Dream meanings Abscess

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There are many things that can be associated with this dream meaning.

To abstain from drinking alcohol in your dream means that you will be bombarded with feelings at the moment. To not eat in your dream indicates a desire in life to move forward. You have to try to think about the effect on others.

In your dream you were

  • Trying to restrain from drinking alcohol.
  • Not having sex.
  • Dead bedroom in your dream.
  • Partner not wanting sex in your dream.
  • You go on a diet in your dream.
  • You are not wanting sex in a dream.

To encounter a dead bedroom in the dream and to have one in real life suggests that you need intimacy and desire for someone. If your partner refused sex in a dream this indicates possible problems connecting spiritually with your inner desires.

To try to abstain from eating sweet foods such as cakes in the dream is a suggestion that you need to take on problems and you wish to change your life in some way. There is also focus on self-discipline and trying to control your life. Do you feel out of control? To stop drinking alcohol in the dream or you wish to diet means that you must take greater care of your health in life.

Sometimes in life, we encounter relationships that result in no sex or intimacy. You may have been in a relationship of this nature which has resulted in this dream. Remember that we all deserve to be loved and have a proper relationship with someone in a lie.

Feelings encountered when dreaming of abstaining

Worried what other people think. Having real passion but no intimacy in a relationship in the dream state. The subconscious mind is worrying about problems and difficulties or desires.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017