Dream about my Nana

Dream about my Nana

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A dream involving your great nana or grandmother is a sign of happiness. It symbolizes spiritual accomplishment, finding your inner potential, or finding yourself as a child.

It can also suggest that you should spend more time with your nana. This dream is usually positive and it foretells happiness ahead. The dream of your grandmother is significant because it personifies your ultimate influence and recognition of yourself, and it can refer to your femininity. Dreaming about your nana can also be connected to nature, signifying the importance nature plays in your life, and therefore you should spend more time outdoors and appreciate nature.

Your dream

  • You see your nana.
  • You see your dead nana.
  • Your nana is dead even if she is alive in real life.
  • Your nana is dying.
  • Your nana is dead in the real life, but she is happy in your dream.
  • You hear your nana’s voice calling you.
  • You are taking care of your nana.
  • Your nana is in heaven.
  • Your nana is crying.
  • Your nana is young.
  • You are talking to your nana.
  • You argue with your nana.


  • Avoid arguments with your nana or other family members in the real life.
  • Pay attention to whatever is important in your life.
  • Be happy and content with your nana, showing her more love and care.
  • Spend more time with your nana.
  • Spend some time thinking about your nana if she is no longer alive.

Detailed dream interpretation: If in your dream you see your nana, this can be an omen of an inheritance coming your way. A grandmother symbolizes the connection between family members, as well as the origin of the family. If you dream of yourself being a grandma, this means that some big family responsibilities will be placed on your shoulders in the near future. Another important meaning of this dream is that in reality, your nana is your guardian angel, even if she is already dead. You should spend some time thinking about her.

Dreaming of your grandmother even if she is already dead indicates that you need some protection, or you are longing for someone’s affection and attention. In general, dreaming of a dead nana is a comforting dream through which the spirit of the dead connects with you, checks on you, or wants to comfort you. In this case, it is important to show the spirit that you are doing well and you are happy, and that you enjoy this encounter.

If in your dream you are talking to your dead nana, this foretells a little trouble for someone close to you, and this can result in more responsibilities for you. You might become overwhelmed. Sometimes talking to your nana is not a very good sign, as it refers to difficulties ahead. However, advice and support will be available on the difficult path ahead, and you will get out of the difficult times quite fast. Having an argument with your grandmother in a dream suggest that you have reached a crossroad moment in your life, and you should analyze and review what is important for you. This dream could also foretell an argument with someone in your family.

Dreaming of your nana could be a reference to your emotionality, and that you do need to experience more feelings to be able to nurture your spirit and fulfill your dreams. This dream could also refer to your basic instinct to protect yourself from someone trying to harm you in the real life. If in your dream you see yourself being a child and you are spending time with your nana, this means there is a situation in your life that is out of control, and your powers are as limited as those of a child.

Finally, in general, dreams of close family members could indicate difficulties in a relationship coming ahead. If you are experiencing stress during your dream, this means that difficulties with the family are likely. The nature of the relationship with your nana in the dream indicates that your perception of females in the waking life is likely to change.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of my nana

Comfort. Ability to express yourself. Dependable upon her. Comfort, fun, laughter. Anxiety. Denied. Sad. Loving. Happy. Content. Needing. Grieving. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017