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Embrace Dream Meaning

What does a Embrace mean in your dream?

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Embrace dream meanings


Dreaming about experiencing an embrace or seeing an embrace made by others can be extremely comforting to the dreamer. This is an excellent time for those who have passed away to come into the dreaming mind of the dreamer in order to hug them one last time or to send them the message that they are okay and to impart that energy of compassion and joy.

When one dreams of embracing their spouse there is a level of sorrow or indifference if the emotions felt by the dreamer are lacking.

This means that it is going to be important to recognize that there may be problems within the relationship and that it is time to confront what exactly is going on even if that means that you have to seek counseling to do so. A lack of embrace or an embrace which is hard or rigid is representative of unhealthiness which needs to be observed by others. When one embraces their family members this can also represent sickness as well as the fear of loss.

In this dream you may have

  • Embraced your partner thus showing your ability to work through problems even though they are definitely present.
  • Decided to embrace your enemy showing you are ready to work through your issues by confronting them head on .
  • Found yourself embracing your cat showing that you are a compassionate person.
  • Embraced a relative who has passed on recently allowing room for closure.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Embraced your partner thus showing your ability to work through problems.
  • You decided to embrace your enemy showing that you are ready to work through problems head on.
  • Found yourself embracing your cat or other animal in a way of comforting yourself and showing that you are a compassionate person.
  • Embraced a relative who passed away in order to gain closure.

Detailed dream meaning

If there is a particular family member in the dream who you know in the waking life is not doing very well physically, then now is the time to communicate with them so that you can express your healing wishes in case they need to cross over soon. Often times when those are close to death, they will also come to the dreamer to embrace them one last time before they go just to make sure that they were able to do that as a part of their ‘unfinished business.’

Lovers who embrace speak of either the healing of disagreements or the beginning of one. This happens when the mind is trying to purge something which has happened in the relationship causing pain or even frustration in the relationship. Now is the time to heal this situation.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Death of a friend or loved one
  • Problem solving during relationship problems.
  • Found yourself embracing your parents because it made you feel as though you closed out childhood issues.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an embrace

Certainty. Forgiveness. Clarity. Happiness. Willingness. Comfort. Humanity. Love. Happiness. Clarity. Simplicity. Joyous.