searching for an address can indicate that you will encounter an unpleasant situation. 

What does it mean to dream of a childhood address? 

To dream of a childhood address, or a place that you use living as a child indicates that you are looking to expand your horizons or capabilities in life. You need to look at yourself and how your inner child is affected and your own current well being.

What does it mean to dream of an IP address?

The IP address is a fairly modern thing, in fact, I remember the days of no Internet whatsoever.  in our modern world in order to understand the dreaming of an IP address we need to turn to psychology. Maybe you were a hacker in the dream? Whatever the reason to see an IP address is connected to your identity in every way and can in dreams indicate you need to understand your own identity.

Positive changes are afoot if: 

To have a dream of a person’s address that you actually know (in waking life) is a positive dream. This can suggest that you will need to think about what this person requires in waking life. This person may need a friend or someone to rely on. In a dream, the person to whom the address belongs to is rather significant. Thus, this means that you may need to contact this person. You moved address in the dream - this dream can also suggest that a situation will change in life.  

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of address: 

Anxious, happiness, excitement, joyful, delighted. Worry about the address, childhood memories, worries about the address. Here are some more meanings of your address in dreams:

  • Seen your own address. This may have been written on paper or seen on a computer. This dream is an indication that you will require advice from others.
  • You have actually written your address down on paper. This is a positive dream, meaning that you feel settled in life.
  • Seen another person's address that you know.
  • Written down or visited an alternative address.
  • You cannot locate an address. This can be an indication that you are unable to trace your own roots in life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013