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A dream of a desk is a rare and unusual dream. If you see yourself studying at a desk it is a positive sign for the future.

It is indicative of a position you will attain. The desk symbolizes the great career or job you will get.

The desk symbol may also represent a bad or negative future. If you dream of a table which is in the centre of a room or hall, it foreshadows a sad moment in your life. It may portend the death of a close family member or a difficult situation in the workplace.

You may have dreamed....

  • A newly painted desk in a classroom.
  • A desk placed outside a classroom or house.
  • A broken desk in a classroom.
  • A desk in the water.
  • Children fighting over a desk in the classroom.

Positive changes are afoot if....

  • A desk in the rain is the shadow of a future change. All obstacles will be cleared. If you have this dream, start a new business or degree.
  • A red desk means you’re going to find love. If you’re elderly or married, it may mean the rekindling of your love for your partner. As red is the symbolic color of love and lust, you should expect romantic change.

Interpretation of seeing a desk....

The newly painted desk symbolizes a person with a clean and refreshed mind. It is a good omen. It reveals a healthy mental state. If you have this dream don’t hesitate to make important life decisions. You will be unerring.

If you have the second kind of dream - the desk outside - there can be positives and negatives. The desk symbolizes the shining new career you’re going to have. But it will not be an easy task; many others will stand in your way. They will do their utmost to thwart you. This future opposition is why the desk is outside. This dream is both blessing and warning.

A broken desk in the classroom signifies the sudden end of a course of study or of a contract at work. The broken desk symbolizes the difficult situation you will face. You will be unwanted at work or at home. So be vigilant and take care what you do.

A floating desk or sinking desk is a sign of ill consequences. Here the desk is a symbol of your family or vocational life. The running water is a foreshadowing of the harm to come - the harm that is flowing toward you.

Although the dream in which children are fighting seems to be a very simple and innocent dream, the message that it conveys is not. It is ominous of a future calamity - a calamity that will befall your friends, your family or your colleagues.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dreams of a desk....

Excitement. Anxiety, humor, sad feelings about the future. Doubts about the results of your actions.

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