Dream Of Saving Someone From A Fire

Dream Of Saving Someone From A Fire

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In life, we often feel quite anxious and this is normally a reflection of modern life.

Worries and anxieties sometimes haunt us at night. This obviously results in dreams that have distinctive stressful situations. Being chased by fire or trying to save somebody from dying in a fire often is associated with how we respond to different pressures and stresses in waking life.

The dream itself indicates that you are trying to run away before everything in life explodes. The most important element in dream interpretation is trying to understand that the fire is a symbol of your own emotions. It can indicate your general well-being and the fact that you're feeling out of control.

In ancient occult books fire burning in a dream normally spells trouble, the great news is that if you are saving someone from a house or building fire it means that someone close to you will need your help. To be burned on your feet is a very lucky sign!

Saving someone from a blazing fire in a dream can be vivid, worrying and above all leave you feeling confused in the morning. Fire is a powerful dream symbol. It symbolizes desire, love, destruction, purification, transformation, change, anger, aggression, sexual passion, creative passion, and enlightenment. Remember, as I always say, think of the details of the dream. For example, how did you feel in your dream state? Did you set a fire in your dream? Or got scared of it?

Is the dream good or bad?

The dream is normally good because you were actually saving someone. If the fire was under control, it means that you’re experiencing inner transformation. Maybe you’re walking away from someone who was making you feel miserable or you ending a toxic relationship. Fire in a dream symbolizes your emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. These could change for the better.

Who did you save in your dream?

Who you saved in your dream is super important. It could have been a stranger, relative or even your own child. The act of “saving” from a dream psychology perspective can mean that you are feeling focused. I do feel that this is a positive dream and means you are trying to get everything under control in life.

What happens when you don’t save someone in a dream?

If you witnessed a destructive fire and failed to save someone from the fire in the dream, indicates that you are worried about inner transformations that may threaten to destroy you. If something was destroyed by fire in the dream, try to pay close attention to someone with a negative influence or negative energy in waking life. Alternatively, this dream can crop up when you’re destroying negative parts of your own personality and growing. Fire symbolizes awareness. But it’s also a symbol of cleansing and purification. New beginnings and major changes are coming your way. You’ll experience spiritual enlightenment and become more aware.

If you saw a car fire in the dream and you tried to help them it could indicate problems that are irritating or overwhelming you in waking life.

House fire:

If you saved someone from a house fire in your dream, it can suggest you’re feeling angry, anxious or aggressive in waking life. It can mean that you’re overwhelmed by negative emotions. Maybe you lost control over something/someone you cared about. However, don’t worry. It’ll all work out at the end.

Maybe you’re scared of losing someone or something in reality if you noticed the fire in your dream. However, fire dreams often occur to people with fire traumas. So, if you’ve ever witnessed a fire in waking life, it might be the reason why you’re dreaming of fire.

On the other hand, fire in your dream might express your creativity, strong energy, and motivation in waking life. Or perhaps your dream is warning you about a possible danger.

Saving child from fire in a dream:

If you were saving your child (son or daughter) from a fire in a dream, it means that you’re worried or care about the person in waking life. Perhaps you believe that you have a bad influence over this person and you want to save him/her from you. Alternatively, to save someone from a fire in your dream indicates that you’ve done something good that influenced your life in a bad way. You’re always putting your own needs at second place and care about other people more than you care about yourself and your own life. It’s time to save yourself.

If you were wondering what fire symbolizes in dreams, here are the main associations:

  • Passion
  • Enthusiasm
  • Guiding light
  • War and anger
  • Aggression
  • Destruction
  • Rejuvenation
  • Rebirth
  • Change
  • Love
  • Warmth
  • Profitability
  • Good fortune
  • Danger or risk

To dream of a blazing fire means that you need to take the lessons, experience, and wisdom from past failures and try again. You will achieve success and gain inner peace. However, don’t forget where you came from.

