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Asbestos in dreams suggests a hidden threat.

Asbestos is a group of natural minerals that are made of durable fibers - this is normally resistant to heat, chemicals, and fire. Exposure to these minerals can cause cancer and other health complications. Dreaming of asbestos is a warning that you need to be extra careful especially with flames.

If you dream that you have been exposed to asbestos, it denotes that you have some built-up anger that is on the verge of erupting. You can also focus on your true feelings for a long time, and now they are exploding out. It could also symbolize that there is a hidden threat to your career. To dream of asbestos falling on you indicates that the truth is being hidden from you. Dreaming that you are removing asbestos is an indication that you are having regrets over something that you did in the past, which is now haunting you and you are thinking of ways to removing the problems in your life.

You are feeling worried because, you thought that something is a good idea only to realize later on that, it wasn't. To buy asbestos suggests have encountered a problem in life recently and this dream is an indication that you need to focus on what is important in life. If you don't handle things right the first time then there is a problem. Asbestos in the dream could imply that you or someone around you didn’t think right before acting on something, and now you are suffering the repercussions. There is a need to correct the negligence. Otherwise, life becomes at a standstill.

Dreaming of being worried about asbestos could mean that, you are in deep thought about your past and how it is impacting negatively on your present life. Your chances of succeeding in life are being hampered by a past mistake. You have the fear that you might not be able to get rid of the mistake and move on with your life. Asbestos being removed by others in your dream is a sign that you are working on your past negligence and making new relationships. To see workmen removing asbestos suggests that you take on a problem head-on and make sure that, a solution is found. It could foretell that, you have decided to take proactive measures in regard to an issue which you believe is critical. You are carefully dealing with a mistake or a bad idea.   

What does it mean to dream of a detailed dream interpretation?

A dream where asbestos damaged you denotes that there is something which happened in your life and this is now affecting your life negatively. You need to work on these problems before it totally destroys you. As long as it is present in your life, it will be hard for you to progress and achieve your life goals.

If you dream that you were surrounded by buildings that had asbestos, it means that there are several obstacles that have got in the way in life. This is caused by friends and relatives which are making it impossible for you to become an achiever. You will one day have a breakthrough. A dream where you see dust forming which contained asbestos is an indication that there are small things, invisible to you, which is making your life miserable. All you need to do is review your life and find out what these things could be, work on them, make amends, and you will be able to progress on and become successful in your life. 

In the dream: Asbestos damaged you. Buildings had asbestos that surrounded you. You could see dust forming which contained asbestos.

Feelings that happen as a result of the dream

Successful. Miserable. Achieve. Impossible. Destroyed.

By Flo Saul
Jul 2, 2017