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Dreaming of need or being in need indicates that there is a danger of loss in finances due to risky choices (i.e. Playing the stock market or gambling).

In the case that you dream that others have a need, this means that your own actions will result in the loss that others must suffer through. This is a warning dream that can have serious consequences if ignored.

In this dream you may have...

  • A need for help.
  • Cry for help.
  • Want something but can’t reach it.
  • Feel lost and need directions.
  • See many people in need.
  • See the same person over and over again in different scenarios of need.
  • Can’t reach someone that needs your help.
  • Find help when you need it.
  • Help someone else who needs it.
  • Offer help to someone who is stranded.
  • Have your help declined.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Your need is met.
  • You help someone in need.

Detailed dream meaning...

If you are the person in need in your dream then you want to be sure that you are paying attention to finances. Even in the case that the need in your dream is for something other than money (such as in the case of food, water, clothing) then the issue can have multiple meanings (you will want to see the other areas starving, being poor, thirst, and nakedness can have their own meanings) but the focus for you should not ignore that need is part of your dream. When the dream focuses on your needing something it is a direct relation to having financial problems in real life and that this area of your life needs your attention.

Seeing other people in need in a dream indicates that your actions currently either are or will affect a person or people negatively. Consider ways in which you could be helping rather than being a problem. Are you taking advantage of someone or internally do you have something for which you could be feeling guilty for?

When you offer help in a dream and it is declined it means that you are being too pushy in real life and need to respect someone’s boundaries.

The flip side to this kind of dream about need is when you are helping someone or a need of yours is being met. Especially when your need is met in a dream, the meaning is that you need to be showing your feelings with those around you. These kinds of dreams reflect a need to be open with those that have helped you. More so, these dreams also indicate good tidings coming your way and a reward that will be yours for hard work, good behavior, or from something you have earned. It is reflective of a reward above and beyond what would normally be owed to you – such as a bonus of some kind. This is almost always a financial reward.

When you meet the needs of others there is likely good news coming for you still however the reward you receive is usually not as large. This reward will be a thank you gift for kindness or help from a friend or stranger that will not be expected. Either way, both of these kinds of dreams are good for you!

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Playing the lottery or putting money on stock markets.
  • Having power or control over others (such as being a boss or teacher).
  • Poor business practices.
  • Taking advantage of people.
  • Being irresponsible with finances or money.
  • Making decisions with other people’s money.
  • When the actions or decisions you make can strongly or directly affect others.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of need…

Lost. Confused. Tired. Ashamed. Worried. Sad. Distraught. Unhappy. Unwell. Sick. Fatigued. Crazed. Helpless. Helpful. Gracious. Generous. Willing. Kind. Open-Hearted. Sincere. Thankful. Impressed.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012