Alternatively, to rescue an animal from a fire in a dream reveals your need of salvation. You want to escape danger, future problems, and desperation. To dream of trying to carry someone out of a fire indicates that it is time to make certain changes in your life or head in a new direction. Seeing water (putting out the fire or saving someone) is associated with your own emotions in life. Are you being emotional?

What does it mean to dream of a fire brigade?

Unlike fire, seeing the fire brigade is not a common symbol in dreams. However, this dream still has a meaning. So, if you saw the fire brigade in your dream, it means that you like to control things in waking life. You like having things under control. To see a fireman in a dream means that you want to avoid a certain risk or prevent a disaster from happening. Alternatively, it’s a sign that you should express your feelings and opinion more often, instead of keeping everything inside. To dream of the fire brigade putting out the fire or rescuing someone represents your high-powered friends. They’re going to help you avoid danger. Seeing a fire engine in a dream can indicate your own inner worries. Negatively, to dream of a fire brigade means that you may enter a danger zone.

What does it mean to run in a burning house in a dream?

If your house was on fire in your dream, it signifies inner changes and transformation. Maybe it’s time to change your old lifestyle and improve yourself as a person. Question your old beliefs and opinions on important matters. Otherwise, you will end up unhappy.

Running in a burning house in a dream means that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to protect what’s important to you. However, sometimes it’s not worth the risk. If you could see your house burning while arguing with friends or family members, it means you’re ready to forgive someone you love for something they’ve done before it ruins you both.

If you could see black smoke in a burning house this can mean you need to focus on what is important to you. Trying to save your belongings or save someone in your dream, it signifies your sensitivity. It can imply that you are an emotional person who gets easily attached to everything and everyone. It’s time to let go of your past and focus on your future.

What does it mean to see the color red in a dream?

Sometimes in fire dreams we need to look at the color in the dream. Red is a powerful color. And not just in waking life but in dreams too. It symbolizes passion, love, sex, blood, impulsiveness, power, anger, aggression, life and death. However, to interpret your dream correctly, you have to remember all the details. They will help you determine if your dream has a positive or negative meaning.

For example, if you felt good when you saw the fire in your dream, it reflects your strong energy and motivation. However, if you felt fear it might represent your suppressed anger. Or foretell a future loss, danger, and failure.

In Chinese/Hindu cultures, brides wear red. Meaning, they associate red color with a celebration, wedding, marriage, and love. The color red is also connected to the root chakra. It’s located at the base of our spine. Meaning, it’s the color of living/survival. On the negative side, red also stands for anger, aggression, and blood. If you saw red flames in your dream, and you have suppressed anger, it’s time you express how you are feeling.

Also, if you’re angry at someone about something they’ve done in the past, it’s time to forgive and forget. If you can’t do that, at least let it go and move on with your life. It is time for a new beginning.

What does it mean to see the color orange in a dream?

Orange isn’t many people’s favorite color. However, spiritually it is connected to freshness, hope, nature, and life. And what it reminds us of isn’t far from the symbolism of this color in dreams. It symbolizes courtesy, friendliness, hope, liveliness, generosity, birth and kindness. It is connected to positivity because it’s close to the color of the sun. There’s no denying that it’s a stimulating color. But what does it mean to see this color in your dreams? Well, according to dream experts, if you saw a bright orange, it symbolizes your vitality, positivity, and optimism. You’re probably an opportunist who knows what he wants. However, if you saw a darker shade of orange, it represents sexual drive, fertility, pleasure, and current mental state. To dream of putting out orange flames in old dream books mean you are strong, clear-minded person. Some recent misfortunes made you doubt your vision and potential. It also stands for your kindness and caring about others. Orange flames in a dream is connected to your own inner desire to learn more in life.

In summary, fire in dreams often represents how we face the day and by understanding our dream helps us work out ourselves as well as others. Our dreams could also be triggers to our past.

By Florance Saul
Jan 29, 2019