Dream Of Arguing With Mom

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Dream Of Arguing With Mother

Seeing a dream about fighting or arguing with your mother is quite a common dream but can throw you when you wake up. Dreams can be powerful and often point to unresolved conflicts and unspoken feelings between yourself and others. Taking the time to understand what this dream could mean for you is important for moving forward in life, and your relationship with your mother. 

I believe that when we dream, it's like looking in a mirror of sorts. We can access what's going on inside our minds and bodies, even if we don't immediately understand it. Dreams take us to the depths of our unconsciousness, connecting us to the unknown aspects of ourselves, as well as often subconscious feelings about those around us and the world at large.

It can be quite difficult to grasp that the people or places we encounter in dreams are representations of our inner thoughts and state of mind. However, this has been suggested by countless studies into dream interpretation over centuries - even dating back to old dream dictionaries written many years ago based on this concept. 

In some cases, dreaming of fighting with your mother could signify a power struggle between the two of you - it’s possible that there are areas in your relationship where one or both of you are feeling disempowered or unheard. This kind of dream can also indicate that deep down, you feel as though there’s something your mother needs from you - whether it’s an apology, acknowledgment, forgiveness or recognition. Similarly, if the fight was against someone representing an aspect of yourself (your “motherly” side) then it may suggest that part of yourself is at odds with another part - potentially indicating an internal battle over decisions to make or goals to reach in life.

Importantly, dreams can also represent fears and worries we have become unable to acknowledge during waking hours – and seeing a dream about fighting with your mother could be reflecting underlying anxieties related to her health, wellbeing or even mortality. In these kinds of scenarios it's especially vital to check-in on how both parties are really doing since fear doesn't always show itself directly when we're awake!

When faced with this kind of dream – before jumping into any conclusions – take the opportunity ask yourself how you feel right now? You might find insight by tuning into those emotions (like frustration, anger etc) which can give clues as to what area in life is being highlighted by this particular experience within our inner world.

What does it mean to dream about hitting my mom?

There is no doubt that dreaming about hitting your mom is a common dream that many people have. It may seem strange or even harrowing, but there could be some hidden meaning behind it. To better understand what dreaming about hitting your mom means, it’s important to first look at the top ten interpretations of this kind of dream.

I believe that one of the most common meanings for a dream like this is that you are feeling powerless in certain aspects of your life and need someone else to take control and help guide you. In essence, you're hoping that your mother will become more involved in aspects of your life where decisions must be made; even if those decisions are difficult ones. Another interpretation suggests that this type of dream is an indication that you feel confined by rules imposed by authority figures - including your mother - and wish for change or liberation from the expectations placed upon you.

I feel like another possible interpretation deals with guilt; particularly if there has been tension between yourself and your mother in real life situations then this could manifest itself as aggression towards her during dreams as an unconscious way for you to process these feelings through symbolism instead of direct confrontation with her during wakefulness.

Also, don't stress out over this dream. I hope it's obvious why such a symbolic act concerning violence towards someone who loves us should never be taken lightly; the human psyche can often force us into dark corners when trying to make sense out our innermost thoughts which we do not fully comprehend ourselves yet crave understanding on nevertheless. With all these facts considered at once, try think more deeply about what could possibly trigger such repeated dreaming events before considering other potential causes which might not involve aggressive symbolism whatsoever.

By Florance Saul
Jul 20, 2023