Stab (see Knife)

Stab (see Knife)

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The dream in which you are stabbed suggests that you are wounded through someone else's comments or complaints.

A “stab in the back” indicates disloyalty, whereas a “stab in the dark” indicates a complete guess. Usually, this dream suggests definitive action associated with a few discomforts.

In your dream you may have

  • You stab someone.
  • Someone stabs you.
  • Stabbing with a knife.
  • Stabbing an animal.

Advice from your dream

  • You did not die in the dream.
  • You did not experience pain when you were stabbed.
  • You did not kill someone by stabbing him.

Detailed dream interpretation

Stabbing someone in a fight is an omen for failure. If you see yourself stabbing an animal, such as a cow, this means your body is weak. Stabbing in a dream is associated with betrayal and fear. If you stab someone in your dream, this could refer to your need for protection against the hostility of others. Being stabbed means you might have an unpleasant experience.

Using a dagger to stab someone refers to aggressiveness and immature sexuality. This is quite a common dream for women that are in a bad relationship and might feel like being a victim of their male partner. The same dream means that you are able to remove all obstacles on your way and appeal to radical solutions to solve an issue or even improve your life.

Being stabbed in a dream portends a possible accident or a bunch of misfortunes coming your way. The same dream could indicate that you are in love. Stabbing a person in a dream could foretell obstacles ahead. If you stab an animal, this could mean profit. Dreaming of being stabbed reflects your vulnerable character. You are prepared to be injured at all times.

The dream about a knife indicates that you have more fight left in you. You may feel that you need some type of protection. If you are holding a knife in your dream, it means that you are trying to move away from a relationship and end it for your own sanity. If you find yourself being stabbed with a knife, this indicates it is time to realise that you have a number of enemies around you. Make sure that you can clearly move towards resolution with those enemies, or they will harm you in the future. If the knife edge is blunt, it means you are able to find a resolution, but if the edge is sharp, things are likely to be resolved much faster.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of stab

Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